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I’ve been starting too many new manga series lately and haven’t finished one in a while! So, I decided to go ahead and finish up Bird Kiss since I only had one more volume to go. (Although it’s a Manwha and now a Manga XD)

The end, although slightly common, was pretty good. :3 I fairly enjoyed this series and in the end, [almost] everyone ends up with a happy ending and a true love~


After Miyoul’s big confession to Heerack in front of Guelin, Guelin asks when she started to realize her feelings for him.  Saying that it was right when Heerack became the President of the Slipper Club, Heerack is led to believe that the only reason that Miyoul likes him now is because he’s the president of the Slipper Club.  After all, she liked Guelin, the former president.  Try as hard as he might, Heerack still can’t stop loving Miyoul.

Meanwhile, Rosa is at a restaurant with a friend and overhears a familiar song.  The song?  The one that she’s been singing with Sunghuck for days on end.  Rushing to Sunghuck’s house to tell him of the news that somebody has stolen his song, Sunghuck tells her that he had contributed the song to the artist.  With a quick kiss on the cheek, he tells Rosa to meet at the burger shop in front of Hong University next Saturday at seven.  Taken aback from the kiss, Rosa tells him that she wouldn’t even bother to show up.

Now it’s time for a little shopping with Heerack~  Miyoul watches closely by while Heerack and Rosa explore the streets.  It’s pretty obvious though that Miyoul is stalking them…  Heerack comments that she’s so predictable later on when he’s alone with Rosa.  He confesses to Rosa that he still likes Miyoul.  He was never honest with Rosa and now regrets becoming the Slipper Club President.

Guelin is informed that Heerack wants to resign from his position.  However, that would definitely bring the club’s reputation down.  Guelin threatens to force Heerack to transfer schools unless he finds out who Heesung (Heerack’s brother) seriously loved.  If he does so, he will be allowed to step down quietly.

Desperate to get Heerack to understand that her feelings for him aren’t just because he’s the President of the Slipper Club, Miyoul asks her mom to schedule an outing with Heerack and his family.  During the outing, Miyoul feeds Heerack her food which she made the other night.  Sadly, Heerack can’t take the cuteness of Miyoul and runs off.

Of course, Rosa ends up joining Sunghuck despite her argument that she would not bother going.  He leads her to the basement of a building where Sunghuck and others perform as many people listen to their music.  One of the members of Sunghuck’s supposed “band” meets up with Rosa and asks her to sing.  Sunghuck tries to hold her back but she does anyway.  The reason for trying to prevent her from singing?  She sucks.  Sunghuck’s friend remarks that he must really like Rosa a lot for that reason.

Miyoul finally finds Heerack and pretends to fall asleep in his lap so that he will once again fall for her.  Heerack decides that he’s going to quit being the Slipper Club President even if Miyoul doesn’t like him back.  He plays along with Miyoul and kisses her… although she doesn’t notice because she actually did fall asleep!

Back at school, Heerack returns to Guelin yet refuses to tell him who Heesung was in love with.  Guelin tells him that he was given a chance and now the misfortune will begin.  As Heerack is being chased around by the Slipper Club members, Junghan (one of the members who is surprisingly shy around women) accidentally touches Ramee’s chest.  (Miyoul’s friend who is “innocent, cute, and sexy” … yet fears guys).  That causes them to both faint of the shock and are later taken to the hospital.  Miyoul’s mom is also taken to the hospital due to overstress from work.

In her mom’s hospital room, Miyoul worries while Heerack sits idly by, unsure how to comfort her.  Suddenly, a familiar face comes into the room.  It’s Miyoul’s dad~  He tells the two that he’ll watch over Miyoul’s mom so they head back home.  That’s when he notices how much Heerack has grown – and is even taller than Miyoul now!  This sparks some competition in Miyoul, who has always been taller than Heerack for the past fifteen years.

As Ramee still broods over having been touched by a guy, Junghan brings her flowers each day.  Guelin notices and tells him that he should be ashamed of himself, giving flowers to a girl as if he truly loved her.  Junghan defends himself, saying that he knows what it must have felt like to have gone through such a traumatic experience.  Ramee overhears the conversation and her feelings for Junghan begin to change…

Still being continuously chased, Heerack runs from the Slipper Club members, who are currently chasing him outside.  Rosa sees him and calls him from the window, confessing to all the world that she loves Sunghuck instead.  Heerack happily congratulates her, telling them that they make a great couple.  With that, Rosa and Sunghuck kiss~

Suddenly on a milk-drinking binge to get taller, Miyoul shows Heerack some attitude simply because he’s taller than her.  Heerack begins to take it the wrong way though yet tries to reassure himself that he’ll be okay.

A few days later, Ramee is suddenly approached by the Slipper Club members, asking for her to be Nachsung’s First Lady.  Shocked by the sea of men and flowers, she looks around for the one person she’s willing to receive them from… Junghan!

Back at the hospital, Miyoul’s parents discuss the state of the family.  Miyoul’s dad asks his wife to move back with him since they don’t seem like much of a family, only seeing each other once every few months.  Miyoul’s mom ponders the situation and finally concludes that she’ll most likely be moving back.  Miyoul and Heerack overhear, causing Miyoul to burst into the room stating that she doesn’t want to go since she likes Heerack and doesn’t want to be separated from him.  Heerack, happy with this truthful confession gives Miyoul a comforting hug as she sobs in his arms.

Miyoul says her goodbyes to all her friends back at school and Heerack gives Guelin a clue to who Heesung loved.  The clue is a simple “it’s not Miyoul.”  [[ What’s confusing though is that near the end, Miyoul’s mom says that they aren’t moving after all. @__@ ]]  So… who has Heesung loved all this time?  It was his first (although unreturned) kiss, Miyoul’s mom.

Final Thoughts:

Well that was an amusing ending.  While it reminds me somewhat of “Instant Teen” with the whole “moving away” deal, I still really enjoyed it.  I can’t say this is the best series out there, but this is definitely a memorable mangwha out of the few that I’ve read.  It’s probably the first manwha I’ve completed too.  I can’t really remember;;  I did like the series and I’m glad that almost everyone ended on a happy note.

Story: 8/10

As for the art… I honestly didn’t like the art that much.  There are times when the art was fairly nice, but most of the time the heads were so oddly shaped!  It doesn’t matter too much though since the story was still executed nicely.

Art: 5/10

Character development, etc.?  I’d say there was a lot of that.  It’s pretty obvious from the beginning that Miyoul will learn that she truly loves Heerack from the beginning but it was fun seeing how she went from loving him to hating him (because of his height) to realizing that height doesn’t matter.  The same applies to Rosa.  :3  I can’t say much about Ramee and Junghan’s relationship though since I don’t quite remember them hinting at a relationship until this final volume.

Character: 7/10

Bahh… I really enjoyed this series.  It is pretty unique and nice overall.  ^^  If you appreciate a good, fun story and aren’t too critical about predictability or art, then this is a nice read!

Overall: 8/10



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  1. Oh I adore this manwa! I love happy endings and kind guys! I love the ending, I was concern about if the autor can give all to them a happy ending but I love it!!

    • yeah!you’re right but i didn’t end it.

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