And the next American Idol is…

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I don’t usually watch American Idol ever since the 2nd season way back when got so boring… I usually only begin watching once the show’s down to the top 5 or so. The episode I decided to begin watching the series, I immediately decided on my favorite – all because of song choice. It was David Cook as he sang “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera, which just so happens to be one of my favorite songs/musicals because my mom always listened to the soundtrack when I was little~

David & David

Well last night (Tuesday) was the last “singing” episode and David Cook was still in the race… against the younger contender… another David! (But David Archuleta this time). I was watching and eh… David Cook’s songs were kinda… iffy. I was starting to like David Archuleta’s song choice more – although I liked Cook’s rock-ish blahh… ness. (I really suck at explaining.)

Well tonight was the results… D:


My mom was watching American Idol while I was sitting idly by at my computer pretending to study. I heard Ryan Seacrest all going “And the American Idol for 2008 is…………….. David…. Cook!” I was honestly all “wtf?! O_o” I was certain that David Archuleta would win. That was quite a surprise to me. Cook even won by 12 million votes (I probably heard that wrong though.) That’s a LOT. Archuleta seemed like the favorite of the judges and he was also the younger, cuter (I don’t think so… but I guess people could think of him as cute in a little boy kind of way) counterpart. I was so certain that Archuleta would win that I ACTUALLY voted for David Cook. Yes, I actually called in… which is the first time ever for me. <__<; I suppose I was just really into this American Idol season or something.

Archuleta (right) + Cook (left)

What I found to be extremely awesome though was that David Cook was crying. >< I did feel bad for Archuleta though, but I think he took it well. :3

According to my mom (who has been avidly following the series from the first episode – season 1) it was David’s brother who actually wanted to be on American Idol. Cook just tagged along for support or something. I find that quite disappointing for his brother – stealing his title and all. But still. :)

For the winning song, Cook sang “Time of My Life,” which, I must say, was not that bad. :D What was awkward though was near the ending, David did something weird and from the angle of the camera, you could see his belly button for a few seconds. Yes, I am strange, and I do notice such things.

I’m just glad that Cook won although it is still quite a shocker to me – or more like a pleasant surprise. Well, all’s well that ends well. I’m still disappointed for some reason though. Maybe I just really wanted to see Archuleta’s reaction if he had won. Ah well. I’m sure he will be successful whether or not he won – much like how Clay Aiken is. :3

Now to wait for January of next year for the auditions (some girls from my school are planning to audition) and then I will retire into my hole and only emerge to watch the series when the top 5 or so are selected AND if the singers are actually good.


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