Miracle Mikurun Apron! :D

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After wandering around the internet (yet another time) I ran into this strange apron… But it was no ordinary apron. IT WAS A MIRACLE MIKURUN APRON!!!! D< (( Makes me want to sing the song… ))

Mi-mi-mirakuru Mikurun Run~

My unhealthy obsession with obtaining this apron has grown deadly… and might I say I think I have come out victorious…

I don’t quite remember how exactly I stumbled upon this great piece of garment… all I can recall is that I found it here! :D Like I said, what exactly happened for me to come across it I have no clue. That, my friends is when I just HAD to have that apron. Yeah sure it’s just an apron… But hey it’s a MIKURU APRON!!!!

Well, no I’m not particularly obsessed with Mikuru. I personally like Haruhi over her — however I do feel like Mikuru’s Character Songs were far greater than Haruhi’s.

I wanted that apron… and badly. I was all “OMFGNOESS” when I saw that it was discontinued on HLJ. How this could happen, I wasn’t so sure. However… I checked on Hobby Search and it was THERE!!! Even better yet, it was at a discounted price! Instead of the 1,250 Yen that you would normally pay for such an item, they were giving it at a MAJOR discount (or at least I thought so) at 562 Yen. That simply motivated me even more. The only problem was… they didn’t state the shipping. That’s when I ran into some trouble. [[ Here‘s the product on Hobby Search btw :3 ]] I was worried that the shipping would be like $109238109238 dollars… much like how the shipping on eBay works. Sometimes you see an item for only $5 or so… and then when you check the shipping it’s like $50 … when it’s ONLY A PAIR OF SOCKS!!! (( I’m kind of overexaggerating though ))

Well I began to do my research for some other places that sell this but I couldn’t find any. Until I ran into a lovely place on BluJay! :D Just look at that wonderful refined work of art… But could I really trust that site? I began to question that so I searched around for the seller’s shop – which is named “Anime Brave“. I had finally found the website when… something hit me… and hard. THIS!

For those of you who can’t read it because it got smaller… it says “On Hold.”

Back to searching for that apron again! :D Fun~ And my one reliable source (eBay — although it really isn’t that reliable) didn’t even have it listed AT ALL!

I decided to play it smart and checked back at HLJ. It says that the item weight is 170g and the estimated shipping cost for EMS is 1200 Yen. HS only ships by EMS and even gave a chart of the shipping costs by weight. The only problem is that shipping is not charged until AFTER they shipped it, meaning that you have no clue how much shipping is until you finally buy the item! :D — And for shipping they include the weight of the box that it comes in too. My question is… what if they decided to send it in an EXTREMELY heavy package? That’s just plain sad…

Well I asked around on Gaia (probably not the best place to ask) how much the estimated shipping cost would be if I ordered it on Hobby Search. (I really was this desperate) Finally I got an answer and they said that since the item is only 170g (( 300g is the minimum pricing thing that HS gives on their chart )) they would most likely charge me for the 300g shipping – meaning that shipping would be an extra 1200 Yen. That sounded about right since HLJ said the same thing. I used a currency converter and it stated that 1200 Yen is about $11 or so. Fine by me… I want that apron.

And so, I went around bugging my mom to use her credit card. Finally, after a couple of long minutes negotiating, she finally agreed to letting me use her card to order the item just as long as I pay her back AND do a million and one chores the following day. Me, still desperate for the apron, agreed. And so I ordered it etc. etc.

TODAY I got an e-mail from the site saying that it was shipped! :D Now I just have to wait patiently by my mailbox. However… shipping was actually 1500 Yen. I’d really like to know what they used to package that thing. =__= But no matter… The total of the item + shipping comes to nearly $20 ($19 something). I hope it sure is worth it. Either way, I am sure going to try and learn to cook like crazy with this apron. That and I think I may want to wear it to AX just to look like a dork. XD

When it arrives, I’ll be sure to post pictures of it and blahhh!! >< Along with whether it was worth the money or not…


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