The BRAWL is on!! >D

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Soo… a week ago… um, Holy Thursday, my dad took me to the mall since I was hungry and he needed to buy stuff at Seafood City. >> We stopped off at Gamestop to see what games they have and I was all mesmerized by Super Smash Bros. Brawl that my dad actually bought it for me. O__O That game counts as my Easter present though. But even so, it was well worth it!


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Visual Novels

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Yume Miru Kusuri

A few months ago, I downloaded the trial version of Yume Miru Kusuri :: A Drug That Makes You Dream. I didn’t get to playing it until recently though and I must say, I was truly captivated. The demo motivated me enough to try out the full game (even though the demo only had a set route to follow).

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Okay… I have no clue if that’s even right but I believe it means “starfish”, right? I used “Google Translate” for converting the text to Japanese though so I’m not so sure if that is 100% correct.

Anyhoo~ At my school, every Monday we have a lab. I meant to post this earlier but I didn’t get the pictures until later… (you’ll figure out what I’m talking about soon enough.) On Monday, February 25, 2008 … we dissected… STARFISH!!! O__O And I must say… I had a GREAT time… as you will soon be able to tell from the pictures that my friend took on her cellphone.

Fuuko-chan would be quite mad at me, wouldn’t she? (Dozo~)

WARNING: There (may) be graphic images ahead.

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