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…was the shizz.

I saw Cloverfield yesterday. It’s basically Godzilla with a different monster and nauseating camera effects. It met all of my expectations and then some. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

The movie’s graphics, from the flying bullets to the giant monster itself, was incredibly convincing. I haven’t seen such convincing computer generation since The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. The set for the movie was also quite awesome. I mean, seriously, nothing is cooler in a monster movie than the head of the Statue of Liberty lying in the middle of a street.

Overall, the movie was very realistic, despite the obvious fiction elements. The camera, taking the place of a REAL camcorder held by one of the characters trying to run through Manhattan. It made the movie so much more convincing. I DID find the inserts of little clips from Rob’s day odd, but it still worked out.

My only complaint is the camera. It made me motion sick. It was so bad, that they even had to put a notice at the ticket booth warning easily-nauseous viewers to steer clear of Cloverfield. Also, how the hell did they come up with the name “Cloverfield”? I know it’s the monster’s codename in the intro of the movie, but… how did they come up with it? If I find the answer, I’ll edit this and let you all know.

Lots of people complained about the ending. I, on the other hand, loved it, really. Cool AND depressing: how disaster movies should all end.

So, watch it. I don’t care if you’re easily motion sick, just bring a paper bag and water and see it. Or, you can wait for it to come out on DVD. If you’re part of the majority of movie watchers, this movie will probably make your week.


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