Mi-Mi-Mirakurun Miku Apron~~

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Yep! You guessed right… I got my Miracle Mikurun Apron at long last! It came in the mail Friday. The minute I saw the package sitting on the table I grabbed it and ran to my room, taking my camera and a pair of scissors with me. The box was surprisingly large compared to the small item – that was probably why the shipping cost was 1500 Yen ~__~; No matter… I think it was all worth it. :D

I went on an image crazy uproar. I found my camera (actually it’s my mom’s) and was quite bored so I started taking pictures of just about EVERYTHING. From the box to the paper to the item itself. ^__^

The packaging was nice (a bunch of paper shoved into there to protect the little piece of cloth….) and came in a relatively fast manner. The actual item itself was simply folded and placed into a plastic bag-ish type of thing. The fabric is fine, nothing special. It even comes with the headdress and collar! (That’s what blew me away).

There’s not much I can really say about this. It’s an apron for crying out loud. I most likely won’t be using it as an apron though – I’ll just wear it when I’m bored. Apparently my niece might be coming with me to AX (I got her a ticket anyway…) and she doesn’t have a cosplay outfit (not like she needs one). I was planning on making her wear some lacy frilly dress to pass her off as a cute little lolita doll but… I think it’d be too hot for her to wear such a thing. So I’m most likely just going to shove this apron on her! She’d be so cute. (( Although I was planning on wearing the apron myself ))

The one thing that bothers me is that the apron is extremely short. That can be fixed though by adjusting the little button that ties together the part that goes over your head and around your neck. (Am I making any sense?) I haven’t tried that though so I can’t say for sure what it looks like then. Other than that it’s absolutely lovely! :D I honestly would like to say it’s worth $20 but I don’t think it is. I don’t mind though since I’m completely in love with it. XD;

One of the few pictures you'd ever get of me.

Now if only I could get the actual outfit.  Then I’d be a happy camper.  I think Mikuru’s outfit is more of the waitress type (battle waitress, isn’t it?) but it sure reminds me of a maid.  And I always have wanted a maid outfit.  I don’t care if it’s pink!  XD;  I’m actually starting to like the color pink now, strangely enough.

That’s all.  :D  Just wanted to show off the apron.  Once again, you can buy it at Hobby Search.  The item was on sale for 562 yen and shipping was 1500 yen, making the total 2062 yen for you math geniuses out there.  Whether it’s truly worth 2062 yen, you decide.  Tell me if you really do buy it and what you think of it!! ^__^


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