Shakugan no Shana

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(Seasons 1 and 2 covered, movie mentioned)

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Zero no Tsukaima

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When Geass takes too long to air…

Chris takes some desperate measures.

Chris takes some desperate measures.


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School Tomorrow… Err, today?

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GAHHHFIRSTDAYOFSCHOOLTOMORROW. It’s 2 in the morning and I’m not sleeping. ;S I feel tired but I can’t just fall asleep. Ah well, here’s some stuff to blog about.

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_Summer – Episode 1

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So here I am watching this supposedly boring anime series…

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Clannad Episode 24 [Tomoyo Chapter]

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I never did understand why so many people were fans of Tomoyo…

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AX 08 – Day 01 THURSDAY July 03!!

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AX 08 Program Guide


Anime Expo this year was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. When I first heard of this a good year ago I was really excited. I mean… LACC is really close by. Only about 20 – 30 minutes away… better than that 45 – 60 minute drive that it usually takes to get to Anime Expo. However, as AX drew closer and closer, I found myself losing my enthusiasm. It just wasn’t going to be that fun this year… There was no SOS Brigade Invasion Tour to look forward to, and all the major events didn’t attract me. I was looking forward to AX Idol since I wanted to audition for the Voice Acting part but it turns out you have to be at least 18 years old. This year’s AX was going to be boring as heck… especially since all the series I’ve been getting into lately were fairly new and not mainstream… so they wouldn’t have much merchandise on those…

But hey, I’ll blog about my time there. I mean, was it really that bad? ;o

There are a bunch of pictures of RO cosplays in here… XD;;

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Mi-Mi-Mirakurun Miku Apron~~

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Yep! You guessed right… I got my Miracle Mikurun Apron at long last! It came in the mail Friday. The minute I saw the package sitting on the table I grabbed it and ran to my room, taking my camera and a pair of scissors with me. The box was surprisingly large compared to the small item – that was probably why the shipping cost was 1500 Yen ~__~; No matter… I think it was all worth it. :D

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Miracle Mikurun Apron! :D

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After wandering around the internet (yet another time) I ran into this strange apron… But it was no ordinary apron. IT WAS A MIRACLE MIKURUN APRON!!!! D< (( Makes me want to sing the song… ))

Mi-mi-mirakuru Mikurun Run~

My unhealthy obsession with obtaining this apron has grown deadly… and might I say I think I have come out victorious…

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