Forget this weekly crap. (7/23/08)

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After a week or two (I honestly don’t remember how long it’s been) of thinking and drowning sorrow alone in my room, I’ve returned stronger (not really) and more energetic (not really) than ever!

Okay, I honestly have nothing much to say this time. There’s not much that’s happened since, like I said, I’ve basically sat in my room for some time doing nothing but watching TV. I realize that this post is pointless, but I’m just throwing it in to tell you people I’m alive. Also, in the past few weeks I’ve basically gotten no more than 4 hours of sleep each night, so my thinking is quite off.

However, if I think of something to post, I will post it as a separate post. Things have just been uneventful and stupid lately.

Good night, meager viewers that don’t care about my posts.


Zettai Kareshi

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After watching the Hana Yori Dango drama (season 1) I’ve been getting into watching dramas lately. Now I’m currently watching Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend). While I enjoyed the manga (somewhat) the drama sure is fun as well. ^^ It’s as if the drama just borrowed certain elements from the manga though, since basically the entire plot was overhauled. Either way, it’s still enjoyable. I think Hayami Mokomichi (who plays Night Tenjo) is HOT. I mean… Soshi (Mizushima Hiro) isn’t that bad either… but Mokomichi is just pure <3333 !!! I think it’s his nice tan… or maybe it’s because he’s half Filipino? Haha! Who knows. I wonder if he speaks tagalog. That’d be awesome if he did… He speaks Japanese though (duh) so that’s a plus!

What kind of freaks me out though is this:

His chest is completely blank. D: I mean he has a nice body but… aren’t guys supposed to have er ///// what are they called? Are they also called “nipples” on a guy? XD;; Oh that was embarassing to say. NO! I’m not trying to be a pervert. >< I just noticed it when I took a good look at the picture. T__T; Be quiet you…

I know it’s just the image though because when he goes shirtless in some of the episodes, he has them.  :3  [[ I’m currently on episode 6! ]]

Ef – A Fairy Tale of the Two [Manga]

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I’ve just started reading the Ef – A Fairy Tale of the Two manga. I’m 2 chapters in and I’m loving it so far. ^^ I think I’m just being biased because the anime series is one of my favorites… but so far I’m enjoying it! :D I think it’s because we get to see a little more insight into the characters. Yuuko seems so different than what I imagined her to be. She’s not as graceful as before. Still, she’s a fairly nice character – although her appearance was short. I suppose, you can say it’s just nice to relive Ef, as I wait for Ef – A Tale of Melodies to start airing.

Bird Kiss [Volume 5]

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I’ve been starting too many new manga series lately and haven’t finished one in a while! So, I decided to go ahead and finish up Bird Kiss since I only had one more volume to go. (Although it’s a Manwha and now a Manga XD)

The end, although slightly common, was pretty good. :3 I fairly enjoyed this series and in the end, [almost] everyone ends up with a happy ending and a true love~

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_Summer – Episode 1

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So here I am watching this supposedly boring anime series…

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Clannad Episode 24 [Tomoyo Chapter]

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I never did understand why so many people were fans of Tomoyo…

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AX 08 – Day 01 THURSDAY July 03!!

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AX 08 Program Guide


Anime Expo this year was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. When I first heard of this a good year ago I was really excited. I mean… LACC is really close by. Only about 20 – 30 minutes away… better than that 45 – 60 minute drive that it usually takes to get to Anime Expo. However, as AX drew closer and closer, I found myself losing my enthusiasm. It just wasn’t going to be that fun this year… There was no SOS Brigade Invasion Tour to look forward to, and all the major events didn’t attract me. I was looking forward to AX Idol since I wanted to audition for the Voice Acting part but it turns out you have to be at least 18 years old. This year’s AX was going to be boring as heck… especially since all the series I’ve been getting into lately were fairly new and not mainstream… so they wouldn’t have much merchandise on those…

But hey, I’ll blog about my time there. I mean, was it really that bad? ;o

There are a bunch of pictures of RO cosplays in here… XD;;

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Anime Expo

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Very fun, indeed. Chireiyu and I only went three days, but still had plenty of fun. ^_^ However, I won’t be blogging on AX this year, I’ll let Chireiyu do it. So expect a long post full of awkward pictures coming up later today or tomorrow.

Pretty funny considering that AX seems to be the climax of our life stories.

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