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Well… I haven’t posted a new entry in a while yet again. Sadly, I can’t remember everything that happened. So I’ll just list down the important things. Then again, those “important” things qualify as those that I actually remember and have the patience to write about.

So what happened since… wait let me check the date… Saturday, December 15. Well yeah if you can tell Chris’ modem got fixed. Quite ironic though. He gets a new modem (or something like that) a day or so before Christmas vacation starts. Thing is, I already had a whole list of anime I’d watch while being all by my lonesome. Well… I guess that idea is thrown out the window. But I already started a bunch of new series so I HAVE to finish them. DDx So unfair!!! Oh well… it’s better to have someone thar instead of being all alone watching anime and fueling the fire which burns a hole in my wallet once I step into the great sanctuary known as AnimeExpo.

OHH that reminds me… Pre-Registration for AnimeExpo ’08 had begun! They announce it… a few days before the new year. There’s some special offer to get a 4-day pass for only $45 but that’s only pre-register before 2008. But they only announced it a few days before it hit January 1st!!! That’s just plain wrong… so I missed the special offer. Now it’s $50 ;___; so unfair…

Well let’s go back to Christmas. I don’t remember what happened then. Yep… Just had the whole family over and ate food etc. etc.

New Years… That was interesting. My sister just finished renovating her house. Now there’s a new den and there’s also a guest room. The guest room is nice!! :D I love it. My niece, nephew, cousin, and I all hung out there playing games. I must add… Scrabble is the evilest game out there. I am horrible at that game… ew. Well once it struck 12 we all jumped for joy or whatever… Jumped for money? I don’t know how it goes. Then outside we went to use the little fireworks (well… firecrackers I suppose) that my cousin and aunt bought. My cousin bought a million smoke bombs. Annoying as heck… they smelled bad too. There were also these firecrackers that were LOUD. We were supposed to let them launch into the sky and whatnot buuuut we were afraid they’d hit a tree and it’d catch fire etc. etc. Went to home late. Tried calling Chris… who gave me half-asleep responses. Ah well it was really early in the morning anyway so it’s fine. :3

I also found this cosplay that I WANT. It’s just plain love… Akira Kogami from Lucky Star!!! :DD Whhheee… I said I didn’t want another school girl outfit but that’s an exception!!! The only thing I’m worried about though is that I might end up baking in that outfit. It has uber long sleeves too… oh well. I’ll do it!! The only problem is I have no clue how I’m going to pay for it… No worries. I’ll formulate a plan! +___+

I’m really at a loss for what interesting things happened. I’m just drawing a blank.

Oh!! I got a Wii on Monday. I really wanted a ticket to AX and a cosplay outfit more than a Wii… it’s even cheaper but my parents decided on the Wii. Fine with me I suppose. But it really does seem like they got it for themselves. I mean… my mom and dad played it before me! They played bowling. My mom (who generally hates and sucks at video games) scored a 120-something. My turn~~ My score? 87. That is just plain wrong.

Yesterday my dad was playing with it in front of me. He did the Wii Fitness thing (I don’t have any games for the thing besides the WiiSports that comes with it) and his Fitness Age is 60. I laughed. So today I decided to give it a try. My arm is still a bit sore though from playing boxing on Monday though… but what the heck. I did pretty good until it got to the bowling part of this fitness round. I just plain SUCKED. But hey… I got a few homeruns during the baseball section… my dad got none. I’ll get a better score than him. Maybe I’d be age 20 or something. My age? 62.

Life… is life. That’s all I have to say.


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