Hidden Power is for noobs.

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Well, if you were one of the FEW people that somehow stumbled upon our old blog over at Blogspot, you’ve probably seen us before. Well, Casey found WordPress more aesthetically pleasing than Blogspot, and I agreed, so we decided to start fresh here!

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…was the shizz.

I saw Cloverfield yesterday. It’s basically Godzilla with a different monster and nauseating camera effects. It met all of my expectations and then some. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

The movie’s graphics, from the flying bullets to the giant monster itself, was incredibly convincing. I haven’t seen such convincing computer generation since The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. The set for the movie was also quite awesome. I mean, seriously, nothing is cooler in a monster movie than the head of the Statue of Liberty lying in the middle of a street.

Overall, the movie was very realistic, despite the obvious fiction elements. The camera, taking the place of a REAL camcorder held by one of the characters trying to run through Manhattan. It made the movie so much more convincing. I DID find the inserts of little clips from Rob’s day odd, but it still worked out.

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Nearly Daily Blog 1/22/08

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Woot! Today was fun. I’m tired though, seeing as I didn’t get home until 9:45. My, my was it an eventful day though.

First day of school!! Woot! Well, not really. The classes were sort of boring, but more fun than usual, oddly enough.

In my first period, which is art, we were discussing three-dimensional shapes. I felt retarded, yet smart. We were listing the two shapes that triangles can be made into. Someone said the obvious, pyramid. Then the teacher asked for one more shape. Being the overly-complicating idiot I am, I shouted out “TRIANGULAR PRISM!” Everyone shut up and stared. The teacher even asked me to draw it on the board, since apparently she didn’t know what it was. Well, I drew it, taking in a little “Ohhhh” from the class and the teacher herself, and sat down. She asked for one more, and it popped it my head, so I said “OH!!! CONE!” and she gave me a relieved look, as I finally got the right answer.

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Nearly Daily Blog 1/21/08

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I might have to rename these “periodical” blogs. I just can’t keep it up daily sometimes, as you might have noticed. Don’t want to keep everyone expecting one everyday… Whoever the hell is reading this blog at all, that is. I will try, though.

I failed the crap out of my finals! Well, that’s what I get for barely studying. Ah well, there’s always next semester. That is, if I survive the upcoming report card days. Ah, life!

Certain things this weekend have kept me alive though. I actually got invited to help at Casey’s niece’s birthday party by her mother, who I thought utterly hated me. Well, at first I didn’t give an answer, but last minute I called and asked if they still needed help. Well, she asked Casey if she wanted me to come, so she let me come to the bowling alley. She did not like me much. Ah well. Casey’s sister offered to take me to their house since I had nothing to do. There, we had a lot of fun. xD Cool, yet sadly, it was the most time we’ve ever spent together next to AX. Should I feel sad about that?

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Happy New Year!

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Well, nonexistent readers, if you read Casey’s blog and actually paid attention to detail, you’d know that my modem has been broken for more than two weeks. Yes, ’twas a sad period of lonely despair. Mmm, or for me, at least, probably a period of celebration having to do with Casey and Frosty leading the Twilight Manifesto choir in a Wizard of Oz melody entitled “Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead”. Anyhoo, there’s my self-pity rant for today, how are you? :3

My vacation, so far, has been hell. I’ve been forced to go to Las Vegas, and some would say “Why are you bitching?! That’s great!” but it’s not. Las Vegas is something for little children and adults. I, unfortunately, am in the middle. I did retaliate though. My loss of internet has made me increasingly prone to text messages, running up my parents’ phone bill by another $250. Victory (and a new modem) has been won.

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Christmas Vacation!

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Ahh, the holiday season. What an amazing time of the year. You have holidays for everybody, whether it be Hanukkah (or if you prefer “Chanukkah”) for the Jewish people, Ramadan for the Islamic people, and Christmas for the Christian people (and pretty much 99.9% of the entire non-Christian world). Oh, did I mention that Jesus was born around here, too? Well, I, myself, am Christian. Well, I’m Filipino so I guess that makes me Christian by default… or Muslim. I hear there are a few Filipino Muslims, but I’ve yet to meet them. Anyway, since I’m Christian I celebrate Christmas! (boy, was that hard to find out!) This day, little children open their presents sent to them by some fat man in tight furry clothes carrying a cheap bag who comes (pun unintended) d0wn their chimneys to eat their hot cookies. (again, pun unintended) Men and women get together to celebrate their relationships while hiding the leftover cookies they “stashed for Santa”. Family, once again, comes together from all parts of the San Fernando county or, if you’re lucky, the next room down the hall. Chestnuts roast in an open fire contained in an unstable brick crevice fueled by gifted fruitcake when your aunt turns away, the Christmas tree glows with its bargain priced “$10 for 2” lighting that looks quite familiar as if you’ve seen the exact same lights hung along your neighbor’s gutter right out the window, a star (star of David if you’re Jewish) (a star of David if you’re a stupid Christian) placed gently atop the power-consuming tree that stinks of the outdoors and leaks water at its base, and white snow falls outside blocking your car from leaving the prison of your December family reunion (my dad’s a lucky California bastard, ain’t he?). The most beautiful sight, however, is the familiar miniature stable containing a man, a woman, and her newborn child surrounded by animals showing what the holiday is really about: alcohol.

Oh, and there’s that Jesus thing, too.


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Bah, I haven’t posted here in a while. I guess I’ve been too busy… Okay, you got me. I’ve been lazy, but now I am here to post! I’ve been meaning to post this story before, so here goes.

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Nearly Daily Blog 11/10/07

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Arghh, I’m so pissed off today. A lot of crap happened this week. ~__~

Sunday: I did absolutely nothing. I stayed online playing two-player solitaire (yeah, it does exist) with my friend on MSN. I was too lazy to even get off my seat.

Monday: We had no school that day!! Woot, right?… Wrong. It was still boring. I swear, there were points where I was wishing I was at school. None of my friends were online because THEY all had school. There’s nobody to call, nothing good on TV, nobody to see other than my parents, who spent that day fighting about something…

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