AP Biology Exams

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Membrane depolarization during an action potential along an axon is associated with which of the following?

(a) Ligand-gated sodium channels

(b) Voltage-gated potassium channels

(c) The sodium-potassium pump

(d) Voltage-gated sodium channels

(e) Potassium leak channels

HOOOLLLYYYYY………… WHEE!! :D Today has to be one of the most memorable and funniest days that I have ever spent in school that is to be taken seriously. Today was the infamous AP Biology Exam that I have been dreading for so long. I must admit that I have barely studied… and boy was I in for it.

Now if you can answer that above question I am thoroughly impressed…. AND THE ANSWER IS…!!!!


“As the membrane depolarizes in one section of membrane with the passing of the action potential, the voltage-gated sodium channels in the neighboring stretch of membrane open in response to the action potential depolarization, moving the action potential farther down the membrane of the axon.” Etc. Etc.

Now in order to avoid any persecutions against myself… that was from the Peterson’s Master the AP Biology AP Exam. The real question is… did I master it?

The answer is OF COURSE!! HAHAHA…. I sure wish I did. They say that I will “Score Higher. Guaranteed.” However, I still believe I got a 1 on that thing. Well it’s not a surprise considering I BARELY studied at all. I honestly didn’t start studying until Friday night, the 9th… the test was on the 12th (Monday.)

Despite that, those people that actually did study tell me that they feel they didn’t get a high score either. They still believe they failed… although usually when those ingenious people say that they “failed,” that mostly means they got a 95% or so. Strangely enough, I truly do believe that they did pretty bad. Maybe I’m just mean that way… I do have confidence that they scored higher than me though.

I’m not allowed to discuss any of the questions featured in the exam (I think) … but I must say that they were pretty difficult. In a school where the teacher has no clue what she’s teaching, you’re forced to review things you haven’t covered, you haven’t even gone over a huge amount of what was on the AP exam, etc. etc. … of course the test will be hard unless you TRULY have a passion for biology and eat, sleep, and DRINK biology. (Although that may be deadly.)

Yes, I admit that I am just ranting right now. But what else am I to do? I completely failed the multiple choice. The only answer that I think I got right was the one about parasites… although going into any further detail may jeopardize my score (although I highly doubt that matters since I KNOW I failed horribly).

Now how do I know that I failed horribly? Well let’s take into account that you get 1/4th of a point deducted on every wrong answer. I guessed on just about EVERYTHING (except for that parasite one!) I left a few multiple choice questions blank… since I ran out of time and because I seriously did not want to guess on those. The whole test I was just staring at the questions, drawing and writing little commentary all over the place, and simply deciding which wasn’t used much: A, B, C, D, or E. Sure sure “when in doubt pick choice B or C” … but I mean… 10 B’s and C’s in a row HAS to be suspicious…

Then came the free-response portion. This was the section I was seriously dreading. PHWEE~~ Multiple-choice was hard enough… imagine free-response?!?!?!?!?! Here you had to write nice long chunky paragraphs to the essay prompts.

Here’s what was going on in my head:

Question 1:

…….. I’m supposed to know this? Wow… I don’t even remember learning this except in Biology Honors. Why can’t I remember that far back?!?!?!?! Grah…….. As a result to my horrible memory, I simply wrote a smiley face and apologized for wasting the time and paper of the AP staff.

Question 2:

I’ll just make something up… let’s see… the graph goes this way so I’ll just say that it’s increasing… Yeah, hopefully they won’t catch on to the fact that I have no clue what I’m talking about.

Question 3:

Oh shoot, this is the one section I forgot to study. (Although I basically “forgot” to study just about everything.) I think I’ll only answer this one part… At least I know this one is correct.

Question 4:

T__T; Why did I have to leave my notes at school over the weekend?! Shoot…. let’s see…. I think this is how it goes. Etc. Etc.

Lastly, on the last page of the booklet where we write our answers, I just ranted about how the school sucks at AP Administration in order to kill time. One thing I forgot to mention was the odd distracting smell of the exam booklets. While they didn’t really smell bad… they were just odd. Kind of distracting to me… the slightly ADD brainchild… supposedly (until I stumbled upon this test.) I seriously ranted for the entire page and beyond. I told my friends that was what I was going to do… and that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t answer ANY essay question completely (the most I answered was half of the essay prompt.) And those free-response questions count as 40% of the final AP grade. So yeah… I’m screwed.

I even brought a bunch of junk with me to be supposed good luck charms. I couldn’t take them out during the test so I think they failed. Perhaps they helped me achieve a non-negative score. (hopefully?!)

After the test my mind just went blank. I started laughing at every little thing and could barely concentrate during class. I just went hyper as heck…

During Biology (WHOO!!!) the teacher seemed to be in an extremely bad mood. She was just all strict today (which has never happened before.) Well we were planting seeds… fun! I was being an idiot and when my friend was carrying the cup of soil with the seed already in it, I accidentally smacked it with my pen and the soil went flying. Luckily the teacher didn’t notice…. but I swear it was an accident. We gave the cup to the teacher after gathering the soil, hoping that the seed was in there.

And that was my day in a nutshell!! Oh, and sadly… we found the seed shortly after on the table.


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