A Year in the Life of a Lonely Freshman (2006 – 2007)

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Soo… Apparently at my high school, we all get a free agenda homework planner thingy. For each week, there’s a little box to the side (about 1 inch all around) labeled Journal. So I decided to take advantage of it and write little notes about what happened that week – I know, I’m weird. Nobody else was doing it but… what the heck!? I always did want to keep a diary, this would be a mini form of it. I told myself I’d write out everything that I had written down in more detail. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do here. :3 I found my old agenda book so here I go!!

I guess you can take this to learn a little more about me and what goes on in my head :)


Tuesday, 22

First day of school!! But what’s this?! I finally get to my locker after nearly being trampled on by a bunch of Seniors, Juniors… and even Sophomores!! Oh but lo and behold, my locker is empty. No books, no nothing!! What am I supposed to do? x__x;; My teachers will kill me. I see some teacher walking by and I tell her my situation. “Don’t worry about it,” she tells me, then hurries past me. Soon enough I hear my name over the PA or whatever it’s called. Apparently they gave me the wrong locker (what?!). Soo now I have to change lockers… joy. The teachers are okay, nothing too special about them. All I remember is that the Spanish teacher is a real jerk-face. He says if we’re late to class then we’ll get a detention. That’s no fair. -3-

Wednesday, 23

Talk about irony. What shall happen next but me getting late for Spanish? It’s not my fault!! They’re the ones that changed my locker and made me forget that… So there I was in the hallway struggling to get the wrong locker open. The bell rings so I rush to class without my books. DETENTION! Oh… and take away some participation points along with that too since I couldn’t bring my books. Ugh… it’s only the 2nd day. Already I’m starting to hate this school.

Luckily~~ My mom went and talked to him and the Dean. The Dean was all “Oh it’s all my fault!! I’m sorry.” Soo no detention for me. :D

Tuesday, 30

I brought a lunch again when I didn’t have to. It’s the Sophomore & Freshman lunch gathering… they give you food!! When will I ever learn to look at the school calendar and see what events are up? I did the same thing for the Junior & Freshmen lunch gathering. All that food gone to waste…

Buuut after school my friend and I took the bus to the library. Over the summer I joined the library’s stupid summer reading club… all because the theme that year was “Anime and Manga.” Haha… If we wrote some reviews for some manga we’d be put into a drawing for some anime goodies. So I wrote a MILLION reviews, reviewing practically every manga I read. Sadly, we got there late so I didn’t really get the series that I wanted. But I got the next best prize~ Instant Teen volumes 1 – 3. This manga is great. XD;; I wish they’d do this again some other time, I’d definitely join!! Even though I was a loner when they had their meetings. I simply sat at an empty table, doing whatever craft they had us do that time while all the other people talked and had fun. Ah well… it was worth it I guess.


Sunday, 2

Went to San Diego with my niece, nephew, and cousin. It was pretty fun since we went to Soak City. My Kuya Jon rented a cabana and everything! I was freaking out over this one slide they wanted to go on though… Buuut it turned out to be pretty fun!! It’s the one where it looks like a funnel or whatever and… eh it’s hard to explain. It was a bit scary at first though because once you’re in you’re in pitch black darkness… then you’re shot out into the blinding sun and go this way and that~~ Creepy yet fun.

Friday, 08

Well my history teacher’s a volunteer police person… and she has her own police badge. She LOVES to tell us stories about her life and I must say, they are pretty interesting. Today she brought in her badge and we got to stare at the shininess.

Sunday, 10

Err… for this entry I put “I missed Trinity Blood last night T_T”. Looking back at the entry, I always did miss Trinity Blood anyway. I never got into it too… I don’t see why I was crying over it. <Friday, 29

Danielle lent me a LOT of manga…. and I mean a LOT. It was hard bringing them all home. But hey… one of them was Saikano. And WOW was that a great first volume. So cute ~w~ I have a feeling I’m going to like this series. (and I do… a lot. It’s like my favorite series now.)


Monday, 02

“gya! October! ><” that’s one informative entry that I wrote there… Tuesday, 3 What’s this?! Danielle’s so cruel… she went back on her word. She says she doesn’t like Haseo anymore. DD: Today my desk broke in Composition. It wasn’t my fault… really. OO; It was already wobbly (the uh… desk part) and this one girl, who’s quite err… heavy, decides to push down on it and BAM! It just pops right off. Haha, I’m just glad my teacher didn’t make a big deal out of it. Wednesday, 11 There was a SHCA (Science and Health Career Academy – some program I’m in for those that want to take a career in science or health) meeting today so that meant I had to take the bus instead of going home with my friend. So me and Montero, who usually comes home with me, decided to go to Borders. It was all nice~ I was able to buy a manga. So here we are, about to leave when she decides to stare at some jellybeans. Oh no, they’re not regular jellybeans. They’re the special Harry Potter kind that are a million and one flavors. Joy!!! But is that worth missing the bus for? I think not! While she was off staring at them, I went outside to see our bus passing by. Oh joy!!! We missed our bus. DFriday, 13

Yay Friday the 13th!!! Nothing special… Oh I went to Borders again today. It says here in what I wrote, “Got ‘ASoUE vol 13! and ‘Angel/Dust’.” Erm… I know about Angel/Dust but I still can’t figure out what ASoUE is… and volume 13?! Err… I don’t ever remember buying any series’ 13th volume besides bleach… and I’m pretty sure ASoUE does not stand for Bleach. If anybody knows what it’s supposed to be, please do tell!

Monday, 16

No school! That’s all I wrote down for this day… But I take it I was just my usual boring self, sitting in front of the computer and pigging out on food next to me. Yep… but it was fun, I can tell you that much… although I really don’t remember what happened that day.

Tuesday, 17

This weird Rabi guy came to our Religion class today… my is he WEIRD. The sad thing was, he was all talking about Jewish roots and whatnot… and I kept thinking about .hack//Roots. Yes, I am weird… I know that. I can see why they brought some Jewish dood in… but eh. Kinda odd.

Wednesday, 18

It was the PSAT testing thing today so we got out at 11. That’s all I can say about this… I think we (Montero and I) took the bus home and stopped over at Tommy’s for a sec and bought food. I’m not so sure if that was on this day though or some other day…

Thursday, 19

“WTF?!? Test on Jane Eyre! ~%@!^&” Eh, I hated that book anyway. A test would be nasty…

Friday, 20

So Danielle has connections with some dood that works at the game store in the mall. Apparently they have a poster of .hack//G.U. there and if nobody claims it (employees only) then it goes to the trash once the promotion is over. She asked this friend of hers to get it for her… and he did!!! She brought it school today and I had to carry it around with me everywhere. I felt like a walking advertisement, which I technically am. For a while I’ve been telling my friends “October 24! October 24!” because that was the day that G.U. comes out. I was no different now, except this time I had a poster to further encourage them. Right now, the poster is stuck to my door. It’s so pretty~ Even long after the last volume came out… I still keep the poster for the first. ^^

Wednesday, 25

Well it’s my dad’s birthday today so he took the day off… meaning I get picked up from school!!! And what better way to take advantage of this and go to the mall to pick up my game!! So that’s exactly what I did. It was awkward though because when I stepped into the store, one of the employees was trying to help me when this other employee was all “Oh she’s here to pick up her .hack game… I remember.” That was kind of odd because I had reserved the game more than a month ago and he still remembered me. OO;; awkward… It was hard to resist playing the game once I got home. My dad made sure I finished all my homework first. T_T

Thursday, 26

Today was some weird event thing at school where we bring a stuffed animal and there’ll be different categories such as the cutest, the oldest, etc. etc. Sadly, I forgot to bring mine. Boo… I could’ve won something cool too…

Saturday, 28

“omfg Haseo you asshovel! He’s so cruel to Atoli T^T” Haha… yeah. I remember that. It was about 1 am in the morning or so and I was secretly playing G.U. (hurray for wireless controllers!) Arg, Haseo’s such a bish!!! How dare he say such things to Atoli. –; GRR!!!

Sunday, 29

Went to Home Depot today with my parents (I forgot why we went.) Well I was bored so I called Danielle and told her the whole story about how Haseo’s such a jerk. She actually listened though, which was amazing. I mean, she doesn’t even know who Atoli is and only has a vague description of Haseo. It was nice venting though… wow, I get so worked up over a video game. But hey… it’s .hack. :3

Monday, 30

Danielle brought a hat to school today for me to use for Halloween tomorrow. It’s Puchiko’s (from DiGi Charat) hat. Tomorrow I’m going to be an anime nerd. XDD I lost my fake glasses though… that kind of ruined it. I have a little shirt with some character from Kodocha (I never saw that series) and I’ll be bringing by AX badge with me.

Tuesday, 31

Halloween!!! UGH. Everybody thought I was Pikachu… come ON. Today sucked. –;

Oh but my niece and nephew came over… Chesca likes to play G.U. with me because she thinks she’s actually playing. I got to the scene where the whole PaixHaseo fanservice ensues. It was funny… I was seriously laughing. Sure it’s supposed to bring tears to your eyes but… it had the completely opposite effect on me. Haseo suffering and bawling = pure win.


Friday, 03

I beat .hack//G.U. … no. NO!! Ugh, how am I going to survive until volume 2 comes out?! Boo… I was simply playing, charging right into battles without a care. And then… the ending credits?! WHAT?!!?!?! I’m telling you, I seriously stared at the screen throughout the whole time the credits rolled. I was in so much shock.

Monday, 06

People on the dothackers forums are mmeeaaannnn!!!! Somebody (I forgot who) said that Alkaid doesn’t like me. Not that I want her to like me because that’d be kind of creepy but… boo. Alkaid’s like… one of my favorite characters from G.U. and AlkaidxHaseo is so much better than AtolixHaseo.

Tuesday, 07

So I finally saw the topic in dothackers about a subliminal message in .hack//SIGN in where the little writings on the wall somehow manage to spell “sex” if you squint hard enough. Kind of odd that I NEVER noticed that… considering I’ve watched //SIGN a million times (seriously… my mom got sick and tired of hearing the same dialogue over and over again that she told me to stop ^^;)

Friday, 10

So tonight’s the night!! The night that .hack//Roots premieres on Cartoon Network. Me, Montero, and Chris all agreed on pulling an all nighter to watch it. And so I did. I played G.U. for a while, going on to raise my level, get all the items, complete the Ryu books. Then it got a bit boring… so I went to bed and read. I fell asleep for about 2 minutes… only to be awakened by the wonderful sounds of the OP to Roots. My that was an interesting episode… I noticed by Haseo’s first “ugh~” though (first line in the show) that it wasn’t Yuri Lowenthal. Oh well, I guess the dub is okay… Shino’s voice is a little disappointing though… and EW is that Tabby?!?!?!?! UGHH… no. Just NO.

Oh yeah… did I mention that I actually like Haseo’s voice in G.U.? It’s… smexy er… I mean it’s actually not that bad. I approve…

OH BUT… BUT!!! FREAKIN LIARS… Neither Montero nor Chris stayed up… they just woke up at the time it was going to air. I guess I was the only stupid one to actually go and pull an all nighter… and suffer. But hey, I guess it can be said that it was worth it. XD;;

Monday, 13

“Shino + Haseo irl ftw?” I think this was when some picture of Haseo and Shino irl was posted… I have no clue why I wrote about it.

Tuesday, 14

Haha, for World History we had to write a story in the point of view of a rock. Eh, we had SO much time to write it but… like always… I waited until the last minute. Because of that it sucked!! I love my rock though… I think I lost it. ^^; It’s the rock that I got in Confirmation like… the 2nd day or so. It was cool but my story sucked.

Friday, 17

For Spanish we have to do these little reports weekly. I spent the whole last night doing mine… and what should happen today but him not collecting them?! So unfair!! ><” And my friend, who didn’t do the report, was even rubbing it in my face that she was able to get away with it. Rawr… Monday, 20 Thanksgiving break!!! Time for the laziness to ensue~ Wednesday, 22 We has Confirmation today and I actually went this time. Montero’s such a bish though. –; She kicked my chair right when I was about to sit down so I fell… hahaha yeah sure… go ahead laugh. I don’t really give a damn anymore. -____-;; Pretty much my point why she pisses me off sometimes. Friday, 24 Well you know how there’s always a big “Day after Thanksgiving” sale? My family and I, we always take advantage of that. So what do we do Thanksgiving night but go to the outlet in uh… Camarillo (is that how it’s spelled?). It was FREEZING cold and I just wanted to sleep. But noooo we had to go shopping for stuff I didn’t even want (I don’t think I bought anything, or had them buy me anything.) We stayed there until 5 AM the next day (Friday) … joy. Tuesday, 28 So I’m a big fan of Yowkow (Alkaid) and Haseo being a couple~


Monday, 04

Haha I showed Montero the picture of Gabi in a thong. Ah that picture is priceless…

Thursday, 07

Ms. Smitley was telling us about how when she was in high school she was a cheerleader. However she was also a nerd… A nerdy cheerleader, is that possible?

Saturday, 09

Ugh, today was the Girl Scout Christmas Potluck. Each uh… level (?) had to perform something. Us Cadettes (and one Senior) decided to sing that Spongebob Christmas Song (Allyson’s idea). It was pretty fun though. XD;;

Sunday, 10

So for Composition we’re going to have this bake-off thing where we each make some food item that’s related to one of the stories that we’ve read over the year. Danielle and I decided to be partners. We’re doing the story “There Will Come Soft Rains”. I forgot who wrote it though… I think it was Robert Frost. Maybe not since I think he’s known for poems… But I do think it was him. OO;; We read that story in 8th grade too. Anyhoo~ We’re going to bake some cookies. Like a big one will be in the shape of a cloud and we’ll make smaller cookies that’ll be raindrops and whatnot. So today I went to her house to start the whole baking process~ It was fun and her cats are cute. >

Monday, 08

So I got a reply from one of the people I e-mailed requesting a price quote on how much a Yowkow commission would be. HAHA… in my dreams. $450… ahh… a girl can dream…

Wednesday, 10

Watched the video about our Big Bear Trip during Confirmation. It was nice. :D

Saturday, 13

The car alarm wars!! My mom was off at the mall or something so it was only me and my dad at home. Suddenly we hear this car alarm going off… Then it stop… and then keep going on and on and on. So my dad was all “let’s do that too!” So he grabbed the car key and hit the [panic] button so the alarm went off as well. XDD It was fuuun~~~

Sunday, 14

Talked to Topher for 1 hour 30 minutes… we just talked about stupid stuff. I forgot what it was though… but it was stupid. I remember walking around in circles in the kitchen though;;

Tuesday, 16

We had our Composition final today… and boy does my hand hurt. Igh… ew.

Wednesday, 17

So Winter Formal’s coming up… and Cyrus is supposed to come but… what’s this?! He doesn’t want to come anymore???? DFriday, 19

Eep Winter Formal!!! It was pretty fun… Our attempts for ReymondxJoann failed though. Oh well, he likes someone else anyway.

Joann made me dance with her uh… date (?) because she wanted to dance with Reymond. It was so creeepppy. >Saturday, 10

Well I watched .hack//Roots again. I forget if Chris still called me in the middle of the night to wake up… It was hilarious though. I think this was the one where Shino died or something because I wrote “lawlz, Haseo’s screams in //Roots are gay (episode 14)” Wait, nevermind. I think Shino died in 13… or was that 12? Well this was the one where Haseo was all screaming “OVAANNN!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT A TIME LIKE THIS?!?!!?!!?!?!” and whatnot. Haha they were hilarious. XDD Yes… they were gay.

Wednesday, 14

Arg… we have an Antigone film project. I don’t want to act it out so we’re just going to use clips from some anime (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and Shuffle!) and do some voice overs. But seriously… it’s killing me. Finding all the clips to figure out how to make it work and reach the minimum time requirement… it’s tough.

Thursday, 15

Today we finished “Life Is Beautiful” in class… it was so awesome!! But… Ariella was crying like crazy. Still, it was nice.

Sunday, 18

Ugh… apparently the episodes of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu that I downloaded don’t work with the software I have. So now I have to scour the internet for some site that let’s me download compatible episodes… not fuuun. I can’t find any… RAWRAWR (in the end I did find some :D)

Tuesday, 20

For Geometry we were supposed to bring some spaghetti sticks (uncooked) so that we can do something about triangles or whatever… Buut I forgot to bring them. And we have sooo many pieces of spaghetti and home too. Ugh. At least some nice Junior gave me some… but they were angel hair pasta instead and our teacher didn’t like that. :x

Wednesday, 21

Today at Confirmation, while we were waiting for us to go inside… Danielle, Isay, and I danced the Hare Hare Yukai. XDD it was fun~

Sunday, 25

Having a laptop is bad for me… It’s a Sunday and I stayed up until 2 am online. Why? Because my mom fell asleep and never noticed. :3

Tuesday, 27

Today I got news that Joey’s dad passed away…

Wednesday, 28

Danielle came over to my house so that we can start writing the screenplay for our Antigone Film Project. Joann and Ashley are in our group too but eh… we’ll just do all the work for them. It was pretty fun doing the screenplay and all… I’ve had “Ice Cream” by New Young Pony Club stuck in my head all day though.


Saturday, 03

Went to that AnimeWorld in the Eagle Rock Plaza for the first time today. It’s pretty interesting there… although they only have mainstream stuff. That kind of disappointed me. =\ Still, they’re manga are all at discounted prices and… wee~ Look at all the stuff. I like it there even though there’s really only about 1/4 of the things there that I want.

Sunday, 04

I went the library yesterday and started borrowing a bunch of manga. One of the was Haibane Renmei, which I read today. Well, Haibane Renmei’s actually just an anime and they put it into a little manga format with colored pictures and what not. It’s pretty interesting if you ask me… oo; They look like angels. It’s cute. ^^ And it’s by the creators of Serial Experiments Lain … which I never got into. Buuut hopefully I’ll like this one better.

Friday, 09

“hehhh film projecto” … I have no clue what I’m trying to get at here.
Oh wait!!! I remember. Joann and I went to Danielle’s house so that we can do the voice overs. Ashley couldn’t go today… maybe some other day? I had to bring my laptop to school though, oh well. Nothing bad happened to it. The whole recording session was fuuun~~~ We kept making so many mistakes, much of which are in the ending credits. Joann is an awesome voice actor… or at least I think so. It was cool!!

After, my mom asked Danielle to come with us to Chuck E. Cheese’s with Chesca and Charlie. Wow was that fun… I know we’re too old to go to Chuck E. Cheese but… it WAS fun. DD: Really…

Saturday, 10

I was able to watch Blood+ today because I remembered… Eh, I’m a little iffy on the series. I missed Eureka Seven though. D: I really do like that series…

Sunday, 11

Boo… Daylight Savings Time… I want my hour of sleep back. =__=

Thursday, 15

So our religion teacher left a sign on the door saying “We are in the library” and forgot to take it down. On Thursdays, we have religion right after lunch so the teacher was out to lunch and forgot to take down the sign before some of us came to the classroom. So there we were, more than half of the class in the library long after the bell signifying that we were late had rung. Nobody told us to get out of the library… so we just sat there and waited. I was sitting next to Paula, who was fiddling with a little cord. It was one of those weird metal things that look like a bunch of tiny metal balls are attached to each other to form a string. Anyhoo, it was trapped in the heater and she tried to get it out. Next thing you know, there are sparks. Good thing nobody noticed… there was some smoke too. Our religion came down to the library to tell us to get our butts back up to the classroom so we quietly left, knowing that we had almost set the school on fire.

So we finally finished the film project… but Ms. Smitley wants us to put them on DVDs. But UGH the stupid software (Pinnacle) keeps stopping the burning-onto-DVD-ness at 5 minutes. And I don’t think we’re allowed to make a 2 part film project. At least Ms. Smitley extended the deadline for us… maybe then I could figure it out. My burner is retarded too… sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Ugh –; life.

Oh but today… after a million blank DVDs later… it finally worked!!! I must thank my dad for having me install two different video editing software (no… not windows movie maker). I had to transfer it onto the other software… which made an AWESOME menu as well. I put my little amv that I made with “Ice Cream” as the menu background. It’s awesome. Monday, 19

It’s 2 am and I’m still online. Well… why not make a quest thread on gaia? Maybe then I can finally have my dream avi!! So there I was, online… making a quest thread in the middle of the night when I had school the very same day. At 2 am I finished with the quest thread. :)

Ms. Smitley wants us to write down our names, our block, our class, and “Antigone Film Project” on the DVD. So why not? We have to turn it in today anyway… so there I was, right before leaving for school with a sharpie in my hand. I guess you can say I ruined the DVD with my messy handwriting… but I turned in the flim project right before the bell rang with a smile. That film project was awesome… some people may beg to differ but I LOVED it. Our group is made of pure win. P U R E W I N

Saturday, 24

My my… it hasn’t even been a week and my quest thread has already reached 100 pages? Woooow!!! It was all thanks to the awesomest bumpers: Dorali and ` E M O :DD

Today ` E M O showed me a site explaining how to make foam armor… You don’t know how much Tuesday, 27

Today was Career Day at school. Apparently the Photographer that was supposed to be coming never showed so I got assigned to a College Professor. BORING. Although she did give us some Sudoku worksheets… which I never did manage to solve. Oh well, not like I’m going to become a photographer anyway (it was just for fun) considering how I can barely hold a camera steady.

Saturday, 31

WHAT?! Dothackers has been shut down??? The forum isn’t working either… This better be an April Fool’s joke… but it’s not even April yet…


Sunday, 01

So it was just an April Fool’s Day joke… it was fun too. There was only one thread open so everybody online was just posting away on there. Ah… we even played Monopoly. Apparently I was the iron… and Kouen made me iron his clothes. T__T But nooo~~ Red Frost came in to save the day and told me to take a bamboo sword and defend myself. An iron and a bamboo sword… doesn’t really work out but what the hell.

Monday, 02

Well, Chris and I made our own forum… It’s destined for doom but we can have fun while it lasts. The name? Flying Fire.

Wednesday, 04

It’s Ms. Smitley’s birthday today so we decided to give her a surprise birthday party. I forgot to bring food but other people did!! We had a cake and everything. A few minutes before the bell rang, one of the teachers opened the door to the classroom for us so we can set up all the food and hide. Then he distracted Ms. Smitley while we got organized… the minute she walked into the room was priceless! We ate… and ate… and ate… it was fun, really.

Tuesday, 10

It’s Easter Vacation! I stayed up until 5 am…

Wednesday, 11

Until 4 am…

Thursday, 12

Until 3 am…

Today I finally saw the first episode of Lucky Star… and WOW. I love it. Friday, 13

Woah Friday the 13th.

Stayed up until 2 am… I’m noticing a pattern here.

Today I made a new gaia profile. It’s cute!! It’s Kamichama Karin and has Karin in a panda outfit hugging a little Kazune panda. >wMonday, 16

Eh… the whole Virginia Tech thing… =\ I’d rather not write about that~

Wednesday, 18

Ms. Smitley wants us to pick a song… any song… and we’re going to listen to it in class and analyze the lyrics. Me and Joann had a heated debate over which one of us can claim “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T’s. In the end… none of us chose that song.

Woo!! RO finally finished downloading. Time to pig out on Sakray~~ Oh wait… or was this when RebirthRO finished downloading? I forget.

Oh… and apparently Ms. Smitley’s brother has a dog. I forgot what the name was… but it’s Japanese. If translated into English it means “crazy white wine dog.” Anybody know what it is??

Tuesday, 24

We had this weird retreat thing today… and in our groups we had to come up with some situation. We’d hold up 10 fingers and for every situation we have been in, we’d take away one finger. I for one… had 8 in the end while others had about… 1 or even -3 or so. I officially have no life.

Friday, 27

Ahh life. So on Rebirth Chris and ohdeargawd I forgot his name… oh!! Soren. They want me to be an acolyte. Aww but mages seem so much cooler. D: Igh… fine I’ll be an acolyte. -3- Don’t blame me if I suck at healing and you suddenly wish you had a mage in your party.

And now comes the point in my life where all I talk about is RO. So if I start not making sense to some of yes who don’t play Ragnarok… just know that I’m talking about an online game.

Saturday, 28

Chris made a gunslinger… that kind of pissed me off for some reason. XD;; I really don’t know why.

Sunday, 29

So I was sitting in the middle of Izlude like I always do and an assassin comes up to me. He asks if I want a pet… well… sure why not? I always did want a pet. So now I have a little pet Drops named Tacho (since that was the name he gave it and I can’t change it.) Cute!!! I love Tacho. >


Thursday, 03

The Talent Show’s today… and I got a bunch of people to dance the Hare Hare Yukai with me. I’m only participating because Mr. Calderon said we’d get extra credit in Spanish… so why not? I love this dance anyway.

Anyhoo, we had a retreat today to that umm… cathedral in downtown. During lunch we were all practicing. I even brought a change of clothes to wear for the talent show. Danielle made me a ribbon that’s like Haruhi’s except white instead of yellow… sadly my hair was being a bish and was SUPER puffy. Annoying. –;

The dance was okay… people laughed though. XDD But later they were all saying how we did good. I have no clue whether I should feel proud or whether I should regret ever dancing up there.

Saturday, 05

Mmm… so a while back I was sitting in front of Payon Dungeon because that was where I leveled. I was just taking a rest when some thief starts talking to me. His name’s Vrashden. My he caused a lot of trouble for me… it was all pretty interesting though. Made RO a bit more fun.

Well one day he sent me a PM after I had accepted his friends request that one time I met him. He was asking if I was mad at him. Mad at him for what? He didn’t even do anything but say hi… awkward… (This was a different day… I forgot what day… but he was an Assassin already… luckybuttface). That same day he was all telling me about how I should be careful about what I put at heaven’s door. He uses a lot of big words and sayings… he confuses me. But it left me pondering. XD

Anyhoo… today he told me to meet up with him so I did. I told him I was one map south of Morroc and he found me there. I sat next to him and he started talking about this Archer he met in Izlude. It seemed as if she liked him and whatever… she even asked him to watch her in PvP. He rejected though. So why exactly is he telling me this? Kind of… strange. He’s a strange strange man.

Next thing I know he’s all talking about how I’m interesting and whatever… awkward. Oo;;
Then he tells me not to sit too close or else he might get the wrong idea. Alrighty… I won’t.

Monday, 07

People on RO are weeeiiirrd… I met this one person… Alien. Wow is he weird. He started talking to me and was all “haha, itz funny cuz its lik ur talking to an alien”. Ahahahahahhahaaa… no.

I wrote down that I had an emo talk with Topher today… don’t remember why though.

Tuesday, 08

Haha… Chris actually called me in the morning to remind me to put on sunblock. I didn’t really think he’d do it but hey… that was nice. :)

Saturday, 12

Alien is weird… he said “i luv u”. When I replied with a “huh? oo;” he was all “nothing, i was just thinking out loud lol” or whatever he said… HAHA my butt.

Sunday, 13

I wrote down “ALKAIIIIIIIDD!!!” Whether or not this means that I got to the scene where Alkaid falls into a coma in vol. 2 (yes I got .hack//G.U. volume 2) I have no clue…

Thursday, 17

Gorre is hard… But fun!! Gorre has to be the cutest avatar in all of .hack. Friday, 18

Got to that part where I have to get my revenge against Bordeaux for what she did to Alkaid… AIDA wasn’t that hard… really. Although yes, Oswald is a spider… I still think that they named it Oswald after that blue octopus from nick jr. or whatever.

Saturday, 19

I watched Naruto today and discovered that Itachi’s VA is Crispin Freeman. I found that hilarious because:

Sasuke = Yuri Lowenthal
Itachi = Crispin Freeman
— Itachi is evil to Sasuke.

Yu = Yuri Lowenthal
Karasu = Crispin Freeman
— Karasu is mean to Yu.

Haseo = Yuri Lowenthal
Sakaki = Crispin Freeman
— Sakaki is an evil bish towards Haseo.

Just an interesting find…
Yuri Lowenthal always plays the emo people while Crispin Freeman plays the evil people that pick on him.

Sunday, 20

So today Vrashden PMed me while I was wandering out Lighthalzen. He told me to meet up with him there so I did… and his friend was sitting there in Lighthalzen next to me. She decided to accompany us on our daily “level Chireiyu up” excursions. Ikana… she seems nice. We were in Ayothoya Dungeon when she said that her friend, Bankotsu wanted to come along. Apparently Vrashden doesn’t like him because he was all “you mean that friend?” and did /bzz Oh well… Bankotsu is an assassin just like Ikana and Vrashden… and I’m the innocent little acolyte that follows them around. This time we ventured off to Payon 03, where I met my first Bongun and Munak.

Later on when I logged back in after having to leave, Vrashden started telling me about how he doesn’t like Bankotsu because of his “vulgarity.” Eh… okay… He said that he felt like he was free falling because one of his best friends ended their friendship and whatnot. Then he started going on about how I’m easy to sit next to… that’s nice. :D But didn’t he just say earlier that I wasn’t supposed to sit too close? Now he’s the one sitting close… He does want me to get the wrong idea, doesn’t he? He says that he’s hiding behind me, that’s why he sits close. What a lovely excuse. ^^;

Monday, 21

“muharr~ dorali’s a crusader now!” hmm… ‘muharr~’? I never use that much… wow. Anyhoo… today Dorali reached crusader!!! Yay~~!!! We were partying in Ayothoya field, bashing on Leaf Cats when he got to job level 40. Eh, I’m waiting for job 50… but he can become a crusader if he wishes. So he did!! He needed the help from my friend, Arlen, though… but all was good. ^^ Made me happy~~ But kind of jealous but eh… XD;;

Ooo today Vrashden taught me how to change camera angles. Yay! But then he started talking about apple blossoms and if I ever used the shampoo. Erm… no? Okayy… awwkkwwarrd.

Tuesday, 22

Hah!!! I told Danielle about what Vrashden said about the apple blossoms and shampoo… now she won’t mock me anymore. YESSS!!! She always likes to mock me about him and it ANNOYS me because I don’t even like him. –; But now she said that he’s weird and she’ll stop. :D I’m happy now.

And now Alien is just plain weird. He was asking me if I wanted to be his girlfriend… erm… no thanks. <D

And I finally finished Twilight today… not the epilogue though. I’ll read that tomorrow.

Wednesday, 23

RO is a crazy world. Vrashden decided to tag along with me and kuya as we went off to kill some firelocks and miyabi dolls in Amatsu Dungeon. Apparently he doesn’t like our inside jokes… He was all talking about some “crusader peanut gallery.” =\ That was kind of mean… Then he was PMing me questioning whether Dorali and I were just friends… haha. Well yeah… Oo But why must he ask? Ahh… no more awkwardness please. Dx

Today was our last confirmation!!! Yes!!! Freeedoomm~~ I fell though… Well not really. Luke and somebody else were playing around and Luke suddenly crashed into me, causing me to fall backwards and whatever. Eh, it didn’t really hurt.

Today I finished the epilogue of “Twilight” Yay~~ It was so cute. Thursday, 24

“Aww… Topher’s gonna mock me about stupid Vrashden now -.-” I really don’t know why I said he was gonna mock me about him… oh well.

Anyhoo~ Today we wrote an emo poem. I don’t know where it is or what’s it about… but that was fun.

Oh but Vrashden was weird today AGAIN (like everyday). We were in Ayothoya Dungeon and he was all saying how the torches are nice. “They light up the dark places.” I think he was trying to say how I light up the dark places in his heart… erm… that’s sweet and all but uhh… .////.;;; Ah… Do I lead people on when I don’t mean to?

Then we went to Poring Island (you know… that place that’s like… 1 west, 1 south, and then 1 east of Izlude?). He was all “whoever reaches the little island in the middle is rewarded with a kiss, okay?” so I agree to play his little game just to cheer him up since he does seem a bit down. He’s going to use fly wings and I can simply teleport. Next thing I know he’s there… what?! But I saw him walk!!! Cheater… he never said we could walk. So, since I lost, I never gave him his prize. :D;;

Friday, 25

Today was pretty interesting. We went to the movies and watched Shrek 3 for lack of things to watch… that was an okay movie. Fania called me in the middle of the movie though so I missed part of it. Oh well…

Then we went to the mall and ate a chocolate covered banana. It was Michelle’s birthday and it was her treat. :) A frozen banana… it was hard. Oh so annoying… I couldn’t bite it because my teeth are sensitive and Montero kept mocking me. “I wish I brought my camera… I want to take a picture and send it to Topher!!” she continually said while attempting to steal my cellphone to take a snapshot of this priceless moment – me having a frozen banana in my mouth. Yay? Ugh… “Topher.” Must she ruin the name? She ruined “chubby bunny” already… and now she’s going to ruin the one nickname that I’m extremely proud of coming up with. Oh, we got Michelle a bear from Build-A-Bear too! I forgot what we named it… but it was a combination of my name, Montero’s name, and Paula’s name. Yepyep!!

Well my sister was UBER sick so my mom had to go take care of the kids… leaving me alone at home. What better thing to do then go online until 4:45 am? Well that was an interesting time on RO. I was with kuya in Glast Heim and Vrashden wanted to come… but ehhh… not today, please. I really didn’t want to tell him where we were but somehow he found us (was it @where?). I was just sitting in the middle of GH with Dorali when he was all “I don’t like being lied to…” because apparently he DID find us and just walked away. Well kuya and I decided to log out to avoid him… so we just made new characters, “Tsuu” the acolyte and “Kassa” the thief. Get it? “TsuuKassa”??? Haha… I know… stupid. (I’m Kassa, kuya is Tsuu)

Oh, not to mention… I got Red Frost (officially dubbed Frosting or Frosty for short) to join RO. He’s a thief… so we decided to meet up with him!! Chris had to go shortly after so it was just me and Frosty. Hrm… I wanted to help the poor guy level so I needed to be on my acolyte so that I can heal him. Without thinking, I logged onto my acolyte, only to have Vrashden log in a few minutes later. He started apologizing and was all “…do you still want anything to do with me…” Ah… I felt bad. I was still partying with Frosting though so meh~ Then he ended up meeting up with us so Frosty left. Rawr… Don’t leave me alone with him. ;____; I’m afraid of deep conversations… don’t do it. TOT Oh well… at least we became friends again.

Saturday, 26

I stayed at Chesca’s house for most of the day because Ate was sick and at the hospital.

Sunday, 27

I had an emo talk with kuya today. It was all in 3rd person. I don’t remember what we talked about… but it was interesting talking in 3rd person. Oh well…

He gave me a nutshell though!! Which I love to death. I wore it and changed my hair color to a pink-ish one to match the nutshell. I changed my outfit color too. I was a cute acolyte. :x

I was still online and it was around 5 am. There was an event happening in Geffen so I decided to go check it out. So many MVPs!!! I only gained about 0.14% though because I could only holy light them… Oh well, it was still so much fun seeing all these players gathered in one area. I took so many screenshots. I was just amazed at how many high leveled players there were on the server… I saw Rhythme, the leader of my guild, there too. Wooow I was just amazed by his uber strong-ness. Really… he was the strongest player I knew who was actually nice to me. Nya~

HOWEVER… the same day I defied Tsuu by leveling Kassa a lot;; And we were supposed to level together.

Tuesday, 29

Ah… today I discovered that auto-follow is bad. Ryth’s the one that taught me how to use it… Vrashden and I were in Ayothoya Dungeon and he was walking way too fast. Without a mini map, it’s hard for me to navigate the area. So why not just use autofollow so I don’t have to continuously change the camera view? Bad idea. Apparently when I was walking and he stopped, I’d land one cell ahead of him. He found in amusing and was all “There’s something different about you today… I like it. :)” I had no clue what he was talking about.

Well I kept doing that and he started to ask me why. I told him it’s because of the whole autofollow thing. Now that pissed him off… I really didn’t understand why but suddenly he was all telling me to stay at least 5 cells away from him. That kind of hurt… Later he started to go way ahead of me so I just stay put. I ended up apologizing and teleported back to Izlude, which got him more ticked off. He told me to not do that because we could just talk things out. Ugh… after that he logged out so I did the same. Today was odd…

Wednesday, 30

Well my one fear… Vrashden was on. He wanted to talk so he did. He explained to me why he was so upset yesterday. Apparently walking through a character and landing on the cell next to them symbolizes that they like you. Well on his old server it did… Well I never knew that so that’s really not what I intended to mean. I was just autofollowing to make life easier… Oh misunderstandings, how lovely they can be.


Saturday, 2

Wooo!! My dad brought a router home! Now for wonderful internet freedom in my ROOM. Yes!!!! >< Sunday, 3

Waaahhh!!!!! Azen is the best. DD: I told him about my birthday coming up and he… he… he gave me a Munak because I was saying how I always wanted one. >

Monday, 4

Wooot!!! After killing a couple more Firelocks in Amatsu Dungeon alone… I finally got to job level 50. O___O YESSSSSSS… I ran (well… walked quickly) to the Prontera Church with the assistance of the oh-so-lovely-increase agi and became a priestess!!! Yaaay~~~

Oh today at school was fun too. Apparently Mrs. Green is not coming back next year so our class (the lovely freshmen in her class… not the sophomores who did nothing) decided to throw a party for her. Somebody brought a cake and everything!! While we were setting up the stuff, Ms. Smitley did us a big favor and distracted her, telling her to come to her office for help with some stuff. Mrs. Green was so surprised. We were supposed to go over our study guides that day but instead we did nothing but eat. We had a coke chugging contest too!! It was fun.

I couldn’t finish my slice of cake so I started beating it with my fork… soon enough the frosting started to mix with it and it became a cake paste. :D Oh… and I also started drawing a million red dots on Danielle’s arm so it looked like she was infected. It was fun that day… oh so fun.

Did I mention it was Frosting’s b-day too?

Tuesday, 5

Ugh… I’m telling you… I brought my locker home. I crammed all the shelves, all the books. all the EVERYTHING into my backpack and lugged it home. No fun…

Well one of the guild members was looking for a Panda Hat so she was killing Sasquatches like crazy. I decided to go check it out so followed her. Ryth decided to go on Rondo’s account and follow her around on there too. Next thing I know she’s off somewhere else and I’m stuck with Ryth. So I’m just sitting there… and he asks me to marry him. Oh okay su– wait what?!!?! <___w< crusade =” Sunday, 10

Err… I think Misao has an assassin. I forgot the name but… he kept sitting next to me and asking me to marry him. Haha, I could tell he’s joking but come ooon… how many people want my hand at marriage?! Make it stop…

Later on I went and did the juice quest so I could make my own juice with all these annoying fruits that I have. The only problem is, I can’t find the stupid place where you have to change the juice!! So there I am, typing in /where /where /where over and over to figure out the location by the coordinates. How irritating… Oh and Alien was on for once (he hasn’t been on in ages) but he didn’t notice that I was on as well. What a relief. But then my stupidity kicks in and I actually type in /hi instead of /where… making him ambush me. Oh jooooy~~~ He starts trying to get me to come onto midrate with him. Eh, no thanks. I like lowrate. Midrates suck. It’s only lowrate for me along with the occasional highrate. The thing that kind of creeped me out the most was… before he was about to log out he was all “o btw, i still luv u” then signed out. Uh… wowww… I know I want to feel loved sometimes but… ehhh Dx

Tuesday, 12

So summer vacation has truly started and I’m pretty much loving every minute of it. I finally finished downloading all the episodes of Kanon 2006 (that sure took a while) and I just saw the first episode. I’m a little iffy on it… but it’s pretty good so far. The animation is great! :D KyoAni doesn’t disappoint.

Today I found out that Ryth married this other sader named Cassandre. Hmm… that’s cute and all but he never told me. -3- Besides… he didn’t even invite ANYONE to his wedding. No fair. =\ But it is pretty cute. He and Cass had to leave at the same time and they were all talking on guild chat. He logged out and a few seconds later Cass logged out. Next thing you know Ryth quickly logs back in to say “I love you Cass” and then log out before a reply can be made. Sadly, she had already logged out so she couldn’t see it. Still, it was cute. :)

Oh and kuya says he’s going to propose soon.

Oh oh oh ohh!!!!!! And 1,000 Munaks later… Munak hat! You don’t know how happy that made me. It doesn’t look as cute as I thought it would because red doesn’t really match with my outfit right now. Oh well I guess Bongun hat it is…

I got a Bongun Card today too.

Hah but I need to learn where the keys on my laptop are. I pressed PrintScreen (is that what it stands for?) instead of F12 (to change the skillbar). So I ended up trying to use Turn Undead on myself instead of Heal… resulting in my death. I have screenshots of me dying!!! How sad.

Wednesday, 13

There was WoE today again. Buuut we lost. I’m a bad luck charm… no doubt about it.

Oh and today kuya totally proposed. XD;; Ahh… that was so awesome. I don’t think I was helping the situation either by not saying “yes.” I need to stop doing that… but it was cute.

HOWEVER earlier Ryth totally caught me. He was inviting me to come with him and Cass to magma dungeon but I realllyy didn’t want to leave Dorali behind so I asked if I can get my friend to come. We survived for oh-so-long until I ended up making Ryth die (I’m a retarted priestess, please don’t forget that) so we went back to Izlude. I’m all sitting with Dorali and Ryth PMs me. “He’s the guy isn’t he?” I knew what he was talking about but I tried playing dumb… He was all saying “He’s the guy that you wanted to marry?” Haha;;; Oh joy. Oh well… not like I can marry Ryth anymore anyway even if he wanted to because he married Cass. ;P His fault more or less. Then again, I don’t think I would’ve said yes anyway. Phwoo~

Thursday, 14

So Kuya and I… we want to adopt Frosting when we get married. I think Frosty kind of figured out that we’re getting married because we kept acting retarded. The thing is, I have a feeling that Frosty doesn’t want us to adopt him. Oh well… fine. Be that way.

Azen logged on today and we started talking about pools… I have the chat saved!! But there’s a million |00’s due to some glitch so I don’t feel like posting it here. RO was dead for a while so Azen gave up trying to log in and just went to the pool. Sadly, there were only a million little kids there. Here here I’ll post it… I’ll erase all the |00’s too because I’m so nice. :) And to save myself from having to rewrite the whole conversation between us. It’s not that long anyway. It was pretty funny… or at least I thought it was.

chireiyu : Was there rollback? Oo
Azenthrall : i dont think so
chireiyu : ah, thta’s good
Azenthrall : just a few minutes
chireiyu : that’s*
Azenthrall : so how was your day?
chireiyu : boring. ToT I tried for hours to get onto RO…
chireiyu : Nothing else to do~
Azenthrall : lol, me too
Azenthrall : then i just decided to go to the pool
chireiyu : Arg… I need to clean my pool =__=
Azenthrall : and i was sad..cause it was all little kids there
chireiyu : haha
Azenthrall : lol, i need to GET a pool
chireiyu : buy a little kiddie pool :3
Azenthrall : haha, that would be the coolest thing ever
Azenthrall : just sit in that in my backyard
chireiyu : That would be interesting..
chireiyu : xDD yeah
Azenthrall : i would be the envy of all the other 19 year olds
chireiyu : true true… while they’re off in a real pool~
chireiyu : I mean… nothiingg.
Azenthrall : yeah, i better get my floaties tho, don’t want to drown
chireiyu : :0 We can’t have you drowning!!
chireiyu : Should we get a lifeguard too?
chireiyu : Just to be safe…
Azenthrall : lol, yes! what happens if my floaties pop?
chireiyu : Oh no! I don’t want to imagine it. TT^TT
Azenthrall : lol

Haha… awesome convo. Short yet sweet. ’twas funny as hell, or at least I thought so.

Friday, 15

I found another Munak hat. Still… no Bongun hat. So unfair. Apparently Munak Hats are more valuable than Bongun Hats. I don’t see why because I don’t really care for how useful they are. I mostly get the item for the looks…

I dueled Frosty today and NickITA was watching. I lost horribly though. Come on… a priestess against an assassin. An ME priestess at that. I just wanted to test ME on him buuut I had to learn the hard way that ME only works on demon and undead enemies. How lame…


ALRIGHTY!!! THE END. This is probably the longest blog entry I will EVER post. It sums up my life as a freshman (although I pretty much talked more about anime and RO than anything else) and a little after the last day of school came. So now you have some insight as to why I am crazy, right? Haha, I can’t believe you actually read this all. Thanks. <3


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