Planetarian (a sort-of review)

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Miss Reverie Planetarian

The Reverie of a Little Planet

So I’ve gotten myself into playing Planetarian ~ The Reverie of a Little Planet~, which was lovingly made by Key/Visual Arts. Taking into account that I love the KyoAni series of their works, I figured I’d enjoy Planetarian as well. While I have yet to finish the visual novel (I doubt I’m even halfway there…) I decided to rant upon my impressions of the novel thus far…

:D I’ve got “screenshots!”

Wah! Sorry the screenshots got cutoff by the whole layout stuff so I resized them… they’re extremely small though. D: Sooo I added links to a slightly bigger version of the image if you simply click on them. :3 Moving on~

The first thing I wanted to note was the title screen. It appears to be quite plain… or so I thought.

To me, it simply looked like a plain white square at first. That was until I left the title screen open while wandering off somewhere else, then coming back to my laptop and deciding to take a seat. It was then that I noticed that it’s not just plain white. O__O;; if you look at an angle there’s actually an image of Miss Jena buried in there. I found that to be oddly disturbing… but fascinating at the same time.

Now I don’t have much to say about this visual novel except that it’s GREAT! Yeah sure you can’t select an option of what to do here and there but… it’s still fun. Perhaps it’s simply because I’m trying to tell myself it’s great since it’s Key/VisualArts and all but… I really do enjoy it at the moment. I’m not going to spoil the plot or anything (or I’ll try not to) buuut I may have to break that once I reach the ending. Most Key games’ endings appear to be sad in a sense… and I’m quite certain that I’ll end up ranting on that. In fact, I watched a MAD that accidentally spoiled the ending (I think) for me. I’m currently trying to convince myself that what I saw isn’t true though.

The translation by Insani is just amazing! The words are all complicated that it makes me have to grab a dictionary every once in a while! x_x (then again, I don’t have that great of a vocabulary.) As for the story, it’s pretty interesting as well. While nothing much has happened yet, I’m strangely intrigued by Reverie. For some reason she’s just amusing… even though she is a robot. If the interactions between the Junker (the main character, which I have yet to discover the name of except for ‘Mr. Customer’) and Reverie (the robot) seem to get boring for you, there’s always Mr. Customer’s little dreams and recollections that seem to interrupt the story every once in a while and make things interesting again. Key/VisualArts seems to be a fan of using this “technique,” considering they appear to have done it with Kanon and Clannad as well (at least, this is what I believe from the animation series by Kyoto Animation.)

Sorry for my lack of screenshots… I didn’t really think I’d end up writing a blog post about this but I just feel like ranting right now. (and sorry I’m so lazy to go back and take more screenshots! XD; I don’t want to accidentally spoil the story by posting far too many.)

As for the presentation of Planetarian, I’d say it’s pretty nice. While the darker parts consist of a completely black background, the main chunk of the story has a really nice blue… interface. (?) I’m truly at a loss of words to explain. Also, instead of having the characters (in this case, character) in the middle of the screen, we’re given a huge “sprite” of Reverie to the right side. I fairly like it this way but I suppose it only works if there are limited characters.

Here is a wonderfully detailed description of Reverie’s outfit. The only thing that I seemed to think of when this account was being told was… COSPLAY! While I don’t particularly think I will ever cosplay as Reverie, it would be nice to see a cosplayer. Now there’s even a description as to the fabrics of her outfit! It would be fun to cosplay as her though… but I simply don’t have the money to buy a wig and make the outfit (considering my lack of sewing expertise,) nor to grow my hair out that long (my mom won’t let me anyway.) I haven’t looked it up yet, but I hope to find some pictures of people cosplaying as her somewhere.

Now I think that I haven’t gone too deep into the story yet since I’ve only come across one CG…

Right now I’m at a loss for things to rant about now. And just in case you’ve been wondering, I’m just typing this up as I think. That’s why my posts are so haphazard and whatnot.

Well that’s all I’ve got to say for now! I really did have high expectations for Planetarian. That’s why I tried to hold it off until the end so that the story can really get to me. So far it hasn’t disappointed me at all. The only problem that I have with the novel is that the voices don’t really match the text. What I mean to say is, the text seems to stop while Reverie is saying something so I hit enter and her speech continues in the text box. However, the voices cut off since I hit enter a little too soon. I don’t really know how to explain properly, sorry! I think that problem has been fixed (for now) though. It seems that only happens in the beginning. I truly hope it is fixed… but no matter.

I’m starting to feel bad for Narcissu though. I know it’s interesting and all but it just doesn’t seem to appeal to me as much since it’s all so dark. There’s no happiness! (Or at least, I haven’t gotten to any true happiness.) Because of that, I haven’t played Narcissu in a while. The icon is simply sitting there on my desktop, never being touched. Perhaps I will continue on with Narcissu after I finish Planetarian (or before.) But since I started Planetarian, I don’t want the story of Narcissu to stop me from getting the full impact of the story! >< I know I’m weird but it’s just how I am. D:


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