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Even though I’m not much a cosplayer… I still dream of being one – even if I don’t suit the part. I know… that’s horrible of me to do such a thing but… it looks like so much fun!! T__T;

I have one cosplay, a Shuffle! Uniform!! (Summer) I ordered it on ebay from cosplayying. I ordered the outfit in September and received it around the 2nd or 3rd week of October — just in time for Halloween! And yes… that’s when I wore it. :3 It arrived in lightning fast speed considering it was even custom made to fit me perfectly~ :D I absolutely love it! It appears to be high quality if you ask me. The only problem that I have is that it isn’t particularly accurate. The back part of the sailor collar is simply straight (and a bit too short too). That’s not right! It’s supposed to be all… I don’t know how to explain. I’ll try finding an image of what I’m talking about later. There’s that and the fact that it doesn’t come with a hat. (I can’t believe I was this ignorant.) Although the hat doesn’t bother me as much since I bought it so I could cosplay as Kaede (who doesn’t wear a hat but a red ribbon.) My friend made me the ribbon so it’s all good~

Oh wait… I had another MAJOR problem. I accidentally gave them my wrong hip measurements so I tried e-mailing them back my correct one. I constantly tried to contact them but they NEVER responded. Communication is an F. ): No e-mail from them whatsoever. All I got were the automatically generated eBay ones… NOTHING from them. The skirt fit fine though! I really like the skirt… but at least acknowledging that they got my e-mail would’ve been nice.

Kaede Fuyou!

Well I’m not about to call myself a cosplayer. First off I’m definitely not cosplay material… and I don’t even get a wig or dye my hair! I honestly just find it to be fun (yet pricey!) If I had the money, I’d probably go ahead and buy a wig (although it’d look horrible) and even buy those cosplays that I’ve wanted for the longest time ever (too bad they’re so expensive!)

Now I haven’t worn that Shuffle! Uniform to Anime Expo yet. (Considering I got in October 2007) That’s the only anime convention I really go to since all the other ones are during the school year… and it takes me a while to save up my “AX money” anyway. So saving up for “AX money” and “someothercon money” would be impossible unless I somehow get a job (I’m still not old enough apparently).

Let’s rewind a bit… The first ever character I wanted to cosplay as was Yowkow/Alkaid from .hack//G.U. I’m a semi-big fan of .hack (my fandom is slowly dying down…) so it was only suitable (or so I thought) to cosplay as one of the heroines! While Alkaid isn’t a major character I still found her to be awesome (although at the time I didn’t even know anything about her background). She grew to be my favorite character etc. etc. However, looking back… would I really want to wear such a thing?!

Alkaid (Yowkow) from .hack//G.U.

If I could shed a couple of fatness here and there maybe I would… but my mom would NEVER let me wear such a thing so that’s out. Besides, the estimates for the outfit are around $250 (I even got somebody giving me a quote for $400!!!) While that may be cheap to some people… I simply don’t have the money. Also, I’d make it myself but I honestly cannot sew to save my life.

After Alkaid, I wanted to cosplay as Nanase. She’s also from .hack but from a different seres, .hack//Alcor. She has black hair at around the same height as mine (meaning I won’t have to dye my hair or buy a wig to look like her!) She even has a similar character design to Alkaid… it just isn’t skimpy!! Of course, the problem with that is the pricing as well. Once again, the price quotes were around $250 … I’d still like to cosplay as her though. The only other problem with that is that I can’t sneak $250 and an outfit past my mom… So that’s out as well.

Nanase from .hack//Alcor

The reason why I wanted to really cosplay as Nanase was because I doubted that many people would cosplay as her. I want to cosplay as something that I won’t see millions of (e.g. characters from Naruto or Bleach, etc.) I suppose one day I’ll be able to get that outfit… but hopefully not when I’m far too old that I’ll look like some kind of freak. Maybe once I get a job! (*hinthint*) That way I’ll be able to pay for the outfit all on my own and by then my mom is bound to approve! The only problem is… by the time I get a job (which will most likely only be during the summer) it would be summer 2009. Sure I’d have enough money for the outfit by then but I wouldn’t have enough time to get it made by AX. By the time I could wear it to AX, I would have already graduated from high school and would be moving on to college. In other words… I may already look to OLD to be someone like Nanase (since she looks more like a young teen.) ;-; Oh the woes of money, parents, and age…

I’m not sure when I decided to settle for the Shuffle! cosplay but I was definitely not going to stop there. I began snooping around and I ended up wanting to cosplay as Anzu from Peace@Pieces… ((I think I mentioned this before)) Why? Because she has that whole maid/priestess vibe~ I reallllyy wanted a maid outfit but I just couldn’t find the perfect one. As for priestess… That’s my class in RO so I fairly like priestesses (although I don’t think I’d really like to dress like one.)

I began e-mailing commissioners to see how much this would go for… and the cheapest estimate was $150. NOT BAD!! O__O The only problem is that from recent reviews, it seems like that commissioner hasn’t been giving any good quality work. First off, they don’t finish the outfit by the scheduled due date. Secondly, they overprice for what some people would argue is a “piece of crap.” I’ve seen their past commissions and they look lovely… But now I’m getting iffy based on recent reviews. D: Besides… I didn’t even have $150 yet (back then) so I wouldn’t be able to pay it off. And then there’s always the factor of my parents once again. This time though my friend was actually willing to make it for me. All I had to do was buy the fabric. I was at JoAnn’s Fabrics later that week and I couldn’t seem to find the perfect fabric in the suitable color. There’s that and the fact that I really don’t know if I can’t trust her seamstress skills!

Anzu from Peace@Pieces

So from Anzu… I went on to wanting to be an Alicel from the MMORPG Ragnarok Online. Yes, I fairly like that game and I do play it often. (: Now Alicel had black hair just like Nanase… meaning that once again, I would not have to dye my hair! ((Although Alicel has much longer hair than me)) Pair that with the fact that her basic outfit is simply a white long-sleeve shirt, a blue tie, a black vest, and a black skirt with knee-high white socks… it seemed perfect! I like Alicels anyway… they’re one of my favorite monsters in RO. It was a fairly easy task to do. I just have to gather those articles of clothing and modify them here and there and I’m set! But, as always, there’s some kind of problem. That problem would be her claws. I had no clue how to make them! Somebody on gaia did send me a step-by-step guide to making Vincent Valentine’s claws (which are somewhat similar and can be found here.) I asked my dad if he could make them and he said yes. I was really excited until halfway through he decides that it’s probably best if he just gives me the money to buy some other outfit. Greeatt… I suppose I could try to make the claws myself. But being the unartistic person that I am, I highly doubted that. So now I have $100 to spend on any cosplay I want (not something that I can get commission though since I was clearly out of time for that.)

Alicel from RO

So I began looking around and I found one on eBay that I really wanted. (I actually wanted this before I even got the $100 from my dad). It’s from Code Geass. I haven’t really seen Code Geass (except one episode of the sub… and then it go licensed ==;; — right now I’m watching it on [Adult Swim]). This cosplay was of C.C. :D It might be hard pulling this off without green hair…….. but it was SO CUTE1! O__O I think it was the little hat:

C.C. from Code Geass

It’s just absolutely the adorable, isn’t it? By the way that image is from deviantArt. Original image can be found here. It cost $120 (with shipping). Not bad… The only problem was (once again) sneaking it past my mom. Also, my brother-in-law’s the one that orders them for me (and then I just pay up.) I wonder what he’ll think when I buy something that’s $120. ==; BUT IT’S SO DAMN CUTE!! ;___; But really though, I truly thought that the only thing that made me really want it was the hat. I suppose I can just by a little hat elsewhere…. maybe. If not then I’ll have to save up for that outfit again! :D (Because I didn’t buy it.)

I bought something else! Now what that is a secret. It was $17 cheaper than the Code Geass one (not much…) but I was taking votes among my friends and they chose that one instead of the Code Geass. XD;; It’s not custom-sized though (that would cost $30 extra) but I’m sure it will be fine. (: Besides, clothes you buy at the store are not perfectly fit to your body either and they still look fine! (That’s my lame excuse.) It is from another Visual Novel though. :D I must say… characters from Visual Novels have some extremely good character designs. I mean… I’d like to cosplay as Noumi Kudryavka from Little Busters one day if I can. >> Although she’s got white hair…..

Noumi Kudryavka from Little Busters

I’ll try and take pictures of my outfit when I get it/wear it at AX. ((No it’s not from Little Busters :P) And of course I’ll include some sort of “review” if I feel like it. :D The people I ordered it from were EXTREMELY nice though. ^^ They even sent another e-mail about the tracking info and stating when it was shipped. Communication is an A+!!!


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