Boredom on the Homefront

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Well I SHOULD be doing my summer homework buuut instead, I actually added some new vids on YouTube. Wahaha. :D


I was bored and couldn’t concentrate. After listening to the Persona -trinity soul- OP on repeat for a number of times, I started to think of Ef – A Tale of Memories. Yeah… awkward moment since those two series are nothing alike. The only thing that reminded me of Ef was that in the OP for Persona -trinity soul-, Shin’s all talking and it looks weird. Well, in one episode of Ef, Renji’s all doing his thing and he looks funnkkyy. That’s a pretty strange explanation, but it’s true.

A result of my boredom:

Ef – Breakin’ Through the Memories

It contains spoilers about the series though so… watch out. ;o  And, you may have to have watched the OP of Persona -trinity soul- to see where I’m coming from.

Wahaha~ First “song” made using Hatsune Miku. I still wish I had the Kagamine twins though, but Miku will suffice for now. I waasss going to do The Poem for Everyone’s Soul because it’s just a bunch of “aah~”s buuuttt there’s no “off vocal” for that. Maybe if I can find an easier way to make it, since I’m still a beginner. _ _ What I did make though is Tsukiakari. XD I found the midi for the file, so I imported it and it had all the notes already there. @___@ Which, my friend, is AWESOME. I just had to input the lyrics. I messed up a couple lot of times though and I couldn’t get her to sing English! There’s one darn line in there that goes “There isn’t a day I don’t think about it” and I couldn’t make her say “isn’t”. I tried every thing I can think of “es”, “is”, “iz”, “ez” but all I got was an “aah~”. -sigh- Perhaps I just need to get better at this. I DID make her say “there” though, but inputting “de”. XD Buuutt… that didn’t work out so I just made her say “aah~” for the English part, which is slightly creepy. And then I found out that there was no off vocal version of Tsukiakari so it’s just a capella for her.

Nerr… listen and bleed.

Hatsune Miku – Tsukiakari

Now to get to my homework…


Laptop FIXED!

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My dad managed to fix my laptop! :D It turns out the charger was the problem. He simply made sure the charger wire did not bend much by sticking a bunch of duct tape over it. It works but isn’t the most attractive of things to look at. Now I’ve got this huge protruding thing from the back of my laptop… making it hard to put on my desk with all the clutter that’s on there. Well at least now I can play RO and junk… AND HAVE SOUND! (my new desktop doesn’t have speakers)

My charger lovingly strewn across the floor

It’s HUGE!!!!

Size comparison! ^^ (that’s a nickel)

And the next American Idol is…

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I don’t usually watch American Idol ever since the 2nd season way back when got so boring… I usually only begin watching once the show’s down to the top 5 or so. The episode I decided to begin watching the series, I immediately decided on my favorite – all because of song choice. It was David Cook as he sang “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera, which just so happens to be one of my favorite songs/musicals because my mom always listened to the soundtrack when I was little~

David & David

Well last night (Tuesday) was the last “singing” episode and David Cook was still in the race… against the younger contender… another David! (But David Archuleta this time). I was watching and eh… David Cook’s songs were kinda… iffy. I was starting to like David Archuleta’s song choice more – although I liked Cook’s rock-ish blahh… ness. (I really suck at explaining.)

Well tonight was the results… D:

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Laptop Troubles

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Yesterday my laptop was acting up.  It always seemed to run out of battery quickly… that’s when I noticed that the charger wasn’t working properly.  I figured that it was because the outlet was horrible (I wasn’t in my room.)

It wasn’t until today that I noticed that the charger (or my laptop charger port thing) is broken.  -__-  This is just PERFECT.  My wonderful HOMEWORK is on there.  And it’s due TOMORROW.  D<  I spent hours on that thing during the weekend… and now I have to attempt to redo it all in less than a day?!  You have got to be kidding me!  The one good thing about having to redo it though is that my dad replaced my computer – monitor and all~  So now it’s faster than ever! :D  I’m so happy… but having to redo homework on this thing isn’t fun AT ALL.  I really don’t want to retype all that history junk, even if I do have a copy of my friends’ homework.  It’s just so bland and boring if you ask me…  Sure history can be fun and all but for some reason, U.S. History just doesn’t interest me at all.

My dad says he’ll try to fix my laptop tomorrow (after school… meaning my homework will be late.  -__-)  I really don’t feel like doing my homework right now.  Maybe I’ll just tell the teacher my story.  I’m sure he’ll understand somehow.  I can’t even go onto my laptop and use a USB Port to shove the file into and continue on my computer because the laptop’s already out of battery! O__O  I really think my laptop hates me (then again I tend to accidentally bump it against a wall when I’m walking.)  The CD Drive doesn’t want to read disks and now the whole laptop has given up on me.  Great… just great.  Besides that, I also have the problem with this new computer not having ANY of my old files on them.  My dad’s still trying to figure out a nice fast way to get all my files back without having to do it the long and annoying way.  I need those files… or else my iPod is dead.  ;-;  Today is a wonderful day…

Discovering Magibon…

May 18, 2008 at 9:21 pm | Posted in Random | 14 Comments

I was aimlessly wandering around YouTube when I “finally” stumbled upon apparent internet sensation, “Magibon.” I was clicking around the “Related Videos” section and finally decided to go back to the homepage when I found the image of a little girl staring at me at the bottom of the page under “Most Active Videos.”

I mean look at her… she is fairly cute. I was kind of surprised… a 14 or 15 year old getting these many hits along with a bunch of comments from guys saying “ZOMG I WUD SO FUKK HER!! SHES SO CUTE!” Poor girl…

Or so I thought…

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999 Hits!

May 17, 2008 at 8:55 pm | Posted in Random | 1 Comment

XD I know that isn’t much…. but it sure seems like a milestone. (( Although I seriously question how this blog gets all these hits… considering only 2 people have EVER commented – besides me and dori ))

Commemoration picture!! ::

Hahaha I’m so weird!! XD I partly think that these hits are simply because I’m constantly checking back here and editing junk. Is that how people get hits to their blog? I wonder… No matter, it sure seems like a lot. This just brings to mind those artist galleries of those artists in Japan… And when they reach like 1 million hits+ they create a little “Thank you!” drawing etc. etc. If only I had a tablet I’d do that too… That and 999 isn’t much. ^_^; BUT IT’S STILL A MILESTONE IF YOU ASK ME!!!!


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I was wandering around the internet, clicking here and there… everywhere when I stumbled across this nice short film. :D It features Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls. (Although I’ve never seen an episode of that series!)

It’s called “Gnome”. It’s fairly short but I really did enjoy it for some strange reason. Why exactly I’m not so sure… I didn’t really get the “message” of the film until a while later.
Here are the links:

Part 1 | Part 2

(( I have no clue how to embed it… sorry! ))

It’s only 15 minutes and 39 seconds long so give it a try! ^^ It’s quite simple yet I think it says a lot.

Image Header Thing! :D

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So I actually made an “Image Header” or whatever. Not great… I made it on MS Paint. XD I was just terribly bored and tired of staring at the plain little text and fairly plain header. So I surfed through “My Pictures” (which I seriously have to upload to photobucket soon) and came up with this. It doesn’t match at all and is horribly girly but… it works. I mean I made it so… it’s fine if it’s girly, you know? XD;;

The girl featured is Anzu from the Visual Novel/Eroge Peace@Pieces … which I believe I have mentioned before. Well the original image can be found here.

All I simply did was crop the image to a suitable area with the suitable size and add a little plain purple border. Nothing too difficult. But then WordPress wouldn’t accept the file format so I had to change the format buuuut I wanted to try and save it as a .gif. As a result, I ended up getting some weird “texture” looking thing (making it look like it has extra effects!) due to the supposed “color loss.” I was going to add some text to it but it looked horrible when adding simple text on Paint. And blah… it looks horrible now with the WordPress added text but… whatever.

So gone is the “Dorali and Chireiyu’s Blog” boring text… it has now been replaced with “À La Carte” … which I will now dub the unofficial name of this blog. Of course, I’m sure some other blog already has that name… so I probably have to come up with something different. Besides, I haven’t gotten Dorali’s approval yet. And it’s kind of an iffy lame…. makes it sound like this is a cooking blog when this is really a blog about randomness with a dash of anime. (( If you put it that way, it can be cooking in a sense. ))

The Authors Widget

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Oh goodness I was able to find that “Authors Widget” again!!  I was wondering what had happened to it once it suddenly disappeared on the little sidebar.  Along with this post comes the “somewhat” resurrection of this blog.  I haven’t posted here in a while now have I?  Moreso for Dorali…


Alright maybe not exactly the best explanation…. especially since the key factor here would have to be laziness.  Once I noticed that that whole “Authors Widget” had run off, I was contemplating writing a post and ranting about how I cannot find it.  However, I only managed to do that now…. when it actually appears again.  Well I’m thankful that it is there.  Now I won’t have to go around editing every post so that the tags read either “Chireiyu” or “Dorali,” denoting that that entry was written by one of us.  Now all you have to do is click on our names!!!

Now I have got a LOT  to talk about during the one month of this blog’s dormancy (well actually more than.)  I’ll include those on separate posts though!  Off I go~


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Ugh….. I’ve been obsessed with watching videos on niconico lately. The one thing fueling my obsession? Watching all these vocaloid models (mainly Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin) sing their hearts out…

sing a song
Very Comfortable Sleeping Position…

When I first heard of Hatsune Miku, I was a little apathetic about it (her?) It wasn’t until I caught wind of the new vocaloids, Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len. It was then that I started to get slightly obsessed with hearing what their voices are like… listening to all these random songs using all 3 Vocaloid2 models… etc. etc. And along came Prima…

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