The Pursuit of Happiness

February 18, 2008 at 10:42 pm | Posted in Life | Leave a comment


Is it too much to ask for?

How many times do we have to beg? How many tears will have to be shed to satisfy the desires of this cruel world? How many friends and loved ones do we have to leave behind? Exactly how much sanity do we have to lose to pursue that which nobody can hold on to?

Do we beg forever? Do we cry until we can cry no longer? Do we leave behind everybody? Do we isolate ourselves from the embrace of even those who we desire to keep close? Do we continue the chase until we lose all train of thought, all strands of memory that we’ve kept for so long? Do we untie the binds that keeps out own minds to our bodies?

Just how many times do we have to feel the cold touch of sadness and depression before we start to feel that long-needed warmth of satisfaction?

How about when that satisfaction is achieved? The battle to hold on to that glimmer of happiness. It’s just as long, tough, and painful as the battle to find it.

True happiness is not something that just happens. It is not something that comes from a long night of being with close friends. It is not something that instantly comes from the numbing sensation of drugs and alcohol. That happiness is the short-term satisfaction that one needs. The satisfaction that one needs. True happiness is something that a person wants. And anybody who has ever chased forlorn dreams of success and wealth for a long time can tell you: necessity is a completely different entity than desire.

The conditions to achieve happiness may be surprising. Sure, anybody who cares will tell you that you need to work hard, to keep working hard, to find it. Talk to somebody who does not care at all, however. Some of those people will tell you the same thing. Others will tell you that it is about luck. Which of these factions are correct? If the side that tells you to try hard is correct, does effort automatically become happiness? If the side that tells you that it is all about luck, does that mean that one does not need to try? Which path is right? Which path would you take the risk of taking?

How hard is it to see happiness? In fact, how hard should it be? Lastly, how hard do you want it to be?

In the world of fantasy and fiction, you can see these perfect people, these people who are always bright and shining. Utopias such as these don’t exist. Anywhere. These communities of effortless happiness. To be happy, you need to try, and try, and try, all the time, and even then it might not come to you. No matter how hard to pray to God or whatever deity you worship, there are no guarantees. And when you finally become happy, successful, and wealthy, what will it take to hold onto it? How long will it take before you lose your grasp on it? And when realize just how short of a time you had it, will the struggle you took to gain this brightness and perfection be worth it?


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