School Tomorrow… Err, today?

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GAHHHFIRSTDAYOFSCHOOLTOMORROW. It’s 2 in the morning and I’m not sleeping. ;S I feel tired but I can’t just fall asleep. Ah well, here’s some stuff to blog about.

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Okay… I have no clue if that’s even right but I believe it means “starfish”, right? I used “Google Translate” for converting the text to Japanese though so I’m not so sure if that is 100% correct.

Anyhoo~ At my school, every Monday we have a lab. I meant to post this earlier but I didn’t get the pictures until later… (you’ll figure out what I’m talking about soon enough.) On Monday, February 25, 2008 … we dissected… STARFISH!!! O__O And I must say… I had a GREAT time… as you will soon be able to tell from the pictures that my friend took on her cellphone.

Fuuko-chan would be quite mad at me, wouldn’t she? (Dozo~)

WARNING: There (may) be graphic images ahead.

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Finals Week!

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Well I’m on this so called “Semester Break” right now… giving me time to post something! (Although I’ve always had time… I’ve just been too lazy to actually blog about my days which completely defeats the purpose of this blog, wouldn’t you agree?)

Why a semester break you ask? Because we just had finals!!!! And guess what? I completely bombed them. :D

Let’s start with Monday (last week). The last day of classes before finals… Nothing much happened that day except for something I’d like to call “4 seconds of happiness”:

4 seconds of happiness

Now my US History teacher is a little… odd. Some people think his odd personality is cute while others just see them as proof that he is… how do I put it… homosexual? Not that I really care whether he is or not, but it sure is fun pointing out hints as to whether he is or isn’t.

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