Nearly Daily Blog 1/21/08

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I might have to rename these “periodical” blogs. I just can’t keep it up daily sometimes, as you might have noticed. Don’t want to keep everyone expecting one everyday… Whoever the hell is reading this blog at all, that is. I will try, though.

I failed the crap out of my finals! Well, that’s what I get for barely studying. Ah well, there’s always next semester. That is, if I survive the upcoming report card days. Ah, life!

Certain things this weekend have kept me alive though. I actually got invited to help at Casey’s niece’s birthday party by her mother, who I thought utterly hated me. Well, at first I didn’t give an answer, but last minute I called and asked if they still needed help. Well, she asked Casey if she wanted me to come, so she let me come to the bowling alley. She did not like me much. Ah well. Casey’s sister offered to take me to their house since I had nothing to do. There, we had a lot of fun. xD Cool, yet sadly, it was the most time we’ve ever spent together next to AX. Should I feel sad about that?

Well, after that, I’ve come to the conclusion that her mom doesn’t like me, and because Casey didn’t introduce me to her dad, I was a bit neutral with him. Mmm, it can be dealt with, however. Besides, it was the best day I’ve had in a long time.

Weddings are bliss, are they not? Well, we’ve been planning to get married on Ragnarok Online. We’ve been engaged for 8 months. Usually, the wedding would be instant and even no more than 30 minutes after the proposal on RO. But thanks to way too many invited guests, we could never get it done. We’re planning to get married later tonight, no matter who’s on, but there has to be ONE person online, someone who really wanted to come, so if he doesn’t show, we can’t do it.

Oh, have I mentioned? It’s the four-month anniversary for our real life relationship today. Yes, we celebrate that. I don’t care if you think we’re weird, you should have noticed that by now! Anyhoo, presents are welcome, just send an e-mail and I’ll reply with our addresses, kthx. ;D

Nawww just kiddin’ about the presents. I’m happy the relationship lasted this long. xD;; Quite surprised, yet not surprised. I guess it all comes down to how long you’re willing to work with the relationship, huh?

In other news, I am in love with the brilliant green and Stephanie right now. No, Stephanie isn’t some tramp I know, she’s a Japanese-Armenian-American singer, and the brilliant green is not referring to the color. They’re the artists that did the second opening and second ending for Mobile Suit Gundam 00, the anime I am currently obsessed with. Yes, I like Gundam. Suck it up. Suck it up good, people.

the brilliant green did Ash Like Snow, a song about… well, ash falling like snow. It fits the plot quite nicely, as the episodes that this particular opening first appeared were quite chaotic. In fact, the opening video says it all. Animation overkill, I heard it referred to on one blog, and I have to say that I agree. The action scenes are so fast that you lose track of it.

Stephanie did the song Friends. I was a bit iffy at this song, at first. I suppose it was just because I was used to the first ending, Wana by The Back Horn, which was basically a weirdass song with screaming that isn’t a screamo song. Yeah, I said it. Wana’s singing is like screaming. As I got used to it, I began to love it. Friends is a slow rock song, and it pretty nice to listen to, I must say. This is partly because of the lack of Engrish. No, don’t get me wrong, there are English lyrics, but her English is pretty good, thanks to the American side of her ethnicity.

Regarding anime, I also began to watch a series today that I happened to stumble upon while browsing Menclave’s main page. Shigofumi (literally “posthumous letter” [“death note” anyone?]), a short series that’s like Higurashi, but with new characters with each situation. The story is about a mysterious girl who goes around giving loved ones of a recently deceased person a letter from the one who died, written AFTER the death. Quite a nice plot, and I’m happy to watch it, given the potential I see from it. However, it can, after all, go like the .hack series (a series I admit to being a die hard fan to) went: a potentially groundbreaking plot, carried out in a sloppy way.

First episode was pretty good, with a little School Days touch at the end. The plot twist was pretty damn clever if I do say so myself. I’ll be keeping my eye on this series all the way to the end if it keeps spitting out good stuff like this.

I also have to get around to watching the KyoAni “spiritual” trilogy, Air, Kanon, and Clannad. (Pretty popular, if you’re an anime fan and you haven’t heard of this, kill yourself.) Sure, the stories can be girly, but hell, I watched every episode of Lucky Star, some even twice, and enjoyed it. I’ll give ’em a shot.

Oh, and I’m going to a play at Casey’s school tomorrow. I’ll look forward to it, seeing as someone from my own school is in it.

Well, that’s it for now! Wish me luck for report cards! I’ll need it. Jya ne~


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