School Tomorrow… Err, today?

August 27, 2008 at 2:33 am | Posted in Anime, School | 1 Comment
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GAHHHFIRSTDAYOFSCHOOLTOMORROW. It’s 2 in the morning and I’m not sleeping. ;S I feel tired but I can’t just fall asleep. Ah well, here’s some stuff to blog about.

Code Geass R2: Turn 20

Lelouch is serious business

Love Lelouch's evil eye. O__@

Good stuff. Animation quality was pretty off this week though. Barely noticeable though, I suppose. The episode makes it a tad hard to determine what will happen in the end. I mean, last few episodes, I pretty much had an ending set in my head, but sadly, this episode has debunked the explorer. D:

Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Series 2

Hes baaaack

He's baaaack

A few Gundam 00 S2 commercials have been released, including a pretty amusing chibi trailer. Basically the whole former cast has been unveiled, and the new Gundams as well. Also, the OP and ED are pretty much confirmed. OP is Hakanaku Mo Towa No Kanashi by UVERworld and the ED is Prototype by Ishikawa Chiaki. Enjoy little snippets from these commercials.

Yes, fans. Enjoy the 5 seconds of 00 Gundam.

Update as I was typing this post XD: Longer trailer filmed at the (wait for it) Gundam Expo by a camcorder. Now I want the song. The rest of the series can bite my shiny metal ass.


Apparently, the TV show Scrubs has been transfered from NBC to ABC, and ABC has given it a run past the intended seven season run. It’s been confirmed, however, that the main characters such as JD and Elliot will make less appearances after season 7, in order to make way for a newer cast and a lighter budget.

Kind of disappointing really. I think ending it at seven seasons would have been great, and prolonged series are usually subject to outdated and/or unoriginal material. Let’s hope Scrubs stays strong!

Speaking of Scrubs, the song Have It All by Jeremy Kay has been on repeat on my iTunes player for many a day, thanks to Comedy Central reruns. And yes, my iPod is still broken.

It’s 2:33 now and I have to wake up in 3 hours. Good niiiiiiiiiight. :D


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