Daily Blog (Feb 19, ’08)

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Here I am again. This day was a bit of a mix between happiness and sadness. My bipolarness can be annoying, especially when it kicks in full-gear.

Failed tests and reasons to be happy after the break.

The Life-Sucking Force of Gundam

Those poor Otakus.

Have you ever gotten so into something that you became reliant on it to the point where when it’s gone you have nothing to do? I’m sure at least some of you have. Well… I have.

My stupid obsession with Gundam has become an addiction. Well, not so much an addiction, as I’m not constantly watching Gundam, but I’m reliant on it. To make things worse, the episode for this week has been delayed by the subber. Therefore, I am without an activity to occupy myself when Casey isn’t here to shit around with me. It’s times like these when I constantly check the site back and forth in hopes that they would miraculously sub it within several seconds. I’ve watched the raw Japanese, which I understand only to a “basic plot” point (which is usually told over and over in an episode in enough ways for me to get it), but the little details that I don’t understand are the true treasures. This is why I love subs.

Well, enough of my ranting about Gundam. Time to move on to less important matters.

Spanish Test

A look into my mind today.

I toooohoootally flunked a Spanish test today. It wasn’t even that hard. I flunked it bad, though. Also, my friends see me as smart for some reason, so they’re asking me for answers to questions I can’t even understand. However, I will make an admittance: I didn’t study.

Hell, I never really study, but I usually ace everything. We also had a World History test today, which was just two three paragraph essays. It was a piece of cake. As a professional BS-er, I can safely say that I’m getting an A on that test. (if I’m wrong, smack me [okay, Casey?]) Unfortunately though, this Spanish test was all fill in the blank and multiple choice, which meant that my BS-ing skills were of no use to me on this day.

Woe is me.

Old Friends

I’ve stumbed upon some old friends, from both my online life and my real life. Not much to say here. Bitter-sweet memories.

Halo 3

Chief finds the obsolete assault rifle from Halo 1 in the middle of a battle and somehow makes it work better.

That’s right, bishes. I got it today.

I have to say, it’s impressing me so far. The graphics are great, as I expected from a 360 game. The campaign is pretty fun. Well, on easy anyway. I always start out with easy before getting to the harder difficulties. I suck at the harder difficulties, so I like to get through it without wanting to quit because I have to die 3-4 times every minute.

I love the assault rifle. It actually kills things now. I also love the new weapons, like the Gravity Hammers and the Spikers. The additional items are also quite interesting, such as the bubble shield and regeneration field. I’m a LITTLE disappointed that we only get a maximum cap of two of each grenade, but the spike grenade is awesome. I also like how you can detatch turrets now, but I rarely use it. The first time I did it, the uber slow movement that came with it got my shields depleted to nothing in several seconds. That might’ve been because I was concentrating more on how cool it was that I was doing it for the first time than where I was going.

The story is great so far, though I’m not too far into the campaign. So far, it’s nice, especially seeing the Arbiter work with the Chief.

Well, it’ll take another week or so to get my parents to get me a Live subscription, but when I do I’ll surely post my gamertag. Onto the next subject!

Avenged Sevenfold

Could rock band logos get any more generic?

I am currently in love with this band.

I came across an old song that I heard once in an AMV, and couldn’t help but legally-cough- download their albums. The song was M.I.A. (Missing In Action for you military term challenged), an anti-war, pro-troop song. I kept listening to this song, and it was the second 8+ minute song ever stuck in my head (next to Niconico Douga). Soon after, I got into the song Bat Country, which is basically a drug song based on a novel. (look it up, I’ve forgotten which!…)

Because my iPod has a broken screen (it just looks like black cracks are lining the inside of the screen, with a huge cave-in close to the middle), I can only change albums by the sound of the clicks (yes, I know how many clicks it takes for a lot of my albums). I lost track recently, so now I’m stuck with Avenged Sevenfold on the “Now Playing” screen, and if I hit Menu it goes back to the main menu. I’m just way to lazy to go back and change the album, so I’m basically stuck on City of Evil. Yeah, I’m probably going to have Bat Country and M.I.A. stuck in my head for quite a long time…

The Things They Carried

That’s right people. I can read bukz.

Recently, as I was unpacking more boxes to finish up moving to my new house, I came across a book from my middle school days. It was a rather mature and violent novel that we read for the 8th grade. (it somehow got past our very Catholic principal) It’s name was The Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien.

The book is set during the Vietnam war. It’s based on a true story, with some exaggerated details placed here and there. It’s centered around Tim’s story in Vietnam, concentrating on the many burdens and stuggles of the small company. Very explicit, very intense, quite sad throughout. I might end up rereading this eventually. Skimming through it is bringing back memories, and I remember really liking this book. For all of those who like nitty-gritty war stories, I’d definitely recommend this.

To Wrap It All Up… [2/19/08]

Well, there were my random thoughts of the day. I hope you enjoyed it, and that you weren’t disappointed that it was a lot shorter this time than the last. I mean, about the last post, I haven’t posted in weeks, so those were basically a bunch of compiled thoughts collected through the passing days. Well, again, hope you enjoyed reading my brain vomit, and keep and eye on the blog for more!

Until next time~
~ Dorali


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