Wii Safety

February 18, 2008 at 1:39 pm | Posted in Video Games | 2 Comments
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I know it displays on the screen that ample space is more or less “required” for playing the Wii… but sometimes I just don’t listen.

So I was playing [Wii] Tennis with my dad earlier. Pretty fun… after all, I won about 17 out of the 20 games we played. However, I have come to discover that the Wii can be very very dangerous. My dad and I were standing fairly close to each other so quite a number of times I ended up smacking him in the arm… which, to my advantage, earned me a point in the game every now and then.

Not wanting to lose, makes me stand farther back. As a result, he punches the wall a couple of times on accident. So as he’s there staring at the wall, trying to make sure he doesn’t hit it again, I hit the tennis ball and cry victory.

Oh! I managed to stumble upon this though:


Quite befitting of the situation if you ask me… except in the image it seems to be on purpose. Japanese manuals can be quite thorough though…

Really now??

Last time I checked, most people with a brain would not pour orange juice (or any other liquid) onto an electronic device unless stated otherwise… It seems that Wiis do not like orange juice. I suppose we are both alike, considering I’m not a fan of orange juice either. And now I suddenly thought of something horribly corny… “we are both alike” “wii are both alike” haha……….. no.

choking hazard
Delicious Snack!

Last but not least… this. That’s just lovely. I believe just about everyone knows not to put these strange foreign objects in your mouth — save for perhaps babies and toddlers. Every good parent would know to keep the little ties away from their young children. If a child were to come upon this manual and see this image… they may thing that they’re supposed to put it in their mouths.

Oh well… perhaps this just goes to show that the Japanese are more cautious about our safety than the Americans? And yes, these are really from the manual last time I checked. More can be found at kotaku.com.



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  2. -looks at third picture-


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