Happy New Year!

December 30, 2007 at 8:56 pm | Posted in Random | Leave a comment

Well, nonexistent readers, if you read Casey’s blog and actually paid attention to detail, you’d know that my modem has been broken for more than two weeks. Yes, ’twas a sad period of lonely despair. Mmm, or for me, at least, probably a period of celebration having to do with Casey and Frosty leading the Twilight Manifesto choir in a Wizard of Oz melody entitled “Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead”. Anyhoo, there’s my self-pity rant for today, how are you? :3

My vacation, so far, has been hell. I’ve been forced to go to Las Vegas, and some would say “Why are you bitching?! That’s great!” but it’s not. Las Vegas is something for little children and adults. I, unfortunately, am in the middle. I did retaliate though. My loss of internet has made me increasingly prone to text messages, running up my parents’ phone bill by another $250. Victory (and a new modem) has been won.

Well, now that I’m back, Casey has somebody to talk to on a daily basis again, I have full use of Wikipedia, I can check my e-mail (nobody e-mails me anyway), and my guild on RO is working on a beautiful Lord of the Rings symphony called “A Shadow Returns”. Life is grand.

I also got a 360 and Assassin’s Creed. ~w~ Good game, I have to say.

Well, there’s my vacation in a nutshell. You might get more after New Years. ^^


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