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Ugh….. I’ve been obsessed with watching videos on niconico lately. The one thing fueling my obsession? Watching all these vocaloid models (mainly Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin) sing their hearts out…

sing a song
Very Comfortable Sleeping Position…

When I first heard of Hatsune Miku, I was a little apathetic about it (her?) It wasn’t until I caught wind of the new vocaloids, Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len. It was then that I started to get slightly obsessed with hearing what their voices are like… listening to all these random songs using all 3 Vocaloid2 models… etc. etc. And along came Prima…

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Daily Blog (Feb 19, ’08)

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Here I am again. This day was a bit of a mix between happiness and sadness. My bipolarness can be annoying, especially when it kicks in full-gear.

Failed tests and reasons to be happy after the break.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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Is it too much to ask for?

How many times do we have to beg? How many tears will have to be shed to satisfy the desires of this cruel world? How many friends and loved ones do we have to leave behind? Exactly how much sanity do we have to lose to pursue that which nobody can hold on to?

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Daily Blog (Feb 18, ’08)

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New blog looks smexy doesn’t it? Courtesy of Casey, who’s in charge of our visuals. We’re going to start work on a banner soon, to make things look even nicer. Anyway, I’m going to try and stick with my Daily Blog thing on a daily basis this time around. No guarantees though, so we’ll see about that. Let’s start it off with this!

Master Chief in Halo 3
That’s right. I like Halo. Eat me.

Well, well, what will Chris possibly post this time around? The picture above might give you a little idea, but that’s only one of the many topics I’ll be ranting about. Overrated video game addiction, mecha, school life, and more after the break.

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Wii Safety

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I know it displays on the screen that ample space is more or less “required” for playing the Wii… but sometimes I just don’t listen.

So I was playing [Wii] Tennis with my dad earlier. Pretty fun… after all, I won about 17 out of the 20 games we played. However, I have come to discover that the Wii can be very very dangerous. My dad and I were standing fairly close to each other so quite a number of times I ended up smacking him in the arm… which, to my advantage, earned me a point in the game every now and then.

Not wanting to lose, makes me stand farther back. As a result, he punches the wall a couple of times on accident. So as he’s there staring at the wall, trying to make sure he doesn’t hit it again, I hit the tennis ball and cry victory.

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Hidden Power is for noobs.

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Well, if you were one of the FEW people that somehow stumbled upon our old blog over at Blogspot, you’ve probably seen us before. Well, Casey found WordPress more aesthetically pleasing than Blogspot, and I agreed, so we decided to start fresh here!

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Secret Move ~ Hidden Power

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So… odd title, right? Well I couldn’t come up with anything better I’m afraid. I’m in a sudden “fighting game” mood… along with some “Pokémon” vibes here and there. Long introduction post short… we moved! “Secret Move“? Get it? Anyhoo… for some reason I found WordPress more attractive than Blogspot and we (Dorali/Chris and I) got off our lazy butts to get moving! And here we arrive at our destination!

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Finals Week!

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Well I’m on this so called “Semester Break” right now… giving me time to post something! (Although I’ve always had time… I’ve just been too lazy to actually blog about my days which completely defeats the purpose of this blog, wouldn’t you agree?)

Why a semester break you ask? Because we just had finals!!!! And guess what? I completely bombed them. :D

Let’s start with Monday (last week). The last day of classes before finals… Nothing much happened that day except for something I’d like to call “4 seconds of happiness”:

4 seconds of happiness

Now my US History teacher is a little… odd. Some people think his odd personality is cute while others just see them as proof that he is… how do I put it… homosexual? Not that I really care whether he is or not, but it sure is fun pointing out hints as to whether he is or isn’t.

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