_Summer – Episode 1

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So here I am watching this supposedly boring anime series…

Synopsis from ANN:

“Is there any girl you love?”

By this word his friend asked during the school excursion, the protagonist, Kaizu Takumi, begins to aware of his interest in opposite sex. Of course, there are girls around him, for example, his childhood friend, Hatano Konami, his classmate, Ebizuka Shino, a school idol, Shimazu Kakana, etc. However, he himself hasn’t noticed his feelings until he is asked by his friend. He becomes anxious seeing his friend try to find his girl friend, and he resolves his mind to find a girl friend during the last summer of his high school life.

I just finished watching the first episode of _Summer. Apparently, a lot of people find the series to be quite boring with a horribly weak plot and completely unsatisfying ending. The series is only 2 episodes and the animation seems really nice so I thought I’d give it a try. I understand why they think that the series is pretty bad though… although personally, I fairly enjoyed it. Perhaps it’s just something for me to watch on my spare time. Nothing much happens in the first episode. We’re just introduced to a bunch of characters and it ends with them at a Tanabata Festival. For only being two episodes long, I highly doubt any serious things will happen… Basically, the main character (Takumi Aizu) was just wondering if he “loved” anyone and if he will remain friends with everyone in the next 10 to 20 years. Pretty boring story but I still managed to enjoy it, especially since the animation is wonderful if you ask me. ^^ (Although it’s pretty much on the same level as other anime…)

It’s based off of an eroge though… so that would definitely explain the ecchi-esque scenes as well as the numerous stereotypical female characters. Even so, I don’t think this series is all that bad… Perhaps I have to finish the last episode in order to finally judge it though, right?

For some reason, I see the name of the series written as “Underbar Summer” … which some people believe should be translated to “Wonderful Summer” since “underbar” means “wonderful” in some language… (I forgot which one!) My concern is that… Isn’t a “_” called an “underscore”? Maybe I need to look it up again… perhaps it can also be called an “underbar” ….


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