Laptop Troubles

May 19, 2008 at 7:52 pm | Posted in Life, Random | Leave a comment

Yesterday my laptop was acting up.  It always seemed to run out of battery quickly… that’s when I noticed that the charger wasn’t working properly.  I figured that it was because the outlet was horrible (I wasn’t in my room.)

It wasn’t until today that I noticed that the charger (or my laptop charger port thing) is broken.  -__-  This is just PERFECT.  My wonderful HOMEWORK is on there.  And it’s due TOMORROW.  D<  I spent hours on that thing during the weekend… and now I have to attempt to redo it all in less than a day?!  You have got to be kidding me!  The one good thing about having to redo it though is that my dad replaced my computer – monitor and all~  So now it’s faster than ever! :D  I’m so happy… but having to redo homework on this thing isn’t fun AT ALL.  I really don’t want to retype all that history junk, even if I do have a copy of my friends’ homework.  It’s just so bland and boring if you ask me…  Sure history can be fun and all but for some reason, U.S. History just doesn’t interest me at all.

My dad says he’ll try to fix my laptop tomorrow (after school… meaning my homework will be late.  -__-)  I really don’t feel like doing my homework right now.  Maybe I’ll just tell the teacher my story.  I’m sure he’ll understand somehow.  I can’t even go onto my laptop and use a USB Port to shove the file into and continue on my computer because the laptop’s already out of battery! O__O  I really think my laptop hates me (then again I tend to accidentally bump it against a wall when I’m walking.)  The CD Drive doesn’t want to read disks and now the whole laptop has given up on me.  Great… just great.  Besides that, I also have the problem with this new computer not having ANY of my old files on them.  My dad’s still trying to figure out a nice fast way to get all my files back without having to do it the long and annoying way.  I need those files… or else my iPod is dead.  ;-;  Today is a wonderful day…


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