bowling parties = fun?!

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Since when was a bowling party supposed to be a lot of fun? I guess ever since Saturday. Mmm… if you read Chris’ … not-so-recent (well sort of) entry/post/whatever you call it then you’d be able to figure out that Saturday, January 19, 2008 waasss a lot of fun. Or at least for me. XD Partly him I suppose.

Well… I really wanted to blog (am I using this verb correctly?) about this day so I might as well get it out of the way before I start to forget or get too lazy to write it up (although I’m pretty lazy myself right now.)

I don’t remember how the day started off. (See?! I’m already forgetting…) Buuuut I know while I was getting ready to– wait I need to explain what’s happening first/going to happen, don’t I? Foreshadowing…

Well my niece was having a birthday party today (well… technically Saturday) and I was to go help out. It’s a bowling party… imagine how much fun it would be to help kids who can barely carry the bowling ball attempt to roll (or in their case, throw) it down a lane so that they can hit enough pins to not realize that they suck! And I’m supposed to do this alone? I wasn’t really complaining though… until two days before the party my mom asked me one night if I wanted to have Chris come over and help out. At first I couldn’t believe that she was inviting him… HER inviting HIM?! That’s just… fishy. So I decided to “investigate.” That’s when I realized that all my relatives would be there. So this was her plan, eh? After unsuccessfully attempting to talk Chris out of going, I finally realized that he wanted to go. (well not realized… more like accepted the fact that he wanted to go) Nonetheless, I never gave him a reply whether he could go or not because my mom never told me whether my sister said ‘yes’ to him coming.

Saturday soon hit and I still haven’t gotten back to Chris on whether he can come or not. I was running late (as usual) so I couldn’t go online to tell him anything nor could I call him. That’s when the phone rang. Surprisingly, my (I lost the word for it)… Well my point is, I had a hunch that it was him. Strangely enough, it was. The sad thing is… my mom answered it. Well I talked to him for a bit only to find out that my mom never did ask my sister whether he can go. Well yeah sure I wanted to… but I did NOT want to ask my sister. Oh no… My mom was shouting at me to go because we were going to be late to the party (yet another event we’re late to) so I ended up not giving him a ‘yes you can come’ or ‘no you can’t.’

Arrived at the bowling place (bowling alley?) right on time. Not like anything had started yet. Well the flocks of little children were arriving and it was my time to shine… err help out. Chris ended up calling me in the middle of everything and he ended up coming. Whiiiiiichh I must say was pretty cool. :D

So after the bowling-ness the kids all gathered around the table and ate pizza while we just stood around… watching. I really was avoiding the eye contact of my relatives, not even trying to look in their direction. Mmm… so my sister suddenly comes up to us and is all “Who’s this guy?!” Ahh… love. And then her husband, my Kuya Jon, takes a picture of us. Wooo…

Sadly, the whole bowling extravaganza is over and the whole family has to go to my niece’s house for the “rest of the party.” Boring… or was it? What was really awkward was that my sister invited him to come to her house. OO;; WOW.

Well we rode in my aunt’s car there… I don’t remember what we were talking about but I clearly remember hitting him a number of times in the car.

At my sister’s house we went into the playroom and started playing with all the random toys just lying around. There was Candy Land, which he claims to have forgotten how to play. I suppose this just goes to show how much I suck at board games considering I lost. Next… We played with that weird… thing. There’s like a trampoline and a board-ish thing with holes in them. You have to bounce the ball on the trampoline-like thing to make it into the holes to score points. I sucked at that too!

There was a Dora the Explorer playhouse there. Fun! There were Dora figurines, an actual “Backpack” backpack, fully equipped with it’s own “Map”!!! But you know what? There was no Boots. That’s just plain wrong. For those of you that don’t know (although I don’t think anybody reads this blog…) Chris = Dora and I = Boots. Why? Because Chris = Dorali… Dora… Dorali… get it? And I’m just Boots because I’m his partner in crime. >< So we may have gender-switched but hey… it’s fine. I guess.

Erm… I don’t quite remember what happened next. Well I was thirsty so I got a cup and marveled at the new refrigerator of my sister. So big… huge… silver… and with it’s own built in water/ice dispenser. Well my refrigerator at home has that too… but THIS refrigerator can fill your come to an EXACT amount just by you putting in “1/2 cup” or “2 3/4” cups… oh the love of it all. I remember being amazed by it when I first saw it (when we arrived at the house). So yeah I was amazed by it once more when I got it to work. :3

Ate some lumpia (go look it up for those of you that don’t know what that is)…. I was asking my mom whether it had shrimp or anything in it and she wouldn’t tell me… so Chris ate one to test it. :x I’m weird… but I thought that was awesome. XD It’s like… well no since he’s not allergic to seafood and wouldn’t end up dying… but it if he were it’s like he would’ve almost died for my sake!! >< Yeah… I wasn’t really thinking about that at that moment… I just thought of it right now. And yes, I must repeat… I’m weird.

Oh!!! We played Scrabble! DAMN. Evil evil evil game that I hated so much. Anyhoo… this one piece… the blank one. Chris used it as a “wildcard” thing. I always thought it was a space. But I suppose using it as a “random-letter-of-your-choice” piece makes more sense. I mean… what are the odds of you coming up with a two word phrase or word?! That’s just… impossible! And the blank pieces don’t even count as anything. O___O;; Maybe it’s just… a space in the… game. Who knows. I didn’t read the rules.

Umms… went upstairs because my mom didn’t like me being alone with Chris in a room. Upstairs was where my niece, nephew, and her little friend were. So we followed them into her room and watched them play. Fun. Then we played with my niece’s V-Smile :D That was funnn… ish. Meh~ Not like UBER fun but just… fun. I kind of sucked at it though. :x

My niece went to open her presents so we had nothing much to do but watch. Umm… I’m not sure if I’m getting these events in the right order or not. Well Chris and I were hanging out in the new den. Fun. :D My nephew was there too. ^^ It was more like torture to me for a second… but it was fun. I question whether I’m more of a masochist or sadist… probably both, you know? Although… not in that way… please and thank you.

HAHAHHA… ah…. just reminded me of a random thought there. Sorry that was just random and I… don’t want to write about it. Ah… okay well continuing on. We had cake… yeah. Stuff happened and Chris had to go so I hugged him… etc. Haha… okay don’t want to write about what happened either on this part. Two things I don’t want to write about. :D Anyhoo~ He had to go so it sucked. ;____; Err… so I watched from the doorway as he went to his car and waved to his parents goodbye. XD;; Ah… that was interesting. I think they said something to me too. I just couldn’t hear it.

Well afterwards I helped my niece put songs into her iPod. Can you believe it… six years old and she has an iPod. The new iPod nano at that. D: Oh well whatever… I have a feeling she’ll either a) lose it or b) break it any time soon. Either way, I’m fairly content with the one I have. In fact, I would’ve lived if I still had the mini I had from a long time ago… but fine by me. Sure. My parents bought me a new one for my birthday… alright fine. ~w~ The mini would’ve been broken by now though anyway… haha. And besides… how would I be able to put the School Days ending into that?! Oh School Days. <3

Anyway… so yeah. After that I went home at around 10:30 pm etc. etc. Let’s see… the ride home my mom was complaining (as usual) about Chris. Aannd how I failed to introduce him to my dad. Well… okay I’ll take the blame for that one. ==; I suppose I really should’ve done so. I thought he already talked to him though because I mean… my mom was like right next to my dad earlier! O__O;; Oh well… fine fine. My mom was complaining that we were holding hands. Which we were NOT when anybody was around. D< ROAR! So I don’t understand what she was talking about… Unless she’s referring to the time earlier at the bowling place when there was nothing to do so we went to the arcade section. That’s when I heard a loud pop to find out that he popped my balloon that he was holding. D: !! So I punched him and he was like grabbing my hand when my mom came and saw. Hah. The one time she catches us we’re not even doing anything.

Anyhoo… yep!! Saturday was fun. :D Lots of fun. I really don’t know why… sounds boring, doesn’t it? But to me… it was fun. Just pure fun. How many times am I going to use the word “fun”?

One word to describe that day? Awesome.

(thought I was going to use the word “fun”, eh?) But it really was awesome. D: Probably… a lot a lot of fun… Perhaps even the most fun I’ve had with him since… ferever. ><;; But hopefully, it won’t be the last day of uber awesomeness fun. x3

That concludes my long story of one day… now to continue on with the other days of the week which I don’t feel like writing about at the moment. Sooo… this is done for the day!! :D


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