Image Header Thing! :D

May 16, 2008 at 10:24 pm | Posted in Random | Leave a comment

So I actually made an “Image Header” or whatever. Not great… I made it on MS Paint. XD I was just terribly bored and tired of staring at the plain little text and fairly plain header. So I surfed through “My Pictures” (which I seriously have to upload to photobucket soon) and came up with this. It doesn’t match at all and is horribly girly but… it works. I mean I made it so… it’s fine if it’s girly, you know? XD;;

The girl featured is Anzu from the Visual Novel/Eroge Peace@Pieces … which I believe I have mentioned before. Well the original image can be found here.

All I simply did was crop the image to a suitable area with the suitable size and add a little plain purple border. Nothing too difficult. But then WordPress wouldn’t accept the file format so I had to change the format buuuut I wanted to try and save it as a .gif. As a result, I ended up getting some weird “texture” looking thing (making it look like it has extra effects!) due to the supposed “color loss.” I was going to add some text to it but it looked horrible when adding simple text on Paint. And blah… it looks horrible now with the WordPress added text but… whatever.

So gone is the “Dorali and Chireiyu’s Blog” boring text… it has now been replaced with “À La Carte” … which I will now dub the unofficial name of this blog. Of course, I’m sure some other blog already has that name… so I probably have to come up with something different. Besides, I haven’t gotten Dorali’s approval yet. And it’s kind of an iffy lame…. makes it sound like this is a cooking blog when this is really a blog about randomness with a dash of anime. (( If you put it that way, it can be cooking in a sense. ))


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