Nearly Daily Blog 11/10/07

November 10, 2007 at 6:02 pm | Posted in Life | Leave a comment

Arghh, I’m so pissed off today. A lot of crap happened this week. ~__~

Sunday: I did absolutely nothing. I stayed online playing two-player solitaire (yeah, it does exist) with my friend on MSN. I was too lazy to even get off my seat.

Monday: We had no school that day!! Woot, right?… Wrong. It was still boring. I swear, there were points where I was wishing I was at school. None of my friends were online because THEY all had school. There’s nobody to call, nothing good on TV, nobody to see other than my parents, who spent that day fighting about something…

Tuesday: I went to school exhausted because I stayed up really late the night before… We had really boring classes too, most of them, I was about to fall asleep. First period, we had biology. Usually a decent class, but all we did that time was stayed quiet to do our study guides for our next test. We had a sub too, so he was watching every single one of our actions like he was ready to lay infractions and detentions on all of us. I didn’t even lay my head down. My next period was religion. Most boring class ever. I tried to fall asleep, but we had to do so much work. x__x;; I didn’t bother. Next was break, but I didn’t rest because I had to finish off some homework I forgot the night before. Next was English. We had to do a presentation where we were to act out a scene from a book. This completely slipped my mind. I was the main character too, so I had more lines than the others… Well, we went up there and did pretty fine, but I’m uber weak when I’m tired, so I kept dropping props. At the end, they made me read a couple paragraphs of crap I didn’t even know about. XD; I sounded so tired, my friend was laughing at me. Next was geometry. Another boring subject, and it just so happened that our teacher was in the mood to lecture. I would fall asleep right then and there if he didn’t check our notes. So I just took notes like everybody else. Finally, we had lunch! I couldn’t fall asleep because the library was closed and it’s hard to do it outside and in the cafeteria… After lunch was over, I still had one more class: Spanish. Everybody hates this class, and it’s my 7th period so I have to have it every single day. The teacher was actually acting cool that day!! He let us finish Toy Story 2 in Spanish, since we were watching it last class. However, it’s in my nature not to let a good opportunity to have fun go to waste, so I just played paper games with my friends…

The rest of that day was living shit. I went online, like I always do… and I manage to dump all of my anger and fatigue on my friend. It was basically only because she was talking to someone else and a whole bunch of flashbacks from the year before came to me, when she used to talk more to me. Well, the nostalgia kind of hit me and, being stupid, I managed to yell at her. She just said sorry, but that just somehow made me more upset, saying that she shouldn’t apologize if she isn’t going to even do anything about it.

She logged out because she had to eat dinner… A whole bunch of other stuff happened after that. She wouldn’t come back online because she didn’t want to get me angry again, but she eventually did and we talked about it a little… I then had to go because it was getting late, and, apparently, the conflict was never resolved.

Wednesday: Pretty average school day. We had a half-day this day. After school, I went to the library to do random crap with my friend. We went to some Japanese restaurant, and bought little drinks in glass bottles… and the inside… just completely fueled my ADD to the max. There was a little glass marble in it and, being my obsessive self, I had to get it out. ><;; So, I put it in a plastic bag and smashed it into a wall. It exploded in the bag and broke it, and I salvaged through the pieces to look for the marble. I got it!! My friend was standing by, staring at me, and I didn’t know why she was doing so until she said “you’re bleeding!” I looked at my hand, and there was a deep cut in it. We went back into the library to get paper towels. When I went home, I found out that the person I was fighting with the day before still didn’t want to talk to me. I got worried, ditched my usual selfishness, and called her friend to see if she was okay. After a little reassurance, my calmness had been temporarily restored. It didn’t last long though. I tried to talk to her, and eventually, she came online. Thankfully, we managed to talk it out before I went to bed. Thursday: When I went to school this morning, my friends were talking about their report cards. I was a bit surprised, as I haven’t gotten mine yet, and I was more surprised when I found out that they had all received theirs the week before. I still don’t have it. D: I’m not sure if I should be relieved or nervous. I’m a little reluctant to show my parents my grades, but I’m nervous about it too. What if my tuition wasn’t paid? What if there was something wrong? What if the van carrying it exploded?! WHAT IF THEY DIDN’T LIKE ME?!?!?! erm <<; ehem. -regains composure- I’m totally calm about it.;; Friday: Stupid day of school. I was sleepy, as always. The classes were alright, nothing interesting to talk about though…

I GOT SICK. All of the cloudiness has given me a sore throat, I thought to myself as I realized that I run on solar power. ~__~ Yes, that is sarcasm.

It was this day, too, that I realized that the friend I fought with earlier this week was refusing to say sorry. I felt like sh!t because of this. Dx I couldn’t help but have the feeling that it was my fault, seeing as I yelled at her for apologizing on Tuesday.

Saturday: Yepp!! That’s today! ^^ I woke up at 9. I went online, because TV shows suck in the morning. I was a bit disappointed that Casey wasn’t on yet. -3- So I had to make due with myself. I did everything from idling on RO to trying to go back to sleep. I stayed bored like this until about 3PM, when she logged on.

We’re currently playing RO and editing this blog. :3

Well, that’s my week summed up in a ball of anger that I’d just like to smush into my wrists, but I’m not one to do that. Until next time~ ;D


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