My Birthday~ :D

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Well, my birthday was last Monday, June 16 – although the supposed “festivities” ended yesterday, June 22 with a little family dinner thing. Nothing big happened, and I can’t say much in the way of presents. My dad payed for that cosplay outfit ages ago, yet that counts as his present for me. As for my mom, she gave me a bunch of clothes (all formal, dressy stuff that she wants me to wear yet I don’t really like – long skirts!! D: )… along with… $106.75 in quarters. That sure took me a while to count. O__O

Kanon~!! (Not really a birthday though...)

I turned 16 on June 16 – how weird! Well I didn’t have a huge “Sweet Sixteen” party (oh those spoiled people on MTV…) but I still had fun. :D

I was still in school on Monday (wtf… so late) so nothing special really happened. I asked people to sign my yearbook though and got a bunch of “Happy Birthday!” messages instead of the usual “Have a great summer!!!” things. No matter… I didn’t get many presents from friends either. XD What surprised me though was that this one girl gave me a present ($20 Hot Topic gift card) even though we don’t talk much and I told her not to. DD: Oh… and my one friend who said she was going to bake me a cake forgot to… eh, fine whatever. -__- On Tuesday we wouldn’t be able to eat it because we don’t have lunch on Tuesdays and on Wednesday – Friday… we have finals! So forget that idea. << Although later on I did tell her to bake me a pie (I don’t remember why, but I was thinking about pie for some reason) and she did bake me one and brought it on Wednesday~ Which I devoured (the crust was delicious) during break although I really should’ve been studying for my Spanish final (which I failed anyway.)

When I got home, I got to counting that gigantic pile of quarters. My mom put all the quarters into a pouch and then later shoved that pouch into a gigantic container of these cleaning wipes. When I tore open the gift wrapper, I thought they were seriously cleaning wipes and I was going to shout at my mom. XD;; Because cleaning wipes are an awful gift to give someone who hates cleaning/sucks at cleaning.

The PILE......

Here’s the mess spewed all over the table… a 5-dollar bill included

I arranged the quarters into stacks of 4, in columns of 5. If you do the math, that means $5 per row. What was weird was that I ended up making a total of 7 rows per little square-ish counting sequence… (I’m not sure how to call it, really.) Well, when I added it all up I came to $106.75. Add the $5 that my mom gave me, that makes $111.75. That is a really strange amount of money to give for a birthday…

The strangely slanting stacks…

I know where my mom got all the quarters though. Ever since I was little, she’d collect quarters into this little baby-bottle shaped “piggy” bank. Now that bank was awesome… each time you put a quarter (or any coin for that matter) it’d play a tune. I was always amused by that – until it broke/ran out of battery/died of old age. Once the bank is full we’d open it up and then deposit all the lovely coins into the bank. When I got older, I was able to keep at least $20 or so for myself. My mom’s continuing this “tradition” to this day and decided to give me the money on my birthday… even though it’d still be deposited into the bank never to be seen by my eyes again until I’m old and wrinkled. Really… it’s the same thing as any other time when we opened the bank and I got to keep a little bit of the money. By giving it to me on my birthday, it just seems like I have a bigger present – when really, this is an ongoing process that was never restricted to birthdays. Ah… I sound so greedy! ><

What was really stupid of me though was that I counted the quarters on the glass-top table. When I put all the quarters back into the pouch, I found that the glass got slightly scratched!!! I hope my mom doesn’t notice. XD;; I’d be in big trouble if she did – although I don’t know how she’d be able to tell that it was me who did it.

Another thing that I found amusing was that this 1988 quarter looked much older and dirty as opposed to a 1965 quarter. I just found that strange… The 1965 quarter didn’t even look that old anyway, even though it was more than 20 years older than the other quarter. Strange strange… Where do these quarters go?!

Surprisingly, I got a cake for my birthday! My mom bought this weird cheesecake assortment thing. I had a total of 6 candles on my cake~ They were placed awkwardly since we didn’t want to put them directly onto the cheesecake. Instead, they were wedged into the little spaces between each pre-sliced piece. The cheesecake was called “D!LEMMΛ?” … slightly odd name but the cake was delicious~!! There were different types of cheesecake – Regular, Tuxedo, Chocolate Chip, and Triple Chocolate. My favorite is either the Chocolate Chip or Tuxedo… although all of them are equally scrumptious. ~w~


Clockwise from top: Chocolate chip, Regular, Triple Chocolate, Tuxedo

Well that was Monday… as I said, on Wednesday my friend brought a pie that she baked. It was an apple pie and boy was it good~ I especially loved the crust, although that part was store-bought. :B

On Friday, me and my friend went out and wandered around the Americana for a while and then saw a movie. My mom wanted to buy those little movie ticket…. tickets at her work. Those were supposedly cheaper than if you were to buy them at the movie theatre yourself. The only problem was, you couldn’t watch a movie that has been out for less than 2 weeks. (Although I’m starting to think that that’s not true since it doesn’t particularly say on the Pacific Theatres movie ticket certificate.) Well the only movie that was available for us to watch that had been out for more than 2 weeks was Kung Fu Panda. Apparently some people didn’t like the movie… but I fairly enjoyed it. The only problem is, I tend to enjoy any movie that I watch at the movie theatre. That’s mostly because I don’t go out to see movies much… Also, I do tend to like children’s movies. Dx Eh…

Finally the “festivities” ended on Sunday – when it was time for the family to celebrate my birthday. XD They didn’t come on Monday (my actual birthday) because I was “busy” studying for finals – although I was just really messing around online! We ate at Max’s … which I’m still having a hard time figuring out how to pronounce. Is it “mackses” as if we were in America or is it “mawkses” as if you had a strange Filipino accent. My friend actually says it as “Mox” … which kind of bothers me because that’s majorly accented if you ask me. x__x;

My sister gave me $160 (a check… meaning it has to be deposited into the bank.) The number amuses me… the only reason she gave me that much was because I turned 16. Oh~ If she continues the pattern I can’t wait until I turn 100 or something – although I may not be alive anymore… or she may not be… and if we both were, I wouldn’t have much to buy since I doubt I’d be spending them on cosplay outfits. XDDD That’d be just wrong.

Hm… I got some other presents too… but that was on RO. Like my friend gave me a Rideword Card. T___T; The last card that I needed to complete my set. XD; Now I can go and kill anubises with 3 more %~~~!!!!! I also got some other things like a Chocolate Mousse Cake (I think) and something else (although I forgot what it was :D;; )

So, that was my birthday in a nutshell. Nothing too special I suppose… although it lasted longer than usual. It was also the first time since 4th grade or something that I’ve had my birthday in school!!

That reminds me, it was this other girl’s birthday on the same day and she brought a cheesecake to school. I stole a slice and ate it during AP Bio since the bell rang once I was able to get my slice. This really nice Junior figured out that was my birthday… and gave me some M&Ms and stickers. While it isn’t much, it was still really nice of her. ;____; I really was touched…….

I think that’s about it… the end. :D


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