Nearly Daily Blog 1/22/08

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Woot! Today was fun. I’m tired though, seeing as I didn’t get home until 9:45. My, my was it an eventful day though.

First day of school!! Woot! Well, not really. The classes were sort of boring, but more fun than usual, oddly enough.

In my first period, which is art, we were discussing three-dimensional shapes. I felt retarded, yet smart. We were listing the two shapes that triangles can be made into. Someone said the obvious, pyramid. Then the teacher asked for one more shape. Being the overly-complicating idiot I am, I shouted out “TRIANGULAR PRISM!” Everyone shut up and stared. The teacher even asked me to draw it on the board, since apparently she didn’t know what it was. Well, I drew it, taking in a little “Ohhhh” from the class and the teacher herself, and sat down. She asked for one more, and it popped it my head, so I said “OH!!! CONE!” and she gave me a relieved look, as I finally got the right answer.

My second class was so-so. Quite boring, but I wanted to fulfill my resolution to take notes, so I did. The note-taking ended at the last three lines of my paper, which satisfied that obsessive-compulsive problem I have… I even wrote “OCD FULFILLED.” on the bottom.

My third class was also average. The teacher was, frankly, being more of a hard-ass than usual, so he assigned us work that he would add to our grades as soon as possible. I managed to finish, and my friend yells out “WOO! CHRIS! WE HAVE 100% FOR THE SEMESTER!!” I give him a high-five and move on to my next class.

The teacher from my fourth class was absent because his son was supposedly very sick. We had a substitute, who was the dean and also the health teacher from last year. I liked him. We had a lot of fun in his class, despite having classwork to do from our new book for the semester. The work was quite easy, so I finished early, and went on to help my friend with her geometry homework. We never finished it though, and the bell rang for lunch.

Lunch was alright. I just ate half a bag chili-cheese Fritos and went upstairs. Outside, it rained. I could feel myself getting sicker, so I put my hood on and just hoped for the best. For some reason, I felt bored enough to spray water from my bottle over the pavement. My friend joked about how he’d laugh if a certain teacher came out and asked me what I was doing, but that didn’t stop me. I didn’t get caught, fortunately, so I went on to my last class.

The last class was great for me. I’ll tell you why. Along with the usual note-passing and teacher-neglecting, we received the grades for our finals. I thanked the heavens, because I managed to score a B on my final, retaining the A for my semester grade. Yes, be envious.

After school, I wanted to stay until the play at Casey’s school began, so I simply wandered around. Somehow, the friend that was supposed to give me a ride to the other school notices me, texts me to ask where I’m going, and takes me to the elementary school next door to help out with a few simple chores. There was just a little work to be done, sorting a few named badges in alphabetical order. After we finished, we went on to finish the geometry homework. Though I didn’t even reach this lesson in class, I managed to answer a bulk of the questions. When that was done with, her mom drove us to her house to pick up our friend to go to Casey’s high school.

Walking into the room, I wasn’t surprised that Monk was on again. I was never really a fan, but there was a charm of the show that always attracted me, so I sat on the bed and watched it until we had to leave.

At Casey’s school, we wandered around messing with the items on the bulletin boards and playing in the children’s houses in one corner of the yard. We kept walking around until we reached the outside of the school. There, I decided to call Casey to see where her locker was. She wouldn’t tell me, so I ended up asking if she was coming, even though I knew she wouldn’t. Suddenly, however, over the phone I hear her mom’s voice telling her that they’re going to the play, which, I have to admit, lightened my spirits a bit. We went inside to save them seats.

We sat on the second row of the audience. There should have been a tense aura about; Casey’s mom was sitting opposite her from me, several adults that seemed very mature and strict were around, my friends’ parents were scattered everywhere. I didn’t want to act stupid. That’s not a choice for me, though.

The play was Pride and Prejudice, basically a play about some daughters being forced to marry different men by their mother. The play was quite amusing, and our friend from school was there in the play as well. We sat through the first act, barely making any contact whatsoever, in fear of sparking her mother’s interests. Her mom seemed to take note of her shyness, and told her to say hi to me, and asked me if I liked theater. I said yes, wanting to stay on her good side.

Soon, intermission came. My friends left, and oddly enough, Casey’s mom decided to leave as well. So there we were alone, with me trying to bring up conversation. I hate silence, especially with her. Before intermission ended, and her mother and my friends returned. The play continued. I hoped for another intermission, but it never came.

In the middle of the play, I reminded Casey about our RO wedding. Apparently, the one person we were waiting for was online earlier, but she obviously couldn’t do it, since the groom was off helping some school staff and doing geometry homework. How disappointing on my part. Late in the play, my entertainment was re-sparked when our friend gave a mouth-to-mouth kiss to one of the actresses, which simply surprised all of us, and raising many “OOOOOOO!!!”s from the audience. The play ended.

Casey had to leave. She was trying to tell me something, but I simply couldn’t decipher it before she left. There, she left me with the other two, this time without a hug, which was odd, as all of our past meetings (excluding the first time we met) had at least a good-bye hug. Ah well.

We congratulated the actors and actresses, and headed back home. I was the first to be dropped off, as my home was the closest. After a few minutes of giving my friend’s mom wrong directions, I remembered the way upon passing the mall, where I’ve walked to plenty of times. I was dropped off, and my dad waited for me at the door.

There was my long day. I’m tired.

Jya ne~


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