A Whole Week in a Nutshell

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Bahhh I said I’d make this whole blog thing a daily… thing buuut I guess that went down the drain. But today I actually feel like typing out my whole week!!! A good amount of the week I really don’t remember but here’s what I DO remember (which isn’t much but will end up looking like a lot because I tend to rant a lot – like right now for example.)

Monday :: December 10

Well I woke up late. Luckily I wasn’t late for school since I got into the classroom right when the bell rang. Either way the teacher excuses us if we’re simply a few seconds late. Anyhoo, this was an interesting day. Quite interesting. The highlight of the day? AP Biology.

But wait… let’s start with Decathlon. Over the weekend we were to have finished reading “The Red Badge of Courage.” Well… technically we were supposed to have finished reading that ages ago buuut due to our laziness, we never did. Our teacher had the last straw and decided to test us today on the book. I, for one, didn’t read the book at all. I was going to look at Sparknotes the previous day but I ended up forgetting… And might I say that test was HARD. It was mostly multiple choice with two essay questions at the end… but my was that hard.

Our teacher gave us a candy cane to devour during the test. So I did just that.

A few seconds later… I have a piece of candy cane lodged in my throat. Great. Just great. I’ve got this test that I can barely answer and some piece of candy stuck in my trachea. It’s not like I’m choking though. I can still breath… just this feeling of having a candy cane in my throat is bothering me. My teacher notices me not doing the test and tells me to drink water, which I already tried doing but to no avail. So what does she do? She gives me a banana to eat. Jooooyyy… It did help and all but honestly, I don’t see why eating a banana is so funny to certain people. I shoved the rest of the candy cane in my pocket and went on with the test.

Every Monday we do a little lab experiment of sorts. Today we looked at live protists. Looking at them wasn’t that thrilling (although I found the little pink one to be cute [don’t ask]). Well this one group was messing with the little demoslide and the liquid that was in it (which the protists were in.) They decided to mess around and put it into a water bottle while I watched. Calling out to whoever wanted to drink some “water,” an unknowing person drank it. Luckily she didn’t swallow. Through laughs we told her what happened (and what was in the water) and she ran to the sink and spit it out. Surprisingly she wasn’t angry. She simply smiled and said, “at least now I know there’s a protist in me.”

I’m growing a bit hungry here. Why not take out that candy cane I had? So I did and began eating it, only to have yet another piece of it stuck in my throat. I really don’t know why they get stuck… it’s not like I really bite the candy cane. I just lick it and soon enough pieces break off. They’re not that big anyway… Well I complained to Danielle and she gave me a cough drop. Now that really helped. Seriously. It was good. ^^

I don’t know how but we ended up talking about hips. According to two of my classmates, my hips are pretty wide. I start to grow self-conscious when suddenly they tell me it’s a good thing. I really don’t understand how… Well they drag some girl over who has really small hips and start saying “imagine pushing a head this big through that.” Then they’d proceed to making their hands resemble the size of a head and hold it in front of her stomach. How does hip size have anything to do with that? Well I guess it does make sense… but eh. Moving on~

Fast forward to lunch. I just realized that I didn’t bring my key. Mmm… I can SO get home now. Yeah… I’m so stupid. While I was hating myself, Danielle decided to buy me a lollipop thing from the kitchen (err… where you buy foodstuffs since we don’t have a cafeteria) since I gave a $1 to buy me something. It looked delicious. But EW!! Orange flavored?! Yuck! I’m not a fan of orangey-esque flavored food. Hey, at least the weird frosting-coated-icing-whatever around it was good. (It was some weird jelly (?) lollipop). After devouring the icing and leaving a good amount of disgusting orange flavored “goodness” Danielle grabbed it and shoved it in her mouth. Um… ew. First off it’s orange. Then again, others actually like the taste of oranges. Second, I just coated that thing with my DNA. Well whatever. If she likes it, she likes it.

Soon enough it’s the end of the day (well school day that is). I call my mom to ask if I can go to Danielle’s house because I forgot my key. My mom questioned me for a bit then finally let me go. Second (or third?) time ever being to her new house and this time she’ll let me see her room all messy! (For some reason, I just really wanted to see it.)

Well I walk into her room and I see that some “thing” is attached to my sock. The lights are off and it’s pretty dark so I start screaming thinking it’s a spider. Danielle looks and laughs, saying that it’s simply a hairball from one of her cats. Since when did hairballs move??? Finally she turns on the light. Is it a hairball? No. Is it a spider? Even worse. It was a bee. A bee on my sock while I was trying to kick it off. Surprisingly it didn’t sting me. Or maybe I just didn’t feel it? Well Danielle swatted it off with her slipper then smashed it into the floor.

A few moments pass by, etc. etc. My dad comes to pick me up. Okay the rest I can’t remember. But that was a F U N day. Oh and it was my friend’s b-day today. That’s all.

Tuesday :: December 11

I really can’t remember what happened today. I probably woke up late though.

Wednesday :: December 12

There was a SHCA meeting after school. Now I really didn’t want to go but my friend told me that the lady who was coming to speak to us was from the Humane society and was bringing a dog. Eh… fine I’ll go… For the sake of the dog. And guess what? She really did bring a dog!!! I forgot the name (it was long and complicated) but the dog was soooo cute. She was well trained too (unlike my dog – ugh). The lady said that she doesn’t now what breed the dog is since they found her on the streets, but by the looks of it, she guesses that the dog is a German Shepherd/Collie mix.

We learned quite a few interesting facts at the meeting too. Most of what we learned was about rabbits. Apparently you can train rabbits to use the litterbox just like a cat. You can even let them wander around your house!! That just made me fall in love all over again and want a rabbit for myself… Then she started talking about how you can volunteer at the little animal shelter or whatever and help out. I’d love to do that but she said that you have to register at least 6 months in advance. Eh… maybe over the summer I can do it? Who knows? It might even be too late now.

Well we petted the cute dog for a while and the lady (I don’t know her name) told us another interesting fact about rabbits – male rabbits that is. Apparently, when they’re scared they can suck in their er… private parts (<<;), which makes it hard to tell whether they’re male or female. That was very… hmm… how to explain. Well I sure learned something new today. Oh! And rabbits can get pregnant WHILE pregnant.

Well I got home today and went on AIM for once to update my profile with a fairly… indecent quote. That’s when my friend, John, attacked me. I wouldn’t tell him who I was (he’s the one who added me… why add me when not even knowing who I am? And AIM works differently… I didn’t even have to approve of him adding me to his buddy list so why get all angry at me?) In the end he called me a bitch and I complained to Chris. XD;; I didn’t expect them to start arguing though… Oh dear what have I done this time.

John was all arguing that he knew me longer than Chris (which is true), which therefore means that he knows me better. Umm… false!!! I don’t think so. =\ So I start to argue with him once he continuously states “I’m winning” to me every few seconds or so. He declares that he’s the winner once Chris decides to stop arguing with him since obviously he won’t listen. Therefore, that means that he’s right? No! For some reason he really can’t get that through to his head. So I stat to argue with him and he still won’t see the reality of the situation. He starts saying about how it was just an opinion and I’m saying that it’s false. I never said that!! If it was just an opinion he could’ve just said so. He was stating it as if it were a fact. He was the one pushing the argument anyway. He could’ve just said “well it’s my opinion.” Argh!!! What a pain. Sure it was my fault that I didn’t tell him who I was and started to complain about him calling me a bitch but seriously… I really do question how those two started to talk about who knows me better. How weird.

Anyhoo~ I think I won (not that I care much). He simply started to type nonsense while I was shoving some more stuff down his throat. He started to complain that we (Chris and I) don’t know how to distinguish relevant information from the irrelevant ones that he gave. Well why give irrelevant information? I started to question that when he said that it was a typo. Then what the hell did he mean then by we don’t know how to pinpoint which stuff is relevant and which are irrelevant when all he gave was relevant information? That’s the flaw right there!! After a long while of me simply arguing with him next, John decided to type “I WIN” and then “BITCH” in the largest font allowed by AIM and then signing out. I don’t know about you, but I think that means that I won.

Thursday :: December 13

I tried to wake up early today, I really did. Buuut I ended up waking up last (AGAIN). I’ve been waking up late the whole week! What’s gotten into me? Well I sure was going to be late to school today. I didn’t leave for school until about 4 minutes until it started. It takes about 8 – 15 minutes to school depending on the traffic and how crazy my mom feels like driving that day. There goes my perfect attendance. That’s not really what I care about though. What I’m really worried about is that I have to pay. Can you believe it? You have to pay $5 just for being late!!! That’s just pure blasphemy! (I’ve been waiting to use that word.)

Well I ran into the school hoping I wouldn’t get caught by any teacher but lo and behold, right when I hit the stairs the dean comes walking down. “You’re late. You need to get a tardy pass.” She points to the office and I simply nod and say, “let me just put this down in the classroom.” I was carrying quite an amount of books and… 3 bags. Without looking at me, she simply walks on. Oh I hope I don’t get in trouble when I don’t go and get a tardy pass.

Hopefully my decathlon teacher’s in a good mood and will let me slide for being late. But what’s this? She already took attendance?! Frick… I walked into the classroom and looked at me funny. I simply gave an exasperated smile and went to my seat, where Joey and Danielle were laughing. So Danielle decided to say “here” while the teacher was taking attendance and my name was called. Can you say savior?! The teacher didn’t say anything either when I came in. Oh love~

I told Danielle and Joey about what happened lost night with John and Danielle simply laughed and started ranting about him and how he was obviously wrong. She said that she’s known him for what? 12 years? And still didn’t know he could be the person that he was to her. I still have a vague idea of what happened between the two but the way that Danielle puts it, it sure doesn’t seem pretty. Then she started to say how Isay was trying to distance herself from us. The only thing that’s keeping us together is Confirmation. But once that’s over, what then? We’ll probably hardly see each other. II wasn’t that close to Isay to begin with… but Danielle sure was. She says that Isay wants to be independent. Besides she’s got Ugi anyway. Besides, Isay’s been siding with John lately. I don’t really understand much (like always) but ugh… Well Danielle decided that she might wander around with Chris and I at AX ’08 instead of with Isay. Mmm… still haven’t told Chris about that. Can’t be that bad though, right? We do owe her something anyway. And Joey wants to come with! It’d be fun. :D I dunno how Chris’ll take it. << But really, we do owe Danielle a big favor and we don’t really hang out with Joey that much so now’s the time? XD;; Ahh what life can do to people…

In religion my group finally had to go up and do our presentation. What the teacher enjoys doing is giving us a little “goal,” splitting us into groups, researching on that certain “goal” and then presenting it to the whole class. All the other groups just simply go up and talk to us about their research… but my group. We got creative! (I’m just simply gloating here). We decided to do a skit. Our “goal” was simply review of the other goals so we decided to play on Solomon’s 700 wives.

“My lord, your wives have gotten restless. They want you,” the messenger tells Solomon. A reply come after much contemplation, “Is that so? Well prepare wives number… 25 – 100. The others will have to wait.”

Mmm… that line was pure win. I was simply one of the Israelites in one scene, and a priestess in the other. (WOOT!!! I got to be a priestess~) I messed up on my line as a priestess though. Oh well… hopefully nobody noticed.

Well Chris’ modem broke today. Yay. –; No fair. D: Loneliness will engulf my poor spirit. Hrm. Hopefully he’ll get it fixed in time for the 21st!! Yay~ RO wedding. After how many months?! So we just talked on the phone while I was on RO scavenging for an extra Christmas present for him. I finally found it… but right when I found it I stopped and realized that I never did check if he already had one. So I logged onto his account and sure enough, it looks like he has one. Hopefully it’s not his… If it is, maybe he could just sell this extra one that I have. :) It should be worth quite the amount of money…

In the end… I never did go to get my tardy pass.

Friday :: December 14

Nothing much happened today. I woke up late again but wasn’t late for school this time. I woke up late every single day of this week!

In Spanish we simply made fun of the teacher. He was all saying how tomorrow’s his birthday so we start congratulating him on reaching the “big 5-O.” The thing is, he’s only turning 36.

During history, our teacher was simply looking online trying to show us pictures of trenches in the Civil War. The search proved to be fairly unsuccessful but oh so entertaining. He ended up showing us a bunch of pictures of dead people in the war. We saw one that was just hilarious. He sure seemed to love it since he kept looking back at it… although the first time he hit the back button immediately after the picture loaded. There was one picture where there were skulls of those dead and some… living people surround the skulls. “This should be my wallpaper…” our teacher tells the class. After a while of thinking, he decides “You know what? Actually… THIS should be my wallpaper.” So we’re back at the picture of the dead guy all posed funny. What’s odd is that he really did make it his wallpaper.

I got home with nothing much to do online since there’s no longer anyone to talk to. Last night Vrashden asked me to read his fanfic and critique it but it’s Inu Yasha… I’ll read it but just not know. I’m not really a fan of Inu Yasha anyway.

So I decided to play G.U. Before playing the game I decided to check when the last time I played it was. My PS2 stated that the list time I touched the game was on September 22. A little shy of 3 months later, I finally start to replay the game I once loved. Maybe I should level up a bit first… Ovan is just way too hard at my level. But all the bookmarked areas are all far too week for me!!! D: No matter… let’s go anyway!!


So I decided to go to this level 95 area which should be way too hard for me… who’s 10 levels lower than the level area. But I came out alive. The only problem is Atoli. OH MY GAWD. She just keeps healing and healing and healing and wasting her stupid SP and… gawd. Since she’s running out of SP she starts using the stupid healing items that I gave her to prepare for the showdown with Ovan… So to prevent her from doing that I start using my Fairy Sprites (or whatever they’re called) to restore her SP. But right after I use it on her she wastes it just as quickly by healing us when we don’t even need it. Ugh… why… WHY?! I ended up using 45 fairy sprites on her… At least we managed to level quite a bit. Buuuut I still need to level her up one more so that I can give her an accessory to equip since it has 3 slots instead of 2. In the end, I still didn’t beat the game.

So my mom and I went to the mall to go buy my “Christmas outfit.” She bought me some boots a little while after Thanksgiving but now I needed some skirt or something to go with it since I didn’t really want to wear pants with it. After much search, I finally settled on buying a dress. It’s pretty nice if you ask me. I just hope it goes well with the boots. I think it should…

Well the first store we hit was a success. Now we have nothing else to do. Why not wander around a bit? I need to buy Christmas presents anyway. And this time… I have to buy them. Well it’s either I buy them or I let my mom pick out some random lotion. I frown upon giving just lotion. I mean seriously… lotion? I tried to ask people what they wanted but all I got was an “I don’t know.” Perhaps they were joking but Joey said she wanted a teddy bear and Danielle said she wanted something with a banana on it.

We hit Build-A-Bear to get a bear for Joey… but those boxes are way too big. So I just bought a tiny bear for her. I’ll just add some lotion and candy to it to make it nicer. As for Danielle… I went to Sanrio since it was on the way. Anything with bananas there? Well there was a lollipop… so I bought her that and a weird little tissue thingy. Hey, the tissue thing is useless but cute. Now I just have to add a manga or something to the mix… It is a combination birthday/Christmas present after all.

As we pass by a bunch of electronics stores, my mom starts asking if we could buy a Wii there since that’s what I wanted for Christmas. You can’t buy a Wii at the Apple store! You can’t buy a Wii at some store where they sell a bunch of… hey what are they selling anyway? Either way!! You can’t buy it there.

So as we were heading back to the parking lot we stumbled across the that… fye store. Mmm… they should have some nice DVDs there, right? Maybe instead of a Wii… I could just get those? So I went in and told my mom that they might sell Wiis here. While she went to ask I went off to look at the DVDs. That’s when I found a few anime figurines. My mom found one that wasn’t a buttload of money but was still irresistibly cute. It’s perfect to add to that lollipop gift… Woot! So I decided to buy it. That’s when my mom noticed the name. Similar to mine. Haha. “Carmine”. Hahaha… no.

When I got home I noticed that the figurine’s hand broke off. Noooo… it was just prefect too!!! I have no clue how it broke off but hopefully it’ll be alright… Nobody’ll notice, right? Right?;; It could easily be glued back on. I’d do it myself if the figurine weren’t in a little package. How did that hand break off anyway? There’s no returning it now… The outfit is so cute though! I’d so wear it too. XD Giving away the little figurine makes me a bit sad… it’s far too cute. Now I’m starting to sound like one of those perverted otakus. Forget it. Take it away!

Anyway… my mom wanted to get my ears pierced and I refused. So she made a deal with me that I’d get them pierced tomorrow. Oh save me from certain death… please.

Well that’s my week in a nutshell! A fairly large nutshell…


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