Vacation = Boring?!

November 20, 2007 at 3:36 pm | Posted in Life, RO | Leave a comment

Last time I checked, no school + boring don’t add up. But for some reason… I’ve been feeling realllyy bored during the Thanksgiving break. Of course, all I’ve really been doing is sitting around and wandering around the internet… but even that used to be fun once upon a time. So my day basically consists of wandering around RO and then watching some anime.

Well today I hoped for a more interesting day… not a disastrous one. I have a feeling I’m going to be a professional chef one day. Really. It was time for lunch and I was a bit hungry. Nothing better to eat on an extremely freezing day than soup, right? I went and put the soup into a pot and turned on the stove. I hate having to heat the soup up in the microwave for some reason… I really don’t know why. I think it’s because it almost spills over since the bowl is a bit too small.

I wanted to go double client and leech Chris’ crusader while I go and kill Anubises in RO but that causes way too much lag for me sometimes. Why not try and get RO to patch on my computer? That way I could just log into his account there and make him just sit there while I go run around on my laptop killing little Anubises. After a LONG while the client finally finished patching. But stupid thing wouldn’t work… I spent the next 10 minutes simply bashing at my computer, trying to get the stupid program to work.

Wait… what was that? Oh right… I left the soup on the stove with the cover on. As a result, it ended up boiling over. :3 What a delightful lunch. Did I mention that the bread I was toasting got burnt too?

A little word of advice:

Never… and I mean NEVER ask me to cook for you.

Unless of course you want to eat something barely edible.
If so, by all means go right on ahead.
Just make sure you lie to me and say it’s good.

Okay so boring blog post… but what else is there to talk about? I really haven’t been doing anything at all the whole week. I watched a few episodes of Chrno Crusade. Umm I saw the seventh episode of Clannad and the sixth of Ef – A Tale of Memories. What else did I do? That’s pretty much it.

Oh, one accomplishment for me today: put the .hack//Roots OST onto my iPod. I bought that thing way back in March and I only now put it into my iPod. Why I bought it? I really don’t know… Oh well, it’s nice to look at.

Mmkay the end. Hurray for the most boring thingy in history.

Question: Have I become that much of a nerd to seriously wish there was school? There really isn’t anything to do anymore. DD:


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