Over Thinking

November 13, 2007 at 1:58 pm | Posted in Random, School | Leave a comment

Ugh, World Literature sucked today. We had to go and think about the symbolism of the sphinx and her riddle in the play ‘Oedipus’ (whether it’s Oedipus Rex or Oedipus the King I forget.) I really don’t understand why we have to look into the symbolism of stories… Maybe it’s just because I hate having to look too deep and analyze a story. I mean seriously, do you think the author really thinks that hard when they’re writing these stories? I know it may just be because I like things easy… but seriously, aren’t we just over analyzing these stories? I’m not trying to say that I hate symbolism, I fairly like it because it gives greater insight to the story. Honestly though, just look at the big picture. As much as it helps to look at every detail in the puzzle, sometimes just accepting things the way they are is fine as well. Over thinking may just lead to disaster at times.

Egh… well there’s my rant on how I hated having to use my head to find the symbolism in the story (I never was good at that anyway.)

In other news… I hate Easy Mac. You know… that microwavable Macaroni and Cheese? Apparently you have to fill it with water up to the “fill-line.” But where the hell is the fill-line?! I mean, there’s a little crease in the little cup that they give you… isn’t that the fill-line? No. But in practically all the other “fill with water” microwavable “shtuff” that’s what the fill-line is. So wouldn’t it make sense to make that annoying little crease the fill-line as well?! Arrgghh don’t these people think?

If you squint hard enough, you can see a liittttllleee dashed line. Now THAT’S the fill-line. I just noticed it after I had filled the water up to the crease thing AND heated it up in the microwave. So here I am about to add the little powdered cheese to this concoction which wasn’t even prepared correctly. No wonder there was too much water. Oh wait… but NO! “Excess liquid is needed to make cheese sauce.” Direct quote at that. So wouldn’t it make sense to think that all that water floating around is actually needed? Well anyhoo, the fill-line has some text above it. “Remplir jusau ici.” IS THAT FRENCH?! Although on the other side there is some English saying “Fill To Here.” But once again… barely visible. Besides… why put French?? Unless they sell these in Canada as well (which is somewhat believable) I think putting Spanish is a better option to vie for.

Please note that this is coming from a very annoyed and hungry teenager sitting here with an extremely watery macaroni and cheese… thing. I should so write a letter of complaint one day… Then again, maybe it’s just because of my ignorance that I never noticed. There’s also the fact that I’m somewhat blind and need glasses. Oh well, they could at least make life easier for those who do not want to get glasses and/or do not have enough money to afford to pay for glasses. This food is supposed to prepared easily, hence the name Easy Mac… but was it?! Well… yes… but with some mistakes here and there, making the end result not as tasty as it should have been. Then again… I could be over thinking…

I’ll go shut up now.


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