Finals Week!

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Well I’m on this so called “Semester Break” right now… giving me time to post something! (Although I’ve always had time… I’ve just been too lazy to actually blog about my days which completely defeats the purpose of this blog, wouldn’t you agree?)

Why a semester break you ask? Because we just had finals!!!! And guess what? I completely bombed them. :D

Let’s start with Monday (last week). The last day of classes before finals… Nothing much happened that day except for something I’d like to call “4 seconds of happiness”:

4 seconds of happiness

Now my US History teacher is a little… odd. Some people think his odd personality is cute while others just see them as proof that he is… how do I put it… homosexual? Not that I really care whether he is or not, but it sure is fun pointing out hints as to whether he is or isn’t.

Today he was talking about his strange OCD/ADD disorder and how he tends to play with this sleeves out of habit. Suddenly he goes on about how he has other weird habits and how he has to do them or else his mind will just crash.

“I feel bad for my future wife you know… she’d be all ‘You’re not listening to me!’ when she sees me do this…”

Now THAT statement just hit me when he said that. Future wife?! WHO?! Mmm… me and a friend were all just freaking out because that would happily prove that he isn’t gay… when I realize that no, he does not have a girlfriend, he’s just saying that for when/if he gets married. Darn. I guess that just brings us back to square one…

And no, I don’t know why it’s “4 seconds”… I just came up with it. Don’t ask.

On to finals!

I had no school on Tuesday but sadly, I don’t remember a thing that happened that day. Yes, I know I’m pathetic but my memory isn’t all that great. I fear that when I’m old, I’ll have a serious case of alzheimers. No, I’m not poking fun. I seriously think something like that (or anything similar) will happen to me. Just a little forewarning to anyone.

January 30

First final up is… Religion! I think I did pretty well on this final… I mean… it’s just religion. I wasn’t so sure about the very first questions though because I didn’t really study the vocabulary and those were the confusing vocabulary… eh it shouldn’t kill me though. I made some pretty “educational” guesses anyway. As for the true and false section…. complete and utter death. That was just HARD. Same goes for the essay portion. We had to write 5 essays?! In order to complete all of them in time my essays were just about two paragraphs long. It doesn’t really count as an essay but I’d like to see someone who managed to complete 5 full essays in the time allotted.

What really annoyed me was that I forgot what the term “forsaken” meant… I asked the teacher and she wouldn’t tell me because that’d give away the answer. I really don’t understand how that’d give away the answer. The question was “Those who were forsaken to false gods can truly be called Israel.” or something like that (I think I got the grammar wrong). It was a true or false question… I don’t see how giving away what that word meant would give away the answer because obviously you still had to have studied if you want to get the answer right. Ugh whatever… I think I got the answer correct anyway.

Next up… AP Biology. Wooooooo… one of my most hated subjects. I don’t think I did that bad though. HOWEVER! I copied some answers from my friend (I’m bad D: I know!) that I wasn’t sure of but when I asked her after the final… she wasn’t so sure either. Perhaps I should’ve just stuck with my original answers? We’ll see how this turns out in the end…

January 31

Well apparently the Dean doesn’t like us sitting around in the hallways. It’s either outside in the freezing cold air or in the auditorium. So to the auditorium we go to cram before our first final of the day – History! Sadly, some girl comes in and starts playing the piano. Well she’s really talented I can give her that… makes me quite jealous of her too. But honestly, we need to study. Her friend came up to her to hint that they should study but she just wouldn’t listen! Oh well, at least her playing was nice.

Still, I guess I suffered the consequences for cramming. That history final was hard! I think I got some right but I know for sure that I got 2 questions wrong (and a lot more!) First off would be the one about who started some oil company. I put Carnegie although I knew he was for steel. It turns out the answer was Rockefeller. Then there’s the multiple choice question asking who dropped out of the presidential primary. I found that to be completely unfair because not all of us watch the news and everything. The day before I heard that Edwards dropped out… but he wasn’t even an option on the test!!!! So unfair… I put Romney who, it turns out, is still in the race. The teacher gave us time to finish up the test buuuut I was stupid and didn’t take up that time to secretly change my answers. Oh when will I ever learn?

Next final is Algebra II. NOW THAT WAS HARD!!! I think I did really really bad on that one. I left a whole portion unanswered and even got absolute value (which should be the easiest thing to do) wrong! All because I put x = +- 2 and not x = 2. What I found the most unfair though was the one lesson I studied most on there was only one question about! Well at least I got that right but still!! The lessons that I didn’t study too much on there was a whole CHUNK of questions about. Mostly because they were supposed to be really easy… hence why I didn’t study them. But as most unfortunate things turn out, I completely blanked out on how to solve them.

The good thing about today though was that we got a little party after school because we’re in decathlon. It was a little sad though… One of the teachers was trying to explain the “Super Quiz” section to us when he was talking about the Election of 18something and how the candidates for president were kind of dull. That’s when my friend overheard one of the teachers sitting in the back say “like you…” Teachers sure can be cruel.

The entertainment for the show though was the music teacher. He just began impersonating all the other teachers (that weren’t in the room). It was really amusing and fun trying to guess who he was acting like. If only he had done our religion teacher (who is quite messed up in the had at times). But sadly, she was in the room so he wouldn’t dare.

February 01

Literature final is first! Pretty easy until I got to the section asking questions about “The Iliad”. I just blanked out again. We had to match the description to the characters but some of the characters may be used more than once and some not at all! And that was the one story I didn’t read… and the one story that had the most questions to it. ==;; Joy… Also, I don’t even remember writing the essay that we had to do. I wonder if I even did it.

Spanish final was EVIL. I didn’t write down too much vocabulary and that turns out to be a major part of the test. No it’s not conjugation like the teacher said it would be… vocabulary is the main focus. Sure we had an index card we could use but I just shoved all the irregular verbs on there and barely any vocabulary. Not a good sign.

There were three sections to the test. First was multiple choice. Not bad. Second was writing… evil evil and horrible horrible! Just UGH!! I completely failed that… there were a lot of vocabulary and like I said earlier, I’m not good at that! Barely anyone (if any) got to the third section. And the teacher wouldn’t let us stay after school to finish up the test. Lame.

Also, the Spanish teacher wanted to collect our composition notebooks. We have 3. One for notes, one for bellwork/classwork, and another for homework. I don’t quite understand why we have to separate them but… alright. Thing is, he stamps the work when we complete it but sometimes we run out of time in class so he doesn’t get to everyone. I was included in that pile of “non-stamped.” I hope he doesn’t count it against me! D: I already did bad enough on the final now this?! I was going to tell him about if after school but he was busy talking to some other people and my dad was waiting for me… ==;

I really should study more.


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