Hidden Power is for noobs.

February 16, 2008 at 8:42 pm | Posted in Random | 8 Comments
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Well, if you were one of the FEW people that somehow stumbled upon our old blog over at Blogspot, you’ve probably seen us before. Well, Casey found WordPress more aesthetically pleasing than Blogspot, and I agreed, so we decided to start fresh here!

Yeah, as you can see, our layout is completely different. It’ll be going through changes, especially in the next few days, so keep a close eye out for details. You might notice something subtle and cool! Anyhoo, as Casey said, simply go back to the old blog if you’d like a bit more information about us two. I’ll also be personally posting some information about us on my own profile, bit by bit, so you can keep an eye out on that too if you want. Have fun listening to the rantings of two bored teenagers.

~ Dorali



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  1. Just out of intrest, are you guys going to import your old blogspot posts to wordpress?

  2. cabbymorena> We’re very lazy people. However, I think we will repost our Blogspot posts on here. Usually, though, our time spent on this blog is spent posting new posts, which is why we have and will constantly link back to Blogspot for references and link-backs. So, I guess you can keep a look out for it. ^^;

  3. Well, I am lazy too :) importing the files was done within 2 minutes. If I remember correctly you only have to click on some thingies twice in your admin panel :)

  4. Oh, that sounds efficient… Perhaps we’ll give that a try. We’re new to WordPress. It’s pretty easy to use, but there are a crapload of functions we’re really unfamiliar with…

  5. Oh wow. Thank you very much!

    One question though: If you import, will they appear as the latest posts or as the dates they were originally posted in?

  6. I already imported them, my dear ;D
    just…… edit them a bit with the tags or whatnot;; I gotsta finish up my homework;;;;;

  7. But I have to go to bed. <<; We’ll do it tomorrow. Thanks to cabbymorena for informing us! ^^

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