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Soo… a week ago… um, Holy Thursday, my dad took me to the mall since I was hungry and he needed to buy stuff at Seafood City. >> We stopped off at Gamestop to see what games they have and I was all mesmerized by Super Smash Bros. Brawl that my dad actually bought it for me. O__O That game counts as my Easter present though. But even so, it was well worth it!


I’m not much for fighting games but Brawl is the one exception. Perhaps it’s because the characters are not all big and scary? Or it could be because it’s not a FPS or something. Either way, I find SSBB F U N! It’d be more fun if I could get somebody to play with me… but nobody wants to come to my house and even if they wanted to, my parents won’t let them. ~__~ I was hoping to play the game with my dad a lot but he doesn’t like it since he can’t figure out how to play. As for my mom, she absolutely hates these games. -sigh- What to do…

I was reading some reviews and they say that the “Subspace Emissary” portion of the game (for 1 player) is random and boring. While I can agree that it’s random at times, it isn’t that boring for me. I particularly like it even though it makes no sense. Sure it’s a scrolling (?) type of game… thing but it’s still fun. :D I like the random interactions of all the brawl characters. The “storyline” makes little sense to me but I can cope. The one thing that worries me though is having to use characters that I can’t control well. That is… Lucas. He’s just like Ness and I had NO idea how to work that little kid at all in Melee… moreso on the N64. Buuut I suppose playing the Subspace Emissary is a way to learn how to control all the characters a bit. I guess you can say it’s helped. I’m only 25% done with the storyline though (on Normal mode) and it’s take me quite a while to get there already…

Since Pichu was removed… I had to pick a new favorite character. Although Pikachu is the more efficient version of Pichu, I just don’t like him (her?) And so my new favorite is… Pit! :D (They all start with “Pi”…) He’s just plain cool. I think it’s his angel-ness or something. When picking a favorite character I usually go for looks so maybe it is his wings… also the whole “Wings of Icarus” or whatever it’s called… it can seriously save you from a fall. O__O

I think he’s awesome… >>

While I can’t say I’m any good at Super Smash Bros. … I can tell you that I’ve improved somewhat from Melee. Oh if only I had somebody to show my great skills to. ;__;

I’ve tried the online mode… and all I can say is L A G. I’m not sure if everyone else lags as well. One site said that the game was “lag free” when online but for me… I can barely tell what I’m doing! I’m starting to think that it’s because my computer is extremely old. I use the whole USB WiFi thing. So I tried it on my laptop and it was still laggy. If anyone knows whether it’s suppose to lag this badly please do tell… I don’t want to actually go out and buy a new computer just to have the same lag. (although I don’t think I’m that desperate to play online)

Just for the record, my friend ID is “0258-0175-8738”. So add me if you wish! :D I can’t particularly say that I’ll be online much since there’s so much lag… but add me nonetheless. ^^

Oh one more thing. Coins and trophies! There are a bunch of trophies this time (or at least I think there are) and getting them is more fun as opposed to Melee. In Melee you just inserted a number of coins into the little machine and you get a random trophy. This time… there’s a coin launcher! Basically it’s like those things in Las Vegas or Chuck E. Cheese’s where you insert a coin and you shoot it. It’s fun… Trophies start moving across the screen and you have to shoot your coins and hit it a certain number of times to get it. There are a few “enemies” that block your way and also missiles start shooting at you. If it hits you then you lose some coins! D: So shoot them 2 times to make them go away. :3

Coin Launcher!!!
I like the Chain Chomp! :D Cute if you ask me…

If I were to rate the game… I’d give it 9.7/10

– 0.1 because Pichu was removed

– 0.1 because the only reason it’s on the Wii is for online interactions… you don’t move the wiimote or blah… although I understand why. it’ll get tiring too soon and you might hit someone XD

– 0.1 lag T__T

Other than that…. fun fun fun! :D The end. :x


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