School Tomorrow… Err, today?

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GAHHHFIRSTDAYOFSCHOOLTOMORROW. It’s 2 in the morning and I’m not sleeping. ;S I feel tired but I can’t just fall asleep. Ah well, here’s some stuff to blog about.

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Boredom on the Homefront

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Well I SHOULD be doing my summer homework buuut instead, I actually added some new vids on YouTube. Wahaha. :D


I was bored and couldn’t concentrate. After listening to the Persona -trinity soul- OP on repeat for a number of times, I started to think of Ef – A Tale of Memories. Yeah… awkward moment since those two series are nothing alike. The only thing that reminded me of Ef was that in the OP for Persona -trinity soul-, Shin’s all talking and it looks weird. Well, in one episode of Ef, Renji’s all doing his thing and he looks funnkkyy. That’s a pretty strange explanation, but it’s true.

A result of my boredom:

Ef – Breakin’ Through the Memories

It contains spoilers about the series though so… watch out. ;o  And, you may have to have watched the OP of Persona -trinity soul- to see where I’m coming from.

Wahaha~ First “song” made using Hatsune Miku. I still wish I had the Kagamine twins though, but Miku will suffice for now. I waasss going to do The Poem for Everyone’s Soul because it’s just a bunch of “aah~”s buuuttt there’s no “off vocal” for that. Maybe if I can find an easier way to make it, since I’m still a beginner. _ _ What I did make though is Tsukiakari. XD I found the midi for the file, so I imported it and it had all the notes already there. @___@ Which, my friend, is AWESOME. I just had to input the lyrics. I messed up a couple lot of times though and I couldn’t get her to sing English! There’s one darn line in there that goes “There isn’t a day I don’t think about it” and I couldn’t make her say “isn’t”. I tried every thing I can think of “es”, “is”, “iz”, “ez” but all I got was an “aah~”. -sigh- Perhaps I just need to get better at this. I DID make her say “there” though, but inputting “de”. XD Buuutt… that didn’t work out so I just made her say “aah~” for the English part, which is slightly creepy. And then I found out that there was no off vocal version of Tsukiakari so it’s just a capella for her.

Nerr… listen and bleed.

Hatsune Miku – Tsukiakari

Now to get to my homework…

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