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I said I was going to get a cosplay and so I did! My dad gave me $100 to buy this cosplay… but it really cost $103 something. Dx

First thing’s first, I did NOT make the outfit. I bought it from lawrara shop. ( Website | Cosplay (Blue) | Cosplay (Pink) )

While it came in record fast time… I’m still slightly disappointed…

When I finally had the money and decided upon getting the blue or pink version of the outfit, the sale on the item ended THAT DAY. O__O; So I contacted the shop owner (Clara) to ask if the sale was really over. I got a response within 24 hours! Well she gave a good explanation as to why the sales were over and surprisingly… even offered to give me an extra pair of socks if I order that day. Now I wanted those socks. They’re the 70cm socks that basically come up to your thighs. I’ve never had one and really wanted one. The outfit already comes with a free pair of black socks so I chose white socks as my extra choice.

yes all sales are over. coz recently the chinese dollar,
japanese yen and all stuffs in Hong Kong are price up.
Business is getting more hard to do.

The outfit was ordered on Thursday, May 15 and was shipped the following day. My kuya (well, actually my brother-in-law) was the one who ordered it for me so it was sent to his house. I’m not exactly sure when it arrived but he came over to my house to give it to me on Wednesday, May 21. Less than a week to get here! I immediately ripped open the package and examined the contents.

While I was happy, I was extremely disappointed. The first thing I noticed was that the ribbons throughout the outfit were a different color. I counted 3 shades of blue (actually, one’s more white) used for the ribbons.

Here’s a picture of the sleeve. I had to turn the flash off or else it makes the ribbon look like it’s the same color throughout — which it isn’t. If you look well enough you can tell that the ribbons are a different color. The “bow” is a periwinkle-ish blue while the ribbon that runs down the sleeve is more cyan. That was the first thing I noticed when I opened the package. However, that wasn’t the only difference.

The back part of the outfit… The bows in the outfit are all the same color (sleeves, back, and skirt) but the other ribbons used in the outfit are different colors. Here, the ribbon used is more of a white! It doesn’t even look CLOSE to the color of the bow. For some strange reason though, the back doesn’t bother me as much as the sleeves do. Still, if they think that nobody’s going to notice that… that’s just stupid.

Another gripe of mine is that the ribbon on the skirt isn’t even straight. It’s tilting like crazy. Although I suppose that can be fixed… But I definitely can’t fix this:

There is a HUGE space between the bow and the ribbon on the skirt. Perhaps it isn’t too noticeable from afar but it truly does bother me.

Here are more pictures of the outfit:

While it is fairly accurate and a somewhat high quality, I am extremely disappointed. The fact that the ribbons are all different colors just kills it. If they were all the same I could live with the bows on the skirt being a few cm apart… but the colors of the ribbons?! Ugh… At least the socks were nice. I’m wondering if they gave me the crappy version just because I had to go and complain about the sale being over. I mean… I wasn’t really complaining. I was just asking if it was truly over. -__-;

Well I e-mailed Clara telling her that I got the outfit and love it – save for the ribbons. She said that she’s glad that I like it and that I should write a review on the site. However, she did not address my concern towards the ribbons at all. I’m debating whether or not I should e-mail them again. I doubt that they’d do anything about it though… but that’s definitely not good. I guess I should have been suspicious when I saw that all the reviews on the site are either 4 stars or 5 stars – and that there are so few of them. That means that all the bad reviews they decided not to put up in order to save face. Ick… I even looked at the commissioner review thread on cosplay.com to see if they’re a good place to buy from. They’re average score is a B. D: I wonder what compelled me to not even bother to suspect that!

I guess this is what I get for being ignorant. ^__^; It was definitely not worth $103. Besides, I didn’t even get the outfit custom sized (that means +$30 and more time). Instead, I bought one of the pre-sized items. You would think that those would be at least NICER. I honestly don’t think I’m going to buy from there again…

Final Grade: B-


– GREAT communication!

– Fast shipping.

– Fabric is nice!


– HORRIBLE …. HORRIBLE D< ribbon-ness…

– Suspicious site regarding reviews. T__T

Sure the pros outweigh the cons… but the ribbon incident just killed it for me. However, like I said earlier, the outfit is fairly accurate. I found a higher-quality looking (yet more expensive) version on a Japanese site. ( Blue | Pink | Hat ) They even sell a hat! And on the back, they even have the school crest thing. (How they managed to find a good reference image for that I’m not sure).

Oh!! I didn’t even talk about where the cosplay is from! Well it’s from another visual novel by Navel. Apparently it’s not even out yet (coming June 2008.) It’s called Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai俺たちに翼はない Apparently it literally translates to “We Don’t Have Wings”. It seems like a really nice name if you ask me. It is shortened to Oretsuba sometimes. Also, on the official site (here and here), I see the words “Under the Innocent Sky” there as well. It seems like a good series and I’d really like to play it one day if it were to get translated. Hopefully there will even be an anime!

I think I’ll make another post on the game itself and all my findings! ^__^ Until then~

(( And maybe I’ll post some pictures up of me wearing the outfit! Maybe I can even manage to find a similar colored ribbon and fix that darn thing myself, either that or go to some tailor to get it fixed >Hopefully that won’t be too expensive!< Oh, and another thing that I forgot to note down. This thing is HOT! I don’t know how I’m going to survive wearing this to AX! XD )) :D



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  1. Wow!!! I was exactly thinking about buying that cosplay uniform from exactly the same shop *even same colour*!!!

    Thank you so much for telling me about this, but is the over all quality of the shirt really B-…? Somehow I agree with you that I do not mind about the back ribbon, and I would be hugely disapointed if the bow on the skirt is so far from the ribbion!!

    I am quite puzzled with the 1st and 3rd picture from where you said ”Here are more pictures of the outfit:” I noticed theres a blue half oval shape flap of material and I don’t seem to understand what is that for.

    I was thinking before if I would buy this oufit I would have is custom sized but now do you think the outfit worth it, or rather worth anything? What would be the grade for this cosplay outfit if I ask only for the quality for it…?

    THX xxx =]

  2. Oh and I would really want to see the pictures of you wearing this outfit!!!

  3. Hm… I suppose it’s not really a B-. I think I was just really disappointed when I was grading it. Dx It should be more of an A- or B+really since the quality is actually really good. The ribbons are just the big problem – but I guess that can be fixed somehow, if you can manage to find a close enough shade (which I haven’t been able to yet.)
    That little flappy thing is like a “tie” I suppose. Sorry I’m not good at explaining! You simply bunch it up and put it under the black er… “tie holder” (?) which is velcro. It’s like the ribbon you see in most seifukus. Just look at the 3rd and 4th pictures. :3
    The quality of the overall outfit is not that bad. I’ve only had one other cosplay and the material is about the same – so I’m assuming it’s the standard material…? I’m afraid I’m not good at determining what material it is though. Having it custom sized may still pose a problem with the ribbons – seeing as how when I asked for extra ribbons to be sent after seeing what happened, they gave me the same different colored ribbons. The cosplay is very nice, just be ready to go shopping for some ribbons if the same problem occurs! >< Overall, the quality grade would be an A … or maybe an A+ even? It is pretty accurate I must say… save for the little school logo/badge that’s supposed to be in the back. Other than that, it’s fairly nice. :D
    I’d love to show you pictures buuut when I went to AX my camera only had limited memory, so I spent all the memory taking pictures of other cosplayers. xP Maybe if I can snag a photo from my friend… although all her shots of it are ugly. D:

  4. Oh then thats very good to know!! But I am having doubts would the size be a lil off and then because it’s custom sized then I cud not change it for a new one….So did the shop repsond to you about the bow and ribbon yet?….thats a big problem………><

    Haha~ I guessed so, and also you said she gave you the socks for free right? But I always thought that the socks were in the set already…

    :] I’ll be looking forward to your pictures =D !!!

    Btw, I live in HK…u live in US right?~

  5. I was also thinking about getting this outfit for a con. I was wondering if you could send me any picture of you in it, as I really would love to see it on a person instead of a dress form. I was also wondering about the fit. What size was it and did it fit decently. And about the ribbons: would they be easy to change out or would it require some work and time?

  6. Hmm. I Got something from Lawrara a year or so ago now…. and I loved it… it looked just like the picture…. >.> But I also got the costume sized one… the ribbon thing would bug me too though… Maybe I’ll get the pink and tell you how the pink one worked out….

  7. Hey,

    I just wanted you to know that I ordered that same cosplay about a month ago. I even ordered express shipping so that I’d have it on time for the con I was going to wear it to. After ordering they emailed me to tell me they were out of my size but promised to make a new one and get it to me before my con date. Well then the Chinese New Year came around so work on it stopped and I didn’t receive my cosplay until today, two days before my con. And it was absolutely the wrong cosplay. It was just one of their generic winter school uniforms that looks absolutely nothing like that one. I’ll agree that they were very personal and great with communication but their service seems to be very below par.

  8. You could probably get blue ribbons and take the costume to the tailor, asking to replace the ribbons. It could cost a bit, but would be worth it~

  9. Those are the prettiest school uniforms I’ve ever seen. God I wish we had that kind of style here in the states.

  10. You still don´t have any photos of you wearing the dress? I´m thinking of buying it for myself so I was curious about how it looks like when someones wearing it. Also thank you for this review, I´m not all sure I will order from lawara now that I see what problems that might turn up.. Do you know any other that have had this kind of problems from lawara? Or have they solved these problems now? I would go crazy nuts if I ordered the outfit and got diffrent colors on the ribbons and it beeing missplaced.. x_x
    You don´t know any other onlinestore that sells these with good quality? I noticed the other shop you mentioned in the review but I don´t really know how to order from a japanese site x,3

    • Sorryyy late reply! D:
      As for the photos, I had some but somehow I can’t find them anymore. That, and I didn’t think anybody still read this blog so I didn’t bother uploading them when I did have them. ^^ ; I’ll try and slip on the cosplay and take new photos sometime soon. (:

      I’m not sure about other people that have had this problem with Lawara. Granted, I don’t really know anyone else that has ordered the same cosplay. I have seen pics of the pink version, and that doesn’t seem to have the ribbon-color problem, so perhaps that one’s a safe choice?

      As for other online stores, I found a few on eBay when searching “oretachi ni tsubasa wa nai” though only one of them was the blue version. Still, you can never be too sure that the ribbons will be the same color for them as well even though it is a different seller…

      • Thanks for the answer! :) I was doubting you saw it at all x,D
        I think I saw photos of the pink version uploaded at deviantart and it didn´t seem to have the ribbon problems at least.. Still, I would like to have a blue one ^^;
        If I was better at sewing and had a good sewing machine I would probably try doing it myself but at the moment that´s impossible. So it´s a bit of a dilemma :/
        Anyhow, it would be great if you took new photos and uploaded ^^ But I understand if you don´t have time to.

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