My Birthday~ :D

June 23, 2008 at 8:40 pm | Posted in Life | Leave a comment

Well, my birthday was last Monday, June 16 – although the supposed “festivities” ended yesterday, June 22 with a little family dinner thing. Nothing big happened, and I can’t say much in the way of presents. My dad payed for that cosplay outfit ages ago, yet that counts as his present for me. As for my mom, she gave me a bunch of clothes (all formal, dressy stuff that she wants me to wear yet I don’t really like – long skirts!! D: )… along with… $106.75 in quarters. That sure took me a while to count. O__O

Kanon~!! (Not really a birthday though...)

I turned 16 on June 16 – how weird! Well I didn’t have a huge “Sweet Sixteen” party (oh those spoiled people on MTV…) but I still had fun. :D

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