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New blog looks smexy doesn’t it? Courtesy of Casey, who’s in charge of our visuals. We’re going to start work on a banner soon, to make things look even nicer. Anyway, I’m going to try and stick with my Daily Blog thing on a daily basis this time around. No guarantees though, so we’ll see about that. Let’s start it off with this!

Master Chief in Halo 3
That’s right. I like Halo. Eat me.

Well, well, what will Chris possibly post this time around? The picture above might give you a little idea, but that’s only one of the many topics I’ll be ranting about. Overrated video game addiction, mecha, school life, and more after the break.

I Moved!

Efficient moving method
Screw U-Haul.

A week ago, I moved out of my nice condo and moved into a pretty decent, yet weirdly-designed house. Despite how strange I find the house, I see it as an upgrade I suppose. Even the area is upgraded. I used to live close to Glendale High School, and now I live next to Glendale Community College! There’s a convenient McDonalds about five doors down the street, and right behind our backyard’s wooden fence is a beautiful parking lot.

The house itself is pretty big, we only have one story, but we have a little backyard with its own shed, we have a little front yard, and a hell of a lot of free rooms, which we have no idea what they’re for. There’s no carpet, it’s all hardwood and tile, which is going to be a pain on my feet eventually. To my mother’s relief, there’s a laundry room, but unfortunately, the door to the bathroom that my dad and I use is actually inside of the laundry room. It can be quite bothersome, but I suppose I can get used to it. Also, thanks to the fact that I have a lot of stuff, my parents gave me the biggest room. It even has a door leading to the backyard, as my parents want me to get out more often. Seriously though, what am I going to do? Stare at the weeds?

The backyard is simple in and of itself. Just some stone patio surrounded by weed-infested grass. As girly as this sounds, I’m probably going to stop by some grocery store to get some plant seeds so I have something else to stare at. There IS an orange tree though, but the oranges are pretty sour, so I probably won’t be eating off of it for a while.

About my room, I like it. However, my TV and Xbox 360 is again opposite my modem from the front door, meaning, for Xbox Live, I’ll need a long Ethernet cable and the risk of tripping over it everytime I walk into my own room, or I can get an expensive wireless adapter. I’ll probably just end up getting a long Ethernet cable and perhaps putting a small rug over it. It’ll be the first time anyone’s ever put an outdoor welcome mat at the entrance of their bedroom.

Overall, there’s a lot to get used to, but I’ll live. The bathroom light switch is placed on top of the sink, which means I’ll need to do a little searching when it’s dark. I also tend to forget to turn off the light because the window makes it so bright anyway. There are two dangerous steps leading to my room; my mom’s already tripped on them. There’s no panel over my light switch for my room, so when I turn on my lights, there’s a chance I can accidentally stick a finger into the electrical chamber and electricute myself (probably another Wii danger). There’s a lot, to say the least. I still like it, though, and I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

Awards, Retreats, and Essays

This week was pretty chill. We had a really easy day of school on Monday, including an awards ceremony. I managed to snatch High Honors, which is good enough. I don’t think I deserve it though, as one of my teachers gave me a huge curve for some reason. The rest of the day consisted of preparation for the retreat on the following day.

Tuesday was a sophomore retreat, because I go to a Catholic school and the teachers feel like they can inspire 78 teenagers to turn their lives around and get closer to God. It was basically a repeat of the freshman retreat from last year, with a little extra speeches and small games thrown around here and there. Pretty boring, I fell asleep for a few seconds at one point. I did play basketball for the first time in nine months though, which was pretty fun, other than the fact that I discovered that I utterly suck and wear out a lot easier than last year. It’s inspired me, though, so now I have a deflated basketball in my room that I tend to bounce around. Hardwood floors could never be so helpful.

The next day, we found that our English teacher was sick, so we had a substitute. To our disdain, the teacher had left us with a couple five-paragraph essays to write, and a story for Valentine’s Day (which I did not do), along with a bunch of vocabulary and literature work. Luckily, I’m a fast writer, especially when it comes to essays.

Valentine’s Day and President’s Day

Russian Roulette: Valentine’s Edition – Which one is poison? Do you feel lucky, punk?

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day where couples (or sex buddies) renew their relationship and exchange their love in its purest, most honest form: chocolate and holiday bargain flowers. It is a time when red and pink paper or card hearts line the walls… When couples reunite, whether it be by an expensive dinner, or a bus ride home.

My Valentine’s Day was good. I got to see my Valentine (take a wild guess who that is), which is rare, seeing how her mother hates me. It basically consisted of me trying to take a nap on her lap in the manga section of Borders, and a bus ride home. I didn’t expect her to give me anything, which is why I now owe Casey chocolate and a card, along with a 625 second hug and an order of french fries.

Not much to say about President’s Day. I have no school today thanks to that, therefore I have enough time to type all of this out.

Gundam 00 – Episode 16-19

Now, let’s get into what most people probably notice about us: we’re anime fans. And I know, Casey is probably thinking, “Ugh, here he goes again with the damn Gundam.” And she would be right.

Exia charges
Oh no. The screen is going weird. You know the next episode is going to be important.

I’m going into only four episodes at once right now because, frankly, the series isn’t special enough to motivate me to blog each episode individually. These past four have just surprised me in terms of story, and has managed to steer itself clear of the direction that SEED Destiny took, which was a major flop. These episodes are simply lined with a few important plot twists, a couple killed off characters, a main character amputee, and some unexpected bonds between the Gundam Meisters. Spoilers below.

<Spoilers begin here>

Let’s start with episode 15, which was basically a huge battle. Each Gundam is on the verge of being captures. However, a lucky deus ex machina plot twist saves Setsuna from dying. The Throne Gundams have entered the stage.

The Thrones are basically mysterious Gundams that popped out of nowhere. Nobody knows where they from, and even Veda has little record of them. They’re named Throne Eins (the stereotypical super-mecha with a huge particle cannon), Throne Zwei (the close combat Throne with the huge sword), and Throne Drei (the useful resource provider, giving the other two additional GN particles and cover with its immense GN output), each piloted by the Trinity siblings, Johann, Michael, and Nena.

16 starts off with Setsuna about to be pwned by Ali Al-Sarshes’ new mobile armor, the Agrissa. Suddenly, three red beams come down from the sky and blow the mobile armor to bits, Ali’s Enact detatching itself just in time. Setsuna begins to scream “Gundam” at the top of his lungs, and above, a dark red mobile suit with a red, wing-like GN particle distribution. Each Gundam is saved by the Thrones, Exia saved by Drei, Lockon and Tieria saved by Eins, and Allelujah saved by Zwei. The Gundams retreat to their bases, and Celestial Being begins to do research on the Thrones. The rest of the episode is recap of the series so far.

Gundam Throne Drei
Deus Ex Machina

17 is a terrible episode. The best part is that a couple recurring characters are killed in a spectacular fashion by the Thrones. The worst part is the beginning, where the Thrones visit Ptolemaios, Nena steals Setsuna’s virginity, and… wait for it… Nena’s haro is apparently Lockon’s haro’s brother! It’s really so terrible, it was fun to watch.

18 takes a turn. Simply the best episode so far, in my opinion. Louise attends a family wedding reception in Spain. It’s all fun and happy… until the Thrones come. Louise spots the Thrones flying above, and is marveled, thinking that they wouldn’t attack a civilian event. However, Nena is a little bored. She decides to fire at the reception. The first shot kills all of Louise’s family members. The second shot buries Louise under a huge slab of stone. Setsuna hears about this, and it angered and shocked, but decides to keep his patience and stand by as ordered, but this isn’t the end of the Throne’s diobolical actions. They attack a military base, killing 800 civilians in the process. Setsuna is outraged, and runs away in anger.

Louise is handless!
Saji: Okay, nice trick. Seriously. Where is it?

The saddest point of the episode is Saji’s part. He hears about Louise’s accident, and visits the hospital. He notices that she’s awake and looks perfectly fine. Happy, he takes out a velvet case and opens it. Inside are the two golden rings that Louise wanted. She examines the ring and thanks him, but apologizes. A confused Saji stands there, questioning why she’s apologizing. She says she can’t wear it, and reveals her left arm. She lost her left hand. (For those that don’t understand why this is sad, wedding rings can only be worn on the left) Saji, shocked and depressed, is asked to leave, learning that Louise also lost her entire family line in the attack. He breaks into tears outside, still holding the case, with both rings inside.

Meanwhile, the Thrones are flying over an ocean, moving on to their next intervention. Suddenly, their scanners read an approaching heat signal. They barely dodge three shots. The Trinitys identify the shots as GN particle beams, and Johann zooms into the source. The Exia is flying at them at full speed, drawing its GN Sword (the largest of its seven blades). An enraged Setsuna is inside, declaring the Thrones as his target, prepared to take on all three Thrones by himself.

Setsuna attacks
I got nothing for this screenshot.

19 continues the battle. Setsuna manages to easily destroy six of Michael’s GN Fangs, but the last two have him cornered. Just as they’re about to pwn him, a huge GN beam blasts from the horizon, wiping them out. Virtue flies in, Tieria also angered at the Thrones’ actions. Setsuna and Tieria, for the first time in the series, work together, taking on various formations. They begin to overpower the Thrones. Virtue manages to interrupt the Drei from docking with Eins, and Tieria purges its armor and unveils GN-004 Nadleeh for the second time in the series. He unleashes a new ability of Nadleeh, called the Trial System, which disables all technology linked to Veda within a certain radius. Eins and Drei fall to the ground, deactivated. Tieria charges at the two, but something goes wrong with the system and the Trial ability stops, Eins and Drei barely dodging Nadleeh’s attack. Just as Nadleeh is cornered and is about to be shot at, another GN beam shoots through the air, and Lockon in Dynames Gundam comes in for the rescue.

Tieria interrupts Eins and Drei.
To think that Johann and Nena would’ve seen this coming eventually…

Johann decides to retreat, but not before playing a few mind games. He reveals that he knows Lockon’s real name, Neil Dylandy, and, unexpectedly, reveals Setsuna’s real name as well, Soran Ibrahim. He tells Lockon that Setsuna was once part of a Kurdish anti-government organization, responsible for the terrorist bombings that killed Lockon’s parents and younger sister. The Thrones retreat, and Lockon, shocked, leads Exia and Nadleeh back to their base.

The rest of the episode is uninteresting. There’s a whole montage about Saji and Louise’s history, complete with an insert song, when Louise tells Saji to go back to Japan to continue his studies. Lockon points a gun at Setsuna, but Setsuna sums up his entire story with Celestial Being (“I am Gundam. There is no god.”) and Lockon puts down his gun and just laughs at him. Setsuna and Tieria give their first, real sincere smiles and the episodes end. There is this part about the leaders of Union, HRL, and AEU being given 30 GN Drives by an unknown person in Antartica, but that’s not important… Well… Yeah, that might affect the story a little bit.

<Spoilers end here>

I like how the story is going, though there are a few disappointments. The past few episodes are motivating me to keep on watching, so I’ll be recaping episodes everytime something important happens. Keep a lookout for that!


That’s right everyone. I’m a Halo player. Well, you shouldn’t be surprised. After all, I like Gundam, out of every anime out there.

Halo official logo

It all started when I got Halo: Combat Evolved for PC. I played for hours (while poor Casey had to get Xfire just to talk to me;; sorry!) and eventually got decently good at it. Eventually, I stopped though. This was about a year ago.

Just a two weeks ago, right before we started moving, I got Halo 2 to play on the Xbox 360 I got for Christmas. I just beat it last week on easy, and I’m working on Legendary, but I still suck at Halo with a controller, so I’m going nowhere with that. I’m going to be impatient, so I’m going to try to get Halo 3 this week, along with Xbox Live. However, I still don’t have a long enough Ethernet cable or a wireless adapter! So, I guess I’m without Live for a week or two. My gamertag will most likely be Dorali though, which is my offline gamertag. I’m not sure if it’ll be available, or if that even matters, but if any of you want to play, I’ll give out my gamertag when I get Live.

About Halo itself, I’m pretty happy about it. I love the gameplay, and it’s different in that it’s not just a “one shot is always enough to kill” FPS, so it requires a lot of strategy while you’re already in a gunfight. I like the story, and the Arbiter’s part was quite a nice turn, and I simply can’t wait to see what happens between Master Chief and the Arbiter in Halo 3. I know they become allies to fight the Brutes and the Flood, but I still want to see the little details and events.

DOMO – Dream of Mirror Online

DOMO logo

Casey and I have finally gotten to downloading the MMORPG “Dream of Mirror Online“, more commonly known as “DOMO”. As a former WoW player, it’s pretty nostalgic, and I find it as addicting and fun as an MMO that you’d actually pay for. Well, anyway, we’re having a lot of fun with it, and it’s occupying our time nicely. We even have our own teacher, Val, an old friend from our Ragnarok Online days! Our names are Dorali and Chireiyu, and I’m a Blademaster while she’s a Doctor, bringing back our respective roles from RO. If anyone wants to visit us, that’d be cool, but I can’t assure that we’ll have room for other members. We’re usually doing stuff with just the two of us.

.hack//The World

.hack//The World's logo

Well, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before in the other blog, but some of you readers might also know me as Bulletcatcher, as I’m known as in the .hack community (though I’m not that popular… I think). If you’re a member of the .hack//The World community, you most likely know me, as I’m usually the one posting progress reports and notices on the main page, which you’re informed of through automatic e-mail. What .hack//The World is is a community based around a developing fangame based on The World from the .hack franchise.

Recently, our lead programmer, hawthorneluke, has been chosen to be interviewed by a member of the GMTech team. GMTech is a popular online magazine in the Game Maker community. Because of this new publicity, I’m now back in action, posting more notices and overseeing how the interview is going. Hopefully, this interview will be posted on GMTech’s Wiki and site and we’ll get a bunch of new members and much needed developers. Keep an eye out here for development on The World, as I’ll be posting occassionally about it whenever something important happens.

To Wrap It All Up… [2/18/08]

Well, sorry for the long post, and you’re welcome to those who were waiting for a post like this! I’ll be fluctuating between short and long posts everyday, depending on how much I have to talk about. For everyone actually reading this blog, thanks! We’re always happy to have visitors. :D Thanks for coming to our new WordPress blog!

Until next time~
~ Dorali


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