Clannad Episode 24 [Tomoyo Chapter]

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I never did understand why so many people were fans of Tomoyo…

I honestly want to know why so many people are fans of Tomoyo for Key to make a separate visual novel all about her. I always personally liked Kotomi best… better than Nagisa at times even. And then there’s always Ryou… and perhaps a little bit of Kyou as well. But why Tomoyo?

I just finished watching the extra episode and I must say I was truly taken aback. No summary about the episode here, just my opinion! There’s a nice lengthy and thorough summary here, at the Subculture Anime Blog. :P

Clannad was an odd series for me… I enjoyed Kanon 2006 a lot but Clannad didn’t seem to have the same effect on me. Sure it was interesting and cute and all but for some reason, Nagisa didn’t catch my interest. If you ask me, she was just too innocent or something. She needed some fight in her!

Tomoya on the other hand is a great guy… I don’t understand the whole “delinquent” part of him. He’s really nice and understanding~ <3

Anyway, on to this episode. <<; I’m surprised subs were released so fast! That’s a big win. :D I liked this episode more than I thought I would. Being a not-so-big-fan of Tomoyo, I thought it’d be kind of boring, considering how Tomoyo was one of my least favorite characters in Clannad. However, now I have new respect for her. She’s strong-willed, smart, and can kick some serious a**. ^__^ I know why people are Tomoyo fans now~ As for Tomoya, he’s a great guy. That’s all I can say about him. If a guy like him existed in real life… that’d be awesome. Sure he’s not all that smart but he cares so much. ><;; I didn’t expect him to break up with Tomoyo just because he may be in the way of her dream. While that’s not a really nice thing to happen… it shows that he truly cares. And to think that Tomoyo cries at the end… DDD:

My favorite scene would be near the end in the snow. Where Tomoyo begins crying and Tomoya is all acting as if he’s mad, asking what’s wrong this time. Then he just hugs her like crazy. I did not cry but I’m sure I would’ve if I wasn’t constantly being interrupted by the sounds of all the construction going on outside.

All I know is that I now have a new respect for Tomoyo. I think… she’s managed to become one of my favorite characters now. From being in the bottom two… she’s probably in the top three or so! She’s somewhere up there with Nagisa (despite how she annoys me at times) and Kotomi. I’d like to say she’s up there with Ryou but Ryou wasn’t given enough airtime for me to really like her enough.

This special episode has made Clannad even better than before. Perhaps now it will surpass Kanon 2006 for me? Who knows. For me, I know Clannad has surpassed Air… but I’m not so sure about Kanon. We’ll just have to wait for the After Story for me to make my decision. x3 Because, while I fairly enjoyed Tomoyo and Tomoya’s relationship in this story, judging by the Clannad movie, I’ll probably learn to like Tomoya and Nagisa’s relationship even more. It all depends on the After Story!!!



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  1. w0o0oo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0ow

    that anime is cool

  2. i love tomoyo!! XD

  3. tomoyo <3
    she's my favourite character in clannad. hahah.

  4. tomoyo is minee and only mine . :’D

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