AX 08 – Day 01 THURSDAY July 03!!

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AX 08 Program Guide


Anime Expo this year was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. When I first heard of this a good year ago I was really excited. I mean… LACC is really close by. Only about 20 – 30 minutes away… better than that 45 – 60 minute drive that it usually takes to get to Anime Expo. However, as AX drew closer and closer, I found myself losing my enthusiasm. It just wasn’t going to be that fun this year… There was no SOS Brigade Invasion Tour to look forward to, and all the major events didn’t attract me. I was looking forward to AX Idol since I wanted to audition for the Voice Acting part but it turns out you have to be at least 18 years old. This year’s AX was going to be boring as heck… especially since all the series I’ve been getting into lately were fairly new and not mainstream… so they wouldn’t have much merchandise on those…

But hey, I’ll blog about my time there. I mean, was it really that bad? ;o

There are a bunch of pictures of RO cosplays in here… XD;;

My mom didn’t want me to sleep over at my friend’s house so I had to get up really early so that I can be dropped off at her house and go with her to AX. What was surprising though was that my mom let me skip (summer) school so that I can go! I mean… pffshhht it’s just summer school. I’m only taking it because I need to take PE in order to graduate. It’s not like I failed a class or anything. <<;

Anyhoo, we left a little late and had to squish into the car but we made it in time. The line to AX was surprisingly fast. Sure they were giving all this hype about their new upgraded system that would make the lines shorter but I honestly thought it was just pure FAIL. Instead, it was pure WIN. (( I’m not making any sense right now! )) The line, although long as heck, went by nice and fast~ What would probably take 3 hours last year only took 30 – 60 minutes this year. Not bad I must say…

Chris on the other hand, didn’t stay with us in line. He never got his e-mail that confirmed that you were successfully pre-registered for AX so he went to the line for those that hadn’t pre-registered yet. I don’t know much of the story but apparently he went to the wrong line and had to go to the line we were in. Blah blah…

Minstrel - Ragnarok OnlineSo far AX looked pretty boring. There were far too many Vampire Knight cosplays for my liking. I mean, the Haruhi ones were more than enough last year and I could barely stand it even though I love the series… but now there’s a Vampire Knight phenomenon? I don’t really like the series, although I admit that it is fairly nice. What sucks though is that most of the people that cosplayed as those from the Night Class were ugly as heck. I mean… you have to be GODLY GORGEOUS if you ask me… The put shame to the Night Class. _ _

All of that was made up though the minute we stepped out of the little room where you pick up your tickets. (Actually, it was a fairly large room). Why? Because I saw a Minstrel. O__O My RO fetish simply overtook me and I turned into a major RO nerd the whole day of the convention right then and there. What was awesome about his cosplay (or at least I think so) was that he covered his face with a black cloth thing and then carried around two masks (happy and sad). I thought it was pure genius for some reason.

A few hours later I saw him with his mask off. He looked amusing… although quite tired. Perhaps having to have your face under that mask in this hot weather was really that tiring, eh? I would understand though. xP I was already hot in my outfit. (I wore my Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai uniform, even though I didn’t bother to fix the ribbons). At least I had a skirt. He, on the other hand, wore pants!!

After a while we just sat and sat and sat, waiting for Chris to show up any minute now. Come to think of it, I don’t remember when he met up with us again. He was just suddenly there. O_o

Canti - FLCLGetting tired of sitting, me and my friend (Nishi) wandered into the arcade. There we found a couple of interesting games… Air Hockey, DDR, Para Para… nothing I really wanted to play yet though. However, we did find a Kon cosplayer. O__O I feel really bad for him though, I mean… to be in that hot outfit the whole day. Poor him! ><

Wandering around more we took pictures of cosplayers. What was awkward was that one guy asked for my picture. <__<; I was so not expecting that so I looked so stupid. XD Oh well… poor him. That was my first and only picture of the day. ;o After all, my outfit was nothing too elaborate although I loved it to death (despite the fugly ribbons.)

We watched some of the AX Idol singing auditions. Some sucked, some were pretty good. I can’t remember which people were good and which sucked… but we left a little while into it to go to the exhibit hall or some other place.

Well my friend, Isay (who was cosplaying as Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon) and her boyfriend wandered off and it was just me, Chris, and Nishi. We went to the Exhibit Hall and I was simply in heaven. I was the only one that bought stuff though. Nishi was waiting for Sunday, when all the discounts were abound, and Chris simply doesn’t buy anything… =__=

I bought a fair amount of junk that day, although honestly, I was still waiting for Sunday. I told myself I was going to buy 5cm Per Second (DVD) so I went and found it. While I was staring at the cover as I waited for the lady to come over and take my money from me ( TT^TT ) some guy who was holding a whole stack of DVDs just started talking to me, telling me how great 5cm Per Second was. Talk about awkward… in the end, he bought the same DVD as well… along with like 5 others.

TRANSFORMERS!!!!Still, AX was kind of boring. However, one thing made up for it. THE GRAVITY BOOTH. Gravity as in the company that owns Ragnarok Online. XD Damn was it fun… They had this whole Kafra Wheel thing where they pick a random person and you get to spin that thing and win something. The question “What taming item is used to catch a Poring?” got me a chance to spin that thing. However, when the guy called on me I wasn’t so sure of the answer so I said “Unripe Apple” really quietly. They had to hold the microphone up to me just so they could hear me even though I was in the front. Sadly, all I won was a Client DVD – which you could get for free anyway. The good news though is that I got some free RO stickers just for spinning the wheel. :3 They’re pretty cute…

We returned again and again to the Gravity booth, getting a couple of raffle tickets here and there. Soon enough it was time for the next Kafra Wheel spin! The new host guy was looking for somebody who had played Sakray before. Eagerly, I raised my hand and he chose me. :D But… that evil lady who was dressed as a Professor/Scholar said that I already went. Kind of disappointed, I shoved Chris up there, who played Sakray with me. He spun and got a Ragnarok Hat. It was just a regular hat with the Ragnarok logo on the front. Nothing too special… What I really wanted was to get a Ragnarok Headgear though. Even though they kind of sucked. One person got a Mage Hat and another got Evil Wings. Still… it’d be fun to wear them. Oh!! Another question they asked that they asked was “What are the extended classes?” For some reason they wouldn’t accept “Star Gladiator” although 5 people in a row called it that. Why? “Because we (iRO) changed it to Taekwon Master.” Bah whatever… XD

An hour later, we came back for the raffle. I didn’t win… although I really would’ve wanted to. For some reason, I found the 3rd place prize to be the best – since you get a real Munak Hat or Bongun Hat!! >w< Oh well… congrats to whoever won. The second, first, and grand prizes had to do with RO2. I never really liked RO2 that much so I could care less about those. Although it still would’ve been nice to win something… What pissed me off though was that before that, they were throwing out shirts to the large crowd that was gathered. I freaking caught one and this fag snatched it out of my hand and scratched me. Talk about a bitch. I was fucking bleeding. (That’s right, I’m pissed off enough to curse).

Then came lunch. I just ate a little popsicle thing and stole some fries from my friend. The food was expensive anyway… And my friend didn’t want his fries so… hey free food for me~!!!

The day went by quickly as we wandered around the Exhibit Hall again and later into the Artist’s Alley where Chris bought me a Poring button and I bought a little Ragnarok print. (( I told you I was being a major RO nerd that day. )) The Ragnarok print that I bought can be found here on DeviantArt. :3

To the arcade we went~! I played against Isay in air hockey. I won 7 to 1. Chris wanted to play winner so we did. The machine we were playing on though was slightly broken… or maybe it was the puck. Either way, the puck simply didn’t move. It just stuck there… It didn’t do the whole funky floaty thing. In other words, you had to hid that thing pretty hard for it to fly. And that is exactly what Chris did. He hit it so hard that it flew and hit my fingers. -___- It hurt pretty bad. XD Some guy waiting in line to play was cheering for me though… so it was nice. T__T The score was 6 6 and this was the deciding round. We had to use our left hands now since my right hand hurt like heck if I moved it. I won 7 to 6. ;D

Um… that’s pretty much the whole day at AX. As we were waiting for Isay’s dad to come over to pick us up, I went and danced the Hare Hare Yukai, Go My Way!!, Agent Yoru wo Iku, and Motteke!! Sailor Fuku and played on the escalators.

To sum it all up, the first day of AX was way more fun that expected. I believe it was all thanks to the Gravity booth though. Even though all I got was a Client DVD … I still love them. <3

Here’s a list of what I bought that day:

.hack//XXXX Volume 1 (NO IT’S NOT HENTAI … I’m not old enough to buy that yet ;o ) – $9.00

a leek- $8.00

5cm Per Second DVD – $24.00

a Disgaea 2 Trading Palm Figure (I got Rozalin, but traded for Chris’ thief) – $6.00

Ragnarok print – $12.50

a popsicle – $1.00

Total spent: $60.50

And now a bunch of pictures! XP

(He’s Snake… the lighting was bad)


(Shiki and Neku = <3)

OMFG HE WAS AWESOME <3  He had a bunch of different moods that he’d change to.  Also, his thingy folds out so you get a “Who I’d Like To Meet” section where you can be in it too.  :D  Very creative.  I love it.


And now for pictures of the junk I brought home XD

My Disgaea 2 Thief Figurine

Free bag and posters

Leek – $8

RO Stickers

Prinny fan and Ragnarok fan (FREE)

Fans (other side)

One side of the Prinny fan

The other side of the fan

My badge

All the junks I brought home

Poring Button – $1 // Turtle Button – 75 cents

RO Print = $12.50 (( DeviantArt ))

I spent a fair amount of money this day. But it wasn’t much…. NOTHING compared to what I bought on Sunday. XDD But that’s the end of Day 01!!! I probably left a few details out that I should’ve included but… eh. This is one long entry and I’m tired. x___x Time to go play some RO…



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  2. this is such a cover for a bunch of kids who need alot of attention, and a bunch of pervs using our kids as targets!

  3. what do you mean? :O

  4. duude, i was in the AX too, it was fun…till my friends had to split up, and ya…have you seen a wierd little box that followed you…if you did, i got a guys sword and chased him and stabbed…pretty heavey to be wooden……funny moment

  5. the vitamin shoppe corporate office

    AX 08 – Day 01 THURSDAY July 03!! | À La Carte

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